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Benefit auction: Steve Hackett supports Frank Grabowski

Three paintings are auctioned. Proceeds go to flood victims

Courtesy of Steve Hackett, German artist Frank Grabowski has painted three watercolors to Steve Hackett's song Mdina (The Walled City) from the album Under A Mediterranean Sky. These paintings are now to be auctioned.

Frank would like to donate the proceeds of these watercolors in a silent auction in favor of "Aktion Deutschland Hilft e.V." for the victims of the flood disaster in Germany.

If you want to participate, just visit Frank's website - there you will find the three watercolors and for one of the three items you will also get a signed CD from Steve Hackett.

Versteigerung: Bild von GFrank Grabowski über einen Track von Steve HackettYou can then place

You can then place your silent bid by mail until 15/08/2021 at mitnight. The highest bidder will be the winner. All further information and rules can be found on Frank's website.

We are happy to support Frank in this auction for a charitable purpose!

published on 04.08.21 06:24 by Christian @ Steve Hackett

Benefit auction: Steve Hackett supports Frank Grabowski Comments:

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