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Steve Hackett: Band & Orchestra album on vinyl

Three versions available this May

The Live-Album Genesis Revisited Band & Orchestra: Live at the Royal Festival Hall will be released on vinyl in May.

Genesis Revisited Band & Orchestra transparent magenta

The recording was made as part of the UK Orchestra Tour 2018 and has already been released on CD as well as DVD and Blu-ray (we have a review of it here and there is also an article about the concert itself here). Now the album will be released on vinyl for the first time on May 6. It is a gatefold 180g vinyl on 3LPs. In addition, there is as usual a 2CD of the recording.

The set contains the following tracks:

Side A

Dance On A Volcano
Out Of The Body
The Steppes

Side B

Firth Of Fifth
Dancing With The Moonlit Knight
Acoustic Guitar Solo
Blood On The Rooftops

Side C

Shadow Of The Hierophant
In That Quiet Earth

Side D

Serpentine Song
El Nino

Side E

Supper's Ready

Side F

The Musical Box

The vinyl will be available in three different versions.

Standard version (black vinyl) is available in many stores.
Clear Vinyl version can be purchased at the InsideOut Shop.
Steve Hackett offers a Transparent Magenta Version in his own Shop.

Both, the Clear and Transparent Magenta Vinyl versions are limited to 300 copies each.

published on 04.03.22 10:59 by Christian @ Steve Hackett

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