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    No, you're not talking nonsense. I bought the single, liked it and the B-side, then bought the album, and discovered that what I already owned was "The Best of Shapes"! Everything else on there is poor, some of it turgid lazy pap like That's All and Taking It All Too Hard, which paved the way for further junk like "Throwing It All Away" which would have fitted on Shapes perfectly, then there's Home By the Sea 1+2, which try to be prog, but fail by being over-simplistic, guitar-free (if only they'd had access to a decent guitarist!) and over-reliant on Tony being able to come up with something interesting on keyboards, which he kills by using typical 80's keyboard sounds, just like everyone else. Illegal Alien was the only other promising bit, but the dumb vocal delivery ruined that.

    It was the last Genesis album I bought, I taped IT off a friends copy, and discovered it was more or less Shapes again. More dull songs, more failed prog, and not even a Mama or a Gonna Get Better to lift it.

    "They did alright out of it though" Yeah, cos a recording of Phil farting would've charted at the time, which explains much of the success post-Mama!

    Loved that! So on the same page

    Nice, pleasant pop song with nice, heartfelt feel. Destroyed live by Phil's annoying and embarrassing "dee da laaaaayyy" stuff.

    PS - I notice three of us have different interpretations of what Phil was singing when doing his Freddie Mercury moment. I think he sometimes strayed into "Zeee da laaaaaayy" as well. Whatever, it still makes my toes curl and I preferred the studio version as a result.

    Their best song as a three piece as far as I am concerned, certainly in terms of single material. I bought the album, not the single, and had mixed feelings at the time. Mama was/is the best track by far, but the rest didn't do much for me except Second Home. That's All was pithy, Home By The Sea just droned on for too long and side 2 was B Grade material which promised more than it delivered. It was almost like they put everything into Mama and then were scratching around for ideas.

    Genius song though. If there was more of that level of creativity during the three piece period, I would have been happier. It's not that they didn't produce good material, they absolutely did, but Mama was one of the few standout moments which equalled those as a 4 and 5 piece.

    It was daft to remix that song; it detracts from the original instead of offering something fresh and exciting. However this is from back in the day when clumsy remixing efforts of tracks which didn't lend themselves to it were de jour. Land of Confusion was another.

    I love that song. It has feeling, it has the classic rise and fall of Genesis at their best and it's served up in a very compact package. If Hackett was still in the band he could have added something extra and it would have benefited from backing singers instead of multitracking Phil's voice so for those reasons it's a 14 from me. However I think it's easily the best track on ATTWT.

    Blimey, there's a blast from the past. Somewhere in the loft I have a tape of them at the Birmingham NEC in the mid 80s, which I recorded off Radio 1. How times have changed; Radio 1 would never go near live rock shows now.

    They were briefly an interesting curio for me. Close but no cigar. They tried hard and had a few good moments but on the whole I found them a clumsy mix of Europe with goblins.

    Today in 1987, the last show of the Invisible Touch Tour took place at Wembley Stadium.

    Tour report:…987-Tour-report-s482.html

    My first ever gig was Wembley Stadium, 2 July 1987. I've been to quite a number of Wembley shows (old stadium and new) but this one had the best atmosphere by miles. The crowd were really up for it, not for Paul Young though whose band got a similar reception as the Blues Brothers at Bob's Country Bunker. Not my favourite setlist and I remember the disappointment of Suppers Ready not making an appearance despite the pre-show video saying that they'd brought it back, but the performance was brilliant and the light show back then was really something. Best parts: Mama, In The Cage Medley, Second Home, Los Endos.

    Saw him at the O2 last week and it was a stunning show and performance. The people who labelled him a fascist are quite frankly idiots who are either incredibly ill-informed or playing for attention.

    I didn't go with high expectations. I hadn't even thought about going and I got my ticket as a freebie. However the events that you don't look forward to frequently throw up the biggest surprises. It was spellbinding from start to finish. Great visuals, nailed on performance, powerful moments, intimate moments, careful avoidance of cliche (e.g. Comfortably Numb at the beginning, and in the 2022 reworked form), Roger's voice was strong, and the Dark Side section was simply brilliant. Loved it, and Roger was quite right with his advice to the ill-informed ones...


    I know I've said this before, but 1982 was the tops for me. We got the full Supper's Ready, the Lamb, and at least the truncated '76 version of Watcher. The band was at it's peak in terms of energy and their playing, and they looked like a bar band in their t-shirts and jeans instead of those godawful Miami Vice suits, circa the IT tour.

    Would have loved to have seen them on that tour. Fantastic setlist and band at peak of live performance, totally locked in. I was only 11 though. I was never into 'pop era' Genesis myself but they were arguably the biggest band on the planet at the time of those Wembley 87 shows and you couldn't help getting swept along with it. One huge Genesis homecoming party for band and fans, brilliant.

    Lets remember the Greatness so much enjoyment for so long, was anyone on here at Wembley this year? If so how do think it compared to 2007?

    Yes I went to both. The energy of the band in 87 was still very high and the crowd really added to it. Incredible atmosphere. I much preferred the 2007 setlist but the energy had (inevitably) dropped, particularly with Phil's drumming. Both were special gigs but for different reasons.

    My copy has finally arrived and although I prefer whole shows I think there is a nice flow to this box set. It's very enjoyable as a complete package.

    The Knebworth 78 tracks sound better than any of the bootlegs I've heard. A massive improvement and I wanted to hear more. Actually the same goes for Knebworth 92.

    When it comes to the Lyceum, I can't hear the distortion that others are hearing. It sounds good to me, and it's not going to be a leap ahead of the numerous bootleg versions particularly when we've already had the likes of the TM version for years.

    The only track that sounded worse to me (but only marginally so) was Watcher of the Skies, but this boils down to the engineer's choice. Nick Davis quite obviously favours as much midrange detail as possible, whereas others have put more emphasis on bottom end and dynamics.

    I really enjoyed it, way more than I was expecting, and I hope they release more. Perhaps KBFH reels next, or perhaps they could even be brave enough to do a Floyd and authorise the release of some of the better audience and/or soundboard recordings.


    Why? Because it's really disappointing that it's so incomplete. Once again an archive release from the band that you would think was impossible to get wrong but here we are again with something less than it should have been. I guess we'll never know if it was the band's decision to limit it to so few discs or maybe that was dictated by the record company if they deemed that demand wasn't sufficiently large for a more comprehensive package. To me it falls between two stools - too much for the casual fan and not enough for the more committed. So many interesting tracks not used like the Night Ride Stagnation with the completely different ending or the Sounds of the Seventies work-in-progress Musical Box. Maybe better to have released it in smaller and more complete chunks rather than one box set. As it stands it's a real let down for me and I won't be buying.

    I've bought it, but I am with your sentiments completely. There was much more to offer from the BBC reels, and of course there are many more Genesis bootlegs crying out for official release. When fans are already buying the official releases of some really poor sounding early Pink Floyd shows, I think Genesis must know they can do more with the jewels in their closet. There is still time though.

    Pre-ordered it on vinyl and CD but I'm disappointed that it has turned out to be "Lyceum plus bits and bobs". I would have preferred complete shows. However it will be a treat to hear some added polish being brought to these gigs, and hopefully they will look at doing complete releases as I am sure the interest will be there.

    For Genesis, the first time I saw them - Wembley 1987. Not the best setlist but the delivery was faultless and the atmosphere was incredible. Similar with Knebworth 92. Unfortunately I wasn't old enough for the earlier tours.

    Phil Collins - Wembley Arena 1990(?). Very slick.

    Steve Hackett - Royal Albert Hall 2013(?). Absolutely incredible show with some wonderful guest appearances including Ray Wilson.