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    The Path of Genesis - Current tour dates

    The Path of Genesis

    The German Genesis coverband The Path of Genesis have been touring for years in German-speaking Europe. More information about the band on their website (German only). All their show dates can be found on this page.

    last updated: February 18, 2009

    27.02.09 Schortens - Faircafé
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    28.02.09 Bredstedt - Altes Heizwerk
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    28.03.09 Hannover - Philharmonie
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    03.04.09 Hachenburg - D-Haus Germany buy tickets
    17.04.09 Berlin - Neu-Helgoland Germany buy tickets
    18.04.09 Torgau - Kulturbastion Germany buy tickets
    24.04.09 Schmallenberg - Lichtwerk
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    25.04.09 Wuppertal - The Wirtschaftswunder
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    09.05.09 Brühl - Brauhausgarten
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    23.05.09 Mönchengladbach - Geneickener Hof
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    11.09.09 Königswinter - Bungertshof
    Germany buy tickets
    19.03.10 Wilhelmshafen - Pumpwerk
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