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Anthony Phillips: Expanded "Wildlife" edition announced

Remastered album plus bonus CD

CherryRed have announced a remastered and expanded edition of the Anthony Phillips and Joji Hirota album Wildlife. The new release will contain the remastered album and a bonus disc with 18 previously unreleased recordings, including the track The Victors from 1991 (feat. Mike Rutherford!).


01. Creatures of the Magic Water Opening Theme
02. Green Hell
03. Jaguar and the Terrapin
04. Flooded Forest
05. Hidden Shadow
06. River God
07. Secrets of the Amazon
08. Killing Grounds
09. River Dolphins
10. Faces in the Forest
11. Final Jornuey
12. Onza – Eater of Souls
13. Relentless Sun in Half Drowned Lands
14. Serengeti Jigsaw Opening Theme
15. Massacre of the Termites
16. Web of the Spider Monkey Opening Theme
17. Island of Stone
18. Fireflies
19. Courting Chameleons
20. Rock Spires, Crocodile Caves
21. Dusty Track
22. Fathomless Caves
23. Storm Breaks
24. Morning Call
25. Autumn Dusk
26. Bears of Kamchatka Opening Theme
27. In The Tundra
28. Across the Frozen Wastes
29. Nighthunt
30. Cubs
31. Mother of the Moon
32. Jurassic Shark Opening Theme
33. Ray’s Song
34. Voyage of the Whale Shark
35. Megalodon
36. The Only Good Shark is a Dead One
37. Back Through Time – Under the Ocean
38. Jurassic Shark Closing Theme
39. Midway: Island of Life Opening Theme
40. Dolphins at Play
41. Dolphins, Seals & Rays
42. Mysteries of the Wreck
43. Sunset Flight
44. Fight to the Death
45. From the Jaws of Death – Touching the Face of God


01. Wildfire
02. East of Eden
03. Web of the Spider Monkey
04. Appalachian Heights
05. Night Train (original version)
06. Fast Train
07. Bay Beneath The Sea Suite
08. Schaun Jouey (alteate version)
09. Valley Beneath The Sea
10. Eastern Market
11. Sky Valley
12. Outback
13. Lemurs Prologue
14. Eastern Rivers
15. Mysterious Skies
16. Waterfalls
17. Loons Suite
18. The Victors

The new edition will be released 27 January 2023 and can be preordered directly at CherryRed.

published on 05.11.22 05:00 by Christian @ Anthony Phillips

Anthony Phillips: Expanded "Wildlife" edition announced Comments:

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