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Genesis: Tour rehearsals in London

Prog / Louder publish new photos

What has been mentioned in some tabloid newspaper articles has now been officially confirmed and even documented with photos: Genesis were indeed rehearsing for their The Last Domino? Tour, scheduled for April 2021. Rehearsals took place in London. When exactly they started and how long they last(ed) is not known.

On one of the three photos published by the online prog magazine Louder, a second, black drum kit can be seen in the background. That should feed the hope that Phil Collins could actually try his hand at a few drum parts at his traditional workplace.

Due to the unchanged, unforeseeable course of the corona pandemic, it is currently not yet clear whether the concerts can really be played on the alternative dates as planned. This should almost certainly only be possible if full audience capacities are permitted at the venues. More details may not be available until the beginning of 2021.

All dates of the 2021 tour can be found on our tour dates page here.

Photos: Genesis, published in this article (Prog / Louder)

published on 26.10.20 20:36 by Christian @ Genesis

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