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New Anthony Phillips tribute album: More details available

Detailed website special, pre-order options

American band Rocking Horse Music Club has recorded a very interesting album with music by Anthony Phillips (and also with Ant's blessing). Which Way The Wind Blows - The Music Of Anthony Phillips contains nine tracks by Anthony Phillips, and those tracks also give a good insight into Ant's early work. It's well produced and sounds fresh and accessible. So this album may especially be interesting for fans who seek something to start with when it comes to Anthony's music. Musical guests on this album include Nick Magnus, Steve Hackett, Noel McCalla or John Hackett.

Which Way The Wind BlowsAlso, the artwork may look familiar to Anthony Phillips fans. It's based on the work of Peter Cross, who designed a lot of Phillips-albums. His images were carefull reassembled by Helmut Janisch (one of the editors of for this project.

The following tracks are on this album:

Um & Aargh


Which Way The Wind Blows

Silver Song

Something Blue

Pulling Faces


Sleepfall: The Geese Fly West


The album will be released on 11th October. A detailed review will follow shortly.

Alternate coverThe Digipak-CD can be ordered directly at the Rocking Horse Music Club store (USA), at Burningshed (UK) or JustForKicks (Germany). It is also available as an digital album at amazonUK and iTunes.

An alternate version of the cover image (see right) will be used once the first pressing is sold out. CDs, which will be available at CDBaby shortly, will have the new cover image already.

Rocking Horse Music Club will also perform this music live at Trading Boundaries on 15th and 16th November. This will also include tracks from Mike Rutherford's first solo album and special guest is Noel McCalla! Tickets are available here.

We have a detailed special online. Find all background info, liner notes about each track, involved musicians and an interview with Brian Coombes about the CD and planned live shows at this link.

Discuss this project in our forum in this thread.

published on 05.10.19 14:22 by Christian @ Coverbands

New Anthony Phillips tribute album: More details available Comments:

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