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    Agreed. In Rush's case, the tone of Geddy's voice changed (inevitably) but it all still came together nicely. With Genesis (and no discourtesy intended as I've been a massive fan for 40 years) the music is as strong as ever (and I think massively improved and tightened with Nic on the drums) but the tone of Phil's voice has changed radically, as has his power. It's the natural result of aging plus his physical condition so perfectly understandable, but the key changes to accommodate this are at the outer limits of what they can get away with.

    That said, I think the arrangement on Duchess is better now than it was in the early 80s. LoC sounds better to me too. However Mama, Domino (first half) and Home By The Sea don't sound 'right' to my ears. It's personal taste though, there are no right or wrong answers.

    Still can't wait to see them at the O2.

    I have to agree. In fact, it was watching the full video of the first night that I managed to concentrate on the songs as opposed to the gig itself, where I was just so happy to be there and enjoy the spectacle. On playback, some of the lower keys really grate, and HBTS is the worst example.

    However, what the video brought to my attention is the fact that Mike's guitar playing seems much more focussed and natural now. I loved his solos, I loved Daryl's solos, Nic is just a monster on the drums (though without the jazzy inflections and some of his father's 'swing'), and Tony is - well, Tony. Even his keyboard patches were better this time round.

    I'm happy to take the whole package as is, and I'm so happy be seeing them on the road and seemingly enjoying themselves than pondering what was in the past and what might have been in the setlist.

    I agree about MFSL discs in the main: I find them disappointing. However, the 'TOTT' release is stunning. It's cut quietly so you do need to turn it up, but the dynamics are spectacular on 'Trick'.

    I agree that the Rhino DVD is a good version, and certainly better than the SACD 2007 stereo version (though theoretically the same mix).