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Five years ago today: Genesis start their final tour

Dress Rehearsal in Brussels for a small audience

In the end they did it again. Since Genesis announced in 2000 after their album Calling All Stations that they would not continue, and certainly since the release of the Platinum Collection in 2004 there were not only persistent rumours about a reunion, but also talks by the people involved about doing this. Despite intense discussions of all of them the "big solution" with Peter Gabriel and Steve Hackett could not be realised, and so Tony Banks, Phil Collins and Mike Rutherford decided to take the "small version" with Daryl Stuermer and Chester Thompson but without Steve Hackett and Peter Gabriel to the big stages. The "small solution" became a stadium tour through Europe, a gigantic stage setup and most of all - a fight against the rain. Interest was immense, but in the end they played only some twenty shows, mainly because Phil Collins was adamant about not doing a bigger, i.e. longer tour. The Turn It On Again tour, or, as Phil called it, the Selection Of Shows, began officially in Helsinki on June 11, 2007. A week before that, exactly five years ago this very 4th of June, was the first time the complete show was played with a full production to a small audience. The 250 guests were hand-picked and consisted of people closely connected to the band, the production or the European fanclubs. 

Mike 2007Genesis played the set they would play throughout the tour without a change. Most of it was already known from the internet and from the information that leaked out during the rehearsals. There were a couple of surprises, though. Mama, for example, a song that caused no end of problems for Collins on the We Can't Dance tour, was a fixture in the set. The In The Cage medleys was back, and so were full versions of Carpet Crawlers and Follow You Follow Me. Ripples was played in full and Los Endos returned  into the set. Of really big surprises there were none.

The band visibly enjoyed playing and grew even better by the show. Not only the highly visual stage show was impressive but also the frequency with which Collins played drums in the set. Fans and friends of Genesis' music were wowed by two-and-a-half hours. The set tried to reconcile prog with pop rock - and it did, judging from the number of spectators.

The tour was documented with the live album Live Over Europe and the 3 DVD set When In Rome (with the brilliant documentary Come Rain Or Shine), and there was an official 2CD set of every single show in the Encore Series by, most of which are still available.

Nobody would have believed back then that this would be their last tour. Since Phil Collins' vertebrae injury all dreams of another reunion are only - dreams.

A comprehensive report about the dress rehearsal can be found here. Reports and statements about all the shows were collected in the forum. Find all the links to the shows in the Turn It On Again Tour subforum.

published on 04.06.12 17:42 by martinus @ Genesis

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