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"Big Blue Ball" (CD)

Peter Gabriel and Friends - Big Blue Ball

Peter Gabriel - Still Growing Up: Live And Unwrapped (2DVD) kaufen bei
Peter Gabriel - Still Growing Up: Live And Unwrapped (2DVD) kaufen bei

Mitte der 90er kam es im Rahmen der Real World Recording Weeks zum Big Blue Ball Projekt. Die Veröffentlichung dauerte fast 15 Jahre. Peter Gabriel wirkt auf vier Songs mit.

"Down To Earth" (mp3)

Down To Earth from Wall*E

Down To Earth - Download bei iTunes

Für den neuen Pixar Film Wall*E steuerte Peter Gabriel den Song Down To Earth bei, der nun bei iTunes erworben werden kann.


Rock legends play to a select audience

In September 1993 an extraordinary concert was played in England by The Ruins Band. This band name will probably not ring a bell with anybody, and that is not surprising because the musicians have formed this band for one concert only. Behind the pseudonym they are all renowned musicians from famous bands (Queen, Pink Floyd, Genesis). The show took place in the burnt-out Cowdray Ruins in South England on 18/09/1993. It was a charity event for the King Edward VII hospital in Midhurst, and the audience of around 1,000 came mainly from the well-to-do. Tickets started at a mere 55EUR for a picknick zone area access and went up to 200EUR for the main area (evening dress mandatory, with a dinner from the very best).

The show began at a quarter past nine with the performance from Queen (line-up: Roger Tayler/vocals, John Deacon, Gary Wallis) who placed six songs. Another One Bites The Dust was sung by (one of) the voice(s) of Mike + The Mechanics, Paul Young. The next band were Genesis, i.e. Tony Banks, Mike Rutherford and Phil Collins, supported by Tim Renwick (known from Mechanics and Pink Floyd shows) on bass and Roger Taylor and Gary Wallis on drums. They played I Can’t Dance, That’s Just The Way It Is (Collins solo song!), Turn It On Again, Hold On My Heart and Invisible Touch. Mike Rutherford switched to the bass guitar for Pink Floyd’s performance (David Gilmour, Nick Mason, Rick Wright), while Tim Renwick played rhythm guitar and Gary Wallis remained at the drums. This lineup played three classic Floyd pieces. Paul Young sang the backing vocals or dueted with David Gilmour. Then Eric Clapton came on and played two songs with Mike Rutherford and Roger Taylor. After that all the musicians assembled on stage to play the encores of Ain’t That Peculiar, Gimme Some Lovin’ and Witness together. At 11pm the event ended with a big firework display. 

The line-up of the Ruins band (according to the programme)

TONY BANKS Genesis Keyboards
PHIL COLLINS Genesis Vocals
DAVID GILMOUR Pink Floyd Guitar
ADRIAN LEE Mike &. Mech Keyboards
NICK MASON Pink Floyd Drums
TIM RENWICK Mech./Floyd Bass/Guitar
MIKE RUTHERFORD Genesis Guitar/Bass
ROGER TAYLOR Queen Vocals/Drums
RICHARD WRIGHT Pink Floyd Keyboards
PAUL YOUNG Mike &. Mech Vocals


Peter Gabriel - OVO (CD)

Peter Gabriel - OVO (CD) Peter Gabriel - OVO (CD) Verse kaufen bei

Multi-Artist-Album from 2000, with Elisabeth Frazer, Richie Havens, Paul Buchanan, Neneh Cherry and larla Lionáird. Gabriel himself sings on four.
Review available

Genesis - Live Over Europe (2CD)

Genesis - Live Over Europe (2CD) Genesis - Live Over Europe (2CD) Verse kaufen bei

Live-Double-album of the 2007 Turn It On Again-Tour.
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