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Genesis: Signs for a reunion are intensifying

Will there be a tour announcement tomorrow?

For several weeks rumours have (once again) been circulating about a Genesis reunion. Those rumours were fueled when Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks were spotted at a basketball match in New York City in January (we reported). In last couple of days signs and hints to a forthcoming announcement tomorrow, Wednesday 4th March 2020 got clearer.

Since yesterday a list of possible concert dates was leaked in various social networks. It contains dates in November/December 2020 in Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and England. Tomorrow's rumoured announcement has not been officially confirmed yet, the same applies for the potentially leaked list of concert dates. Up to the present everything is just rumours. Additionally, this list contains quite a few inconsistencies, which make an announcement of exactly the rumoured schedule unlikely. Apart from all that, the source of all these informations is uncertain.

Just today BBC Radio 2 has advertised the announcement of a massive band reuniting in tomorrow's "Zoe Ball Breakfast Show", which would match all the recent rumours. The show will start at 6.30 GMT, the announcement is expected to be aired around 8.30 GMT.

But it remains completely uncertain, whether the band appearing on Radio 2 tomorrow will in fact be Genesis. After all, we rate this assumption as likely. But still it is not officially confirmed just like all the other rumours so far.

We will keep you informed about whatever happens tomorrow.

In this regard, we would like to stress that so far there are no officially confirmed Genesis concert dates. Therefore there are no tickets on sale at all. In case you see any ticket offers, we highly recommend to not buy any of them. If Genesis should tour again, official ticket sale links will be posted on the official Genesis website or our website.

The Genesis of a Reunion (our roundup of all reunion rumours since 2005): Link

published on 03.03.20 19:38 by UK76 @ Genesis

Genesis: Signs for a reunion are intensifying Comments:

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