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Genesis: 5 concert films on YouTube soon

Special releases during Corona lockdown


Genesis and several other bands (i.e. Pink Floyd, The National, Radiohead and others) will release videos on YouTube during the upcoming weeks, FORBES reports. Some bands may use this footage to raise funds and awareness for COVID-19 related causes.

While Radiohead have started yesterday already and Pink Floyd will join tomorrow with "rare, unseen and archive footage", Genesis will present their first concert film on their official channel on 18th April with footage from the Abacab-tour. Four additional films will follow on a weekly basis. It is likely that Genesis will just release the concert films which are (or have been) available anyway (i.e. Three Sides Live, The Mama Tour, The Invisible Tour, The Way We Walk and When In Rome - see our Genesis Movie Box review). We will keep you up to date, check back!


published on 11.04.20 07:34 by Christian @ Genesis

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