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My daily service in the forum

by Michael Otterbach (aka little nick)

During the four and three quarter years I have been active in the IT forum I have posted more than 3,000 thoughts from my weird brain. Admittedly, I find that a bit scary. Do I not have anything better to do than to spend so much time in this forum? I am a serious case, it could well be called an addiction. With very few exceptions (e.g. a class trip to Prague last week) there is not a single day where I do not check the forum at least once. Why is that so?
The basic reason is the important role music plays in my life. As far as music is concerned Genesis has been my eternal, unchanging number one for more than twenty years. If you are a Genesis maniac there is not better place to come to than the German Genesis fanclub IT to find out about everything that happens in the Genesis universe almost as soon as it happens. That is a fact.
Then there are highlights like the IT events that are most precious for a Genesis fan. So far I have it to two of them, to the Nursery Cryme Event with The Musical Box in Duisburg and to the Hackett Event in Remscheid. Both were a luxurious experience that you could normally only dream about as a fan. Thanks to the fanclub I did not have to. And I am really looking forward to the Lamb Event. Bernd, Peter, Helmut and Christian, I bow reverently in acknowledgement of what you have achieved.
What else does the fanclub give me? You are surrounded by friendly people who like to share your passion for Genesis; this is something I can only rarely do in real life.
The evening service in the forum (usually combined with a pint) helps me to come down, relax and feel good – not least because I feel familiar and comfortable with many other users who I got to know over time. I would also like to mention the „Neverending Story“ thread that permits me to live out not only my big passion but also my weird side.
Finally, big praise to the moderators who play a major role in preserving the remarkably pleasant and friendly atmosphere. The forum has become an important part of my life and I would find it really difficult to have to do without it. Therefore … do keep up the good work!

Love, Little Nick

ps: I would like to add a word of warning: Regular participation in the forum can affect your relationship negatively. I think I can affirm that my previous relationship would have lasted at least a couple of weeks longer without the forum … but I nevertheless look forward to my wedding next week :-)

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Mike Rutherford - The Living Years

Mike Rutherford - The Living Years Mike Rutherford - The Living Years Verse kaufen bei
Mike Rutherford - The Living Years Verse kaufen bei

New biography written by Mike himself about his career and his relation to his father.

Genesis - Seconds Out (2CD)

Genesis - Seconds Out (2CD) Genesis - Seconds Out (2CD) Verse kaufen bei
Genesis - Seconds Out (2CD) Verse kaufen bei

Some say it is one of the best Live-Albums ever. Genesis' Seconds Out became a milestone and also marked the end of the classic years.

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