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Genesis: New Vinyl-Boxset (debut album)

6 Vinyl items in one boxset (albums & singles)

There is no other Genesis album which has been re-issued as frequently as From Genesis To Revelation. It feels a bit like a new version is available each year, but nothing new has been released since there is simply nothing new to release any more. Now, Not Bad Records has released a Vinyl-Boxset for the Record Store Day which is very interting for Vinyl collectors. The boxset contains the album in gatefold sleeve design in two versions (mono and stereo). A third LP contains rarities, singles and demos and there are also the three singles included in 7" Promo sleeve style. In addition, a 12-page booklet with some words by Chris Welch is also part of the set. There are only a thousand copies available and it seems unclear whether or not the set will be available in standard online shops such as amazon. Not Bad Records offeres the set on their website (see below).

Disc 1 - "Mono LP"

Disc 2 - "Stereo LP"

(Disc 1 and 2: standard tracklisting of the original album without Singles, 180g Vinyl, inner Lyric Sheet)

Disc 3 - "Singles, demos & rarities LP"

side 1:


  1. Patricia (demo 1967)
    Try A Little Sadness (demo 1967)
    She Is Beautiful (demo 1967)
    Image Blown Out (demo)
    The Silent Sun (single-A-side 1968)
    That's Me (single-B-side 1968)
    A Winter's Tale (single-A-side 1968)

side 2:


  1. One-Eyed Hound (single-B-side 1968)
    Where The Sour Turns To Sweet (demo 1968)
    In The Beginning (demo 1968)
    In The Wilderness (rough mix without strings 1968)
    One Day (rough mix 1968)
    Image Blown Out (rough mix 1968)

Disc 4-6 are the three 7" singles The Silent Sun / That's Me, A Winter's Tale / One-Eyed Hound and Where The Sour Turns To Sweet / In Hiding (each with "Promo"-label)

The set is available online for £80, directly at Not Bad Records. Also, amazon-uk and amazon-fr are offering the set, but most of the time it's unavailable. Italian fans may also check amazon-IT. It's not available in North America (if you find it, let us know!)

Another variation of the album is available everywhere now - it's a 180g Clear Vinyl edition and can be ordered at amazon-uk.

From GENESIS To Revelation Vinyl Boxset

published on 01.05.15 08:27 by Christian @ Genesis

Genesis: New Vinyl-Boxset (debut album) Comments:

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