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It all began with an article in an American newspaper that claimed Phil Collins would record an “unplugged” concert in London in late August 1994. We tried all our channels to get information about it.

One night a friend of mine called to tell me that MTVtext had a competition for tickets for that show. Seven of us participated, and six of us actually won. We found out later that more than 30,000 people had taken part in the competition. We were told to come to the MTV studios in Camden Town, London on a certain date, from where we would then be taken to the secret recording place. When we arrived there we were given our tickets. Only 180 people were lucky winners who could see the show which was recorded in a small TV studio in Wembley, London. There were some twelve rows of chairs that surrounded the stage. Before the show began we were reminded to curb our enthusiasm, i.e. to remain seated, not to yell or any such thing because the show was to be recorded. Everybody was looking forward to the show.

At eight in the evening Phil took the stage amongst loud applause. He wore white pants and a blue silk shirts, had a tan and looked very fit (and gorgeous). He was obviously very impressed with the reaction in the audience. The show began with I Don’t Care Anymore in a very extraordinary swing style. It was a continuously surprising set with old favourites in new clothes, as it were, and it is almost impossible to pick out highlights of the show. Amongst the special songs were a very bluesy version of I Wish It Would Rain Down, a sensational Burn Down The Mission, outstanding drumming on The West Side and a wonderfully matured piano version of In The Air Tonight.

Surprisingly he also played the romantic Just The Way You Look Tonight and the Beatles song Lady Madonna. Phil seemed very relaxed during the two-hour concert. He joked around and thanked the audience for being patient while some of the songs were repeated. It was not really a punishment to have to hear some songs twice. This show was a unique experience. We were lucky to be part of it and we will never forget it.

by Stephanie Stratton and Anne Roughton
retranslated into English by Martin Klinkhardt