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Phillips and Hackett: New music for "Harmony For Elephants"

Coffee-table book and CD project about African elephants

Former Genesis members Anthony Phillips and Steve Hackett participate musically in an interesting Kickstarter campaign. Since 2010, photographer and biologist Lesley Wood and biologist and elephant researcher Dr Kate Evans have been working on a book about elephants and how they live together in harmony with humans. This has developed into a project that goes beyond the illustrated book to include a CD with corresponding music. The whole thing will be called Harmony For Elephants.

Among the artists whose support could be enlisted are Ant and Steve and others musicians with Genesis-related connections such as Nick Magnus, Nad Sylvan and Tony Patterson. 

There will be a standard edition of the book in A4 and a special edition, limited to 250 numbered copies, in A3 signed by the authors and musicians. Both come with the CD, the music for which has been written for this project. It will be a combination of songs and instrumentals. Interested fans may want to know that this music will only be available in combination with the book and only through this Kickstarter campaign.

The book combines photos with texts about the life cycle and behaviour of African elephants as well as some bare facts about these impressive animals. Both book and CD are also offered as digital downloads.

It is the goal of the Kickstarter campaign to raise at least GBP 20,000 to bring out both book versions and the CD. It also wants to raise awareness for the Elephants For Africa foundation founded by Dr Kate Evans. Half the proceeds from the sale of the book and the CD will be going to Elephants For Africa.

The printed versions are tentatively to be released in December 2016 with the digital downloads to follow in March 2017.

Details about the campaign and how to order the book/CD set and support the project can be obtained on the Kickstarter page (for a link, see below).

Kickstarter campaing "Harmony for Elephants" - official website
Elephants For Africa foundation - official website

published on 22.03.16 07:54 by martinus @ Anthony Phillips

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