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Mike Rutherford: "The Living Years" gets US-release

Mike's Genesis Memoir gets North American release

Last year, the first Genesis Memoir, The Living Years written by Mike Rutherford, was released in Europe in several languages. A North American release has not yet happened until now.

Mike Rutherford The Living Years BiografieMike has worked on a book about his relationship to his father for the last couple of years. Mike's father passed on in the mid-1980s, and his death inspired Mike to one of his biggest hits outside Genesis, The Living Years. It is a very personal song that reveals much about how difficult Mike and his father, who, as a navy officer, like to keep things under control, found it to talk with each other. It is an autobiography in which Mike talks about how Genesis and later Mike + The Mechanics found world-wide fame and also about his childhood relationship to his father and how he accompanied his son's rise to rockstardom. It is the first time a member of Genesis offers such a personal access to his biography. The book was published by Constable Press on January 23, 2014 in Europe, and is available in hardcover format as well as kindle and iBook editions.

Now, The Living Years will be released with a different cover image (see image on the right) in North America. The book is scheduled for February 10, and comes in Kindle, paperback and hardcover edition via amazon.

During our interview with Mike Rutherford, conducted last November, Mike revealed that his book has also triggered the interest in the R-Kive / Sum Of The Parts project.

Mike will be on tour in North-West-America with Mike + The Mechanics soon. Check out all tour dates at this link.

published on 11.01.15 16:00 by Christian @ Mike Rutherford

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