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    do we know anything about what was seen when it was shown in twrms of which songs footage exists for? What about into on what exists audiowise. Anything beyond ehats been posted on youtube? Any setlists regardless of whether footage exists to tell us what they played that night?

    So as many of you know the fabled Roundhouse film included not just Genesis but apparently Bowie too. I thought it couldnt hurt to ask of any Bowie nuts in the Steve Hofan Forum knew anything about it. There was the alleged screening in England but my own personal efforts resulted in not finding a single person in attendance assuming it happened who could say anything about it

    The guy with the film had an I Turner presence trying to raise money for restoration or so he claimed but all contacts for him are now descends and no recent t year info exists. Well for what it's worth AI for a response in a Bowie thread saying the guy had been there, seen it, and the Genesis material was the highlight. Unfortunately he said no more. I figured a polite pm to ask of he might please tell me more about what he saw and heard couldnt hurt. I'll update of O get any response. Of course if any of you saw it, please tell what songs did they have or extra footage sile r or otherwise beyond what we've all seen on the short YouTube video and audio snippet of stagnation.

    In case it's of use here is my post andthe response. By all means I'd any of you have an SH forum account and are better question ask see fo ahes bur I asked by PM the relevant stuff so as said if a response is received I'll share it.

    Personally I think its utter crap management didnt pay the guy even if pricey considering they must have the funds I'dthey really wanted it. Genesis is no hole on the wall band even if not as lucrative as the Beatles FFS it's their earliest documentation, how does one not care enough about or to get it...

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    What happened wi4h the roundhouse 1970 film of the atomic sunrise Festival? I know it was advertised as being shown. In England for a few nights. Whether that went through in reality I don't know. The guy who has the private copy that was to put together the airing in theaters was and has been hard ro find any extant fo tact information from. He apparently wanted a "ridiculous" amount so it was claimed to provide a copy or part with it. have heard the rumors that Yoko Ono was involved in financing or setting it up and so maybe a copy exists in apple. I come to ask this having been made aware as a Genssis nut and both Bowie and Genesis having been filmed at this show ( and in Genesis's case its rhe earliest known footage of them). I assume this would be the earliest video of Bowie, is that correct? It definitely exists, snippets by the holder of the Genesis portion were released. No one I the Genesis fandom seems to know anything beyond what I summarized. Anyone here amongst the Bowie experts know anything else? Small glimmer of hope that maybe through Bowie fans it will see light one day and in doing so the Genssis portion too.

    The film showing did happen, I went. The highlight was the Genesis footage

    yes he said as much in an interview too, but said nothing of actually releasing any. I gather unfortunately at best it will be a comp of shows making a best of or one shoe they felt came off best rather than 2007 style all shows released.

    Good to know, thanks. Hopefully someone attending Boston 15th will record since I've no clue how to do it. Speaking of logistics wise I'm curious ... how do people get dedicated recorders in shows. I know people do it as the movement torrent site mentioned equipment used on se audience recordings of the recent shows I looked up the device put of curiosity and it's a thing worth two microphones, really clearly dedicated for audoio recording. Csnt see with typical security checks sneaking that in. Are venues generally more permissive than I realized or is some degree of snarkiness I haven't thought of done to get such a thing in?

    How "easy" is it to record with one of those devices? Is it idiot-proof like just click record and hold it and that's it? I'm thinking of the thing I saw called a tascam.

    I do not know the first thing about audio recording. Is anyone going to Dec 15th Boston that is planning on recording audio? I'd love to have a copy of the show I'm attending (Dec 15) Boston. While I hope they eventually sell official recordings, I'm not counting on it with nothing announced and the tour already started plus TheMusic is liquidating all their stuff so they wont do it as they did in 2007. My understanding is the band is historically very OK with fans making audio recordings of shoes and thus it is ok to ask this here.