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Nick Fletcher will release a new solo album in March

Guitarist of the John Hackett band releases solo album

Nick Fletcher took up playing the guitar after being inspired by guitarists such as Steve Hackett, Jan Akkerman and Steve Howe; and after watching Christopher Nupen’s Documentary about the legendary classical guitarist Andres Segovia. He studied the classical guitar for 3 years with David Taplin at Huddersfield School of Music and by the mid 1990’s he decided that playing the solo Classical Guitar was to become the main focus of his musical activities.

Writing music for the Guitar started to become his main focus, so the album Cathedral of Dreams was recorded and released in 2009. This was followed in 2012 with Shadow Lands. In 2014 he recorded A Moment of Stars and in 2017 Blue Horizon. The last two were released on John Hackett's Hacktrax label. Nick has also released music together with John Hackett - the last album they did together was Beyond The Stars, which was released by CherryRed in 2018.

Nick has also been a member of the John Hackett Band during the last couple of years and besides toring, they have also released an album, We Are Not Alone.

Now Nick has announced a new solo album, Cycles Of Behaviour, due 26th March 2021. His music has a unique take on the genre which incorporates such diverse influences that range from Pink Floyd, Genesis, Camel, Bruford, Holdsworth, Ravel, Stravinsky, jazz fusion and the English choral composer Herbert Howells. It’s often powerful with wild virtuosic guitar playing and compositions which are full of emotional moments which pull the listener into an evocative sound world.

The musicians on this album include Dave Bainbridge (Lifesigns, Downes Braide Association, Celestial Fire, Iona, Strawbs), Tim Harries (ex Bill Bruford’s Earthworks, Steeleye Span), Russ Wilson (Book of Genesis), John Hackett and Caroline Bonnet, who make this an incredible listen and something unique in the world of progressive rock.

Nick Fletcher Cycles Of Behaviour


1. Cycles Of Behaviour

2. Heat Is Rising

3. Hope in Your Eyes

4. Tyrant And Knave

5. Desolation Sound

6. Interconnected

7. Annexation

8. Philosopher King

The album is already available on Bandcamp and for pre-order in the Hacktrax web store. Gneral release date is 26th March.

John's brother Steve Hackett says about Nick Fletcher:

‘A fantastic album! Nick Fletcher is probably the best jazz rock guitarist in the country. His fluency is astounding, plus he possesses a first rate classical guitar technique to boot! I find the combination of him working with my brother John is totally incendiar. I consider Nick Fletcher to be an absolute star’

A teaser of the album's eight tracks:

published on 14.02.21 23:11 by Christian @ John Hackett

Nick Fletcher will release a new solo album in March Comments:

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