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Live Over Europe 2007

Genesis 2007 - Live Over Europe

Just a couple of weeks had passed since the last notes had been played on the final show of the Turn It On Again tour in Los Angeles when Genesis already released the corresponding 2CD live album. As with their live show they did not take half measures.
The album comes in matt black and silver; the cover shows the CAD model of the stadium stage with the cargo nets pulled up. This image is repeated on the cardboard envelope that surrounds the jewel case. There is a small surprise on the rear; Chester Thompson and Daryl Stuermer are sort of promoted from touring musicians to full members by being listed under the caption “Genesis are”.
The 20 page booklet shows long shots of the stage during visual highlights of the show on two pages per photo; there is the runner behind bars (from the Cage medley), the “searching eye” spots during the Second Home By The Sea, and – on no less than four pages as a centerfold – the falling dominos from The Last Domino. Having put himself in the mood for the music the reviewer presses ‘play’ and …
… is blasted away by the powerful beginning of Duke’s Intro. Oh yes, no half measures, there’s big power in it! Nick Davis has done an excellent job. It is just like in the stadium, just without the rain and ten thousands of fans cheering. But you can hear the fans, and that is how it is supposed to be. There is nothing worse than these so-called live albums from which all sounds of the audience have been removed. This one is different: the fans are there, you can hear them cheer between the songs and even during the songs (where appropriate) when they sing along.
Which songs have made it onto the CDs? That is the second pleasant surprise: All songs were included in the same order as during the concerts. They are all there, from Duke’s Intro to Carpet Crawlers, the beloved classic (medleys) á la Cage and Ripples for ‘old’ fans, the big numbers for the friends of the world-wide hits as well as the songs that cause the couples in the audience to smooch and others to go rid themselves of their beer.
Yes, it is a complete show. Where is the difference to the Encore Series? There are in fact three major differences. First of all, Live Over Europe was not recorded on single show. Nick Davis has sifted through recordings from all the shows Genesis have played in Europe and picked the best version of each song. It is truly Genesis “live” all “over Europe”, from the tour start in Helsinki to the grand finale in front of half a million fans in Rome. The album features music from twelve concerts, with a good quarter of the songs taken from Manchester.
Nick Davis has carefully polished Live Over Europe until the sound really shines. It has been long since the reviewer has heard such a clear sound on a live album; every single instrument can be heard distinctly but not in a way that the overall sound balance suffers. In these days where 5.1 sound is all the rage it must also be said that the stereo sound on this album is very good and open.

Two things are missing to make it a complete concert: Some 90 seconds were cut from I Know What I Like – it is the interval where Phil dances the tambourine tarantella and has some audience participation. What is also missing are the introductions between songs. Nick Davis has actually done a good job covering the cuts. One may disagree whether Phil’s remarks about the amount of precipitation or his description of the “paradise of innocence” merit inclusion (and if so, in which language?). The reviewer feels that, while they ought to be on the DVD, a live CD can do without it.
Another tiny downside that needs to be mentioned is the title, as it sort of excludes the North American fans. Yes, of course it was all recorded in Europe, so the title is okay, but the set list was the same in Canada and the USA … or did someone perhaps think about a Live Over North America album?

Live Over Europe offers more than two hours’ worth of excellent live music in great sound with lots of that live feeling – in an elegant and stylish box. A feast for the eyes and the ears alike. Even if you already have ‘your’ Encore set, you will enjoy Live Over Europe at least as much.

Tracklist (the city in which the song was recorded is added in brackets):

CD 1:

1. Duke's Intro (Manchester, UK)

2. Turn It On Again (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

3. No son of mine (Amsterdam)

4. Land Of Confusion (Helsinki, Finland)

5. In The Cage including parts of The Cinema Show and Duke's Travels (Manchester)

6. Afterglow (Manchester)

7. Hold On My Heart (Hannover, Germany)

8. Home By The Sea (Düsseldorf, Germany and Rome, Italy)

9. Follow You, Follow Me (Paris, France)

10. Firth Of Fifth (excerpt) (Manchester)

11. I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe) (Manchester)


1. Mama (Frankfurt/Main, Germany)

2. Ripples (Prague, Czech Republic)

3. Throwing It All Away (Paris)

4. Domino (Rome)

5. Conversations With 2 Stools (Drum duet) (Munich, Germany)

6. Los Endos (Twickenham, UK)

7. Tonight Tonight Tonight (excerpt) (Rome)

8. Invisible Touch (Rome)

9. I Can't Dance (Munich)

10. Carpet crawlers (Manchester)

by Martin Klinkhardt