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Jubilee Event for the Genesis cult album


2011 marks the 20th anniversary of the German Genesis Fanclub 'it' that runs It is also the 10th anniversary of the Lamb Lies Down On Broadway event that fans and fanclub members enjoyed so much in 2001. We have asked 1Serge Morissette to take all the available original footage, reconstruct a Genesis Lamb show on video, and present it along with a brief documentary about the album and the tour. For this event there will also be a comprehensive exhibition about The Lamb. At the moment we are still working out the details for the event, but these things will definitely be part of the event:


Video production by Serge Morissette

Serge is the creative mastermind behind all the visuals the band The Musical Box uses. Whether it is the reconstruction of the stage setup, the course of the concert, the lighting, slide shows or the special effects of a Genesis show – it is his painstaking research and his knowledge about all the show details that have enabled The Musical Box to put together their meticulous recreation of the early Genesis show. Serge has also created the visual part of the Lamb Lies Down On Broadway DVD in the Genesis box set 1970-1975.

Documentary about The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway

We are going to kick off the event with a 15 minute documentary about the development of the album and the ensuing tour. This will be something Serge compiles just for this event.
Concert film: The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway

As you may or may not know, Genesis have missed the opportunity to have their Lamb show filmed. Video footage from the tour is therefore exceedingly rare, and the few bits that exist are usually mute private Super-8 recordings of individual moments. There are, however, a handful of brief recordings for TV programmes and numerous photos. In the course of his work for The Musical Box Serge has assembled what is most likely the most comprehensive collection of original material, amongst which are rarities few fans have ever seen before. He also has all the original slides that were shown on the big screens behind the band during the Lamb shows. Serge will use all this to assemble a kind of concert film that shows a complete Lamb show without encores. It is easy to imagine what a laborious task it is to compile and produce the film and sync video and sound. The end result will be superior even to the Lamb video that was shown at the 2001 Lamb event. This is an absolutely unique opportunity to see Genesis live with their Lamb Lies Down On Broadway show as far as possible. For legal reasons this concert film cannot be released publically. It will only be shown on both days of the event before it returns to sit in Serge’s vault.

We are going to compile and exhibit all those exciting items about The Lamb. Once more we will get into contact with the biggest collectors of the Gabriel era to put together an exhibition whose quality and quantity tops everything you may ever have seen before – different releases of the album and the singles from all over the world, promo material, newspaper reports, concert posters, ticket stubs and much, much more.
2Apart from that ...

... we are currently thinking about other program items to add and also about the odd surprise for visitors of the event. After all, it is our 20th anniversary and we would like to “get rid of” some birthday presents. We will see how much of this we can realise until March. As usual, there will be plenty of good simple food and drinks. You can also stay in Welkers overnight for a very reasonable price, for which we would like to refer you to the guest house Buch (website and contact:, which is only a five minutes’ walk from the Bürgerhaus where the event will take place.
Tickets and event schedule

The event will take place on Saturday, March 10 and Sunday, March 11, 2012 in Eichenzell-Welkers near Fulda – right in the middle of Germany and quite near the airports of Frankfurt, Nuremberg and Hanover.  The event schedule, as we have planned it so far, will be the same for both days so that more visitors can have the opportunity to enjoy this rare video footage (twice). Capacity is limited to a maximum of 100 per day. Pre-sale begins on September 29, 2011. Tickets are available only from WiV Entertainment. You can choose from a day ticket (Saturday or Sunday) for €25 or a weekend ticket (Saturday and Sunday) for €40 plus ticket fees. Tickets are NOW available in the WiV Online Shop.

UPDATE 3rd Oct 2011:

Tickets for 10th March are now SOLD OUT

UPDATE 11th Nov 2011:

Tickets for 11th March are now also SOLD OUT
Serge Morissette, the staff of the German Genesis Fanclub 'it' are looking forward to seeing you there!