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Jerry Marotta & The Security Project plays Peter Gabriel

First performance in New York three weeks ago

While Peter Gabriel is getting ready to start his Back To Front tour with the original members of his 1986 tour band, drummer Jerry Marotta has brought together parts of the 1978-1984 live band and members of the King Crimson live band for a project. The whole thing is called The Security Project and is, as the title suggests, mainly about the period after Peter Gabriel's fourth solo album, which was called Security in the U.S.

Security ProjectThe line-up consists of:

Josh Gleason - Vocals

Jerry Marotta - Drums

Trey Gunn - Bass

Fuzzbee Morse - Guitar, Keyboards, Saxophone, Flute

David Jameson - Keyboards

Larry Fast - Keyboards

Josh Gleason's voice is remarkably similar to Peter Gabriel's. The musicians brought this project to the stage for the first time on August 11, 2012, when they played a gig at the BB King Club in New York. More information about the project is contained in the videos below. We have currently no information as to whether there will be more shows like this, but it seems the people involved are willing to do more.

You can access Jerry Marotta's official website from this link. There is also a Facebook-site about The Security Project.

published on 03.09.12 20:04 by Christian @ Coverbands

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