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November 24, 2011: 20 years later...


In 1991 Germany was sweeping away the remnants of the iron curtain and the German Genesis fanclub IT was born in Fulda – roundabout at that time Genesis realised that they could not dance. The whole world was different: The Soviet Union was still about, but it was about to fall apart. Nobody in Genesis had heard of Ray Wilson and Helmut Janisch stapled together the first edition of the fanclub magazine.


We are celebrating our 20th anniversary in 2011. Much of Europe has a common currency, the musicians of Genesis are only doing solo projects, and Helmut Janisch is busy with another fanclub magazine. This time around it is a special edition and the first it magazine in ten years.


In 2031 we have a jubilee bash for the 40th anniversary of the fanclub with you and all members of Genesis on the holodeck. Germany is called Euro Core Zone and governed by a coalition of Grey Panthers and the Free Internet party under chancellor Peter Schütz. Genesis go out on their And Then They Were Old world tour where they fly around the gigantic stage in a capsule that provides them with new blood and oxygen (Tony Banks has become to old to feel vertigo), and Helmut Janisch finishes the anniversary magazine for iPad25 (paper has been abandoned, and so the it multi-app has become his second revolution after high-speed internet connections ca.2005).

...back to reality

It really has been twenty years, and we, too, find it hard to believe. In these twenty years there have been 27 it magazines and several versions of the website. There are interviews, reviews of countless releases, concert reports, background specials, competitions and lotteries, interactive games, club get-togethers and it events. All this did not happen because we were bored or because nothing else was going on. It all happened because the guys in Genesis simply do not stop making new music, playing concerts, participating or nurturing the most absurd projects, because they have not left the public stage and because there is an incredible interest in knowing more about them.

It also happened because you were there, because you wanted to read and talk about it. Interest in Genesis has waxed and waned, but it has never been bigger than in 2007 and has remained on a high level ever since. Genesis are alive like never before, even though the band may be resting. The German Genesis fanclub it has not finished, not even 20 years after it has been founded. There is still the curiosity, the desire to complete the picture. There are still enough fans who want to know news and older news about our heroes. As long as that is so we will continue.


For our 20th anniversary we have put together a big website special that we really recommend to you. In it you will find information about 20 years of fanclub life, voices from members of the club, of Genesis, an anniversary fanclub CD, an anniversary magazine and peculiar items, especially a photo gallery with numerous visual highlights from the past 20 years. We frankly admit that we are rather proud that we have made it this far.

Enough of the past, let us risk a look ahead. What can you expect from us in the future?

1) The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway Event 2012

You all know we are going to have our 20th club event in Welkers (near Fulda, Germany) in March 2012. Two full days are dedicated solely to The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway. Details about it can be found on the event site. The event itself is completely sold out.

2) The Genesis album league

The popular album league will be continued, too. This game, which was very popular on our german site (take a look here if you want) has been a bit neglected because of the many new projects. Expect some changes....

3) The tour database

This is a project that has been in the making for quite a long time. We are still working on it because we wand to be able to present to you a well thought-out system that is also up to the highest visual standards. Next to come – the song data bank.

4) Non-album-track special

Have you ever wondered which songs have been recorded during the sessions for which album or which songs have surfaced somewhere else? We will shed light on these issues. Our multi-part special is going to start in 2012. 

5) The Track Of The Week / Album Of The Month

The Track Of The Week will be continued. Since 2010 we have been putting one song up every Friday for you to discuss and rate. The concept for the Album Of The Month has been finalised, but we are still sorting out some technical issues, also to make this more international compared to the Track Of The Month, which is popular on our german site only. The AotM will be launched in 2012...

There are also other project that will be implemented at some time and ideas we do know know about yet. All this is 'just' a hobby for us, so we beg your leniency if it takes us a bit longer to do something. At any rate we are glad that we receive this much positive feedback, and we will continue as long as you and we enjoy it.


Christian, Helmut, Peter and Bernd

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Mike Rutherford - The Living Years

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Mike Rutherford - The Living Years Verse kaufen bei

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