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Tony Banks: New classical album?

Recordings in Prague in March 2011

Saxophone player Martin Robertson mentions on his website that this month recordings are taking place or have already taken place in Prague (Czech Republic) for Tony Banks' second classical album.

The body of music apparently consists of several pieces, the first of which is described as "a 10min work for solo saxophone and orchestra" with Robertson as the solo instrumentalist.
The music was arranged by Paul Englishby, who apparently also conducts the orchestra in the Prague recording. Martin Robertson has previously worked with Tony Banks on several songs of his (pop) albums.

In 2004, Tony Banks released his first classical album, Seven. A Suite For Orchestra, on the renowned Naxos label.


Homepage of Martin Robertson (source for this news item)

Tony Banks - Seven (review)


published on 24.03.11 16:53 by martinus @ Tony Banks

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