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Chester Thompson Trio: Digital live album available

Live At Drums´n´Percussion Paderborn

Chester Thompson Trio live in PaderbornChester Thompson has not only been playing drums for and with legends such as Frank Zappa, Weather Report, Eric clapton, Neil Diamond, Genesis, Phil Collins or Steve Hackett, he has also been a regular guest at the popular Drums'n'Percussion Event in Paderborn, Germany, where he both performed live and also gave lessons and conducted drum clinic workshops. This year, he is not in Paderborn, but his fans will be pleased to learn that a new live album with a recording of his 2013 Chester Thompson Trio show will be released soon. Live At Drums'n'Percussion Paderborn comes in digital format only and will be available by the end of this month.

The album contains ten tracks:

How Deep Is The Ocean? (9'54)

Black Market (6'17)

I'm Old Fashioned (6'46)

New Life (9'36)

Simpler Times (7'43)

Horn Of Plenty (7'33)

Follow You Follow Me (5'35)

Partido Alto (6'27)

The Surrey With The Fringe On Top (9'03)

Better Get It In Your Soul (8'25)

The live tracks are based around his 2013 released Chester Thompson Trio album Approved (see separate new item here). Live At Drums'n'Percussion Paderborn is available online in various stores, such as amazon-uk, and other digital music stores across Europe. There is no information yet whether or not the album will also be available in North America and elsewhere in the world.

published on 21.05.15 20:00 by Christian @ Chester Thomson

Chester Thompson Trio: Digital live album available Comments:

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