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    Phil Collins to work with Adele?

    Collins hints a collaboration is on the way

    Phil CollinsPhil Collins has made clear in many interviews - following the Tarzan premiere in Stuttgart last year - that he plans to write and record music again and may even go on tour at some point, even with Genesis. An official statement by his management has been issued, stating that there are no specific plans at this point (read the statement here).
    In one of his recent interviews, Collins revealed an interesting detail. The interview was recorded on video and published on youtube and at 8'06 minutes, Collins says he has been contacted by British superstar Adele ("Skyfall") with the intention to write some music together. No further details are available at this point, but this is the first time Collins has mentioned something specific regarding his solo career plans.


    published on 18.01.14 10:10 by Christian @ Phil Collins

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