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Anthony Phillips: New version of first Genesis album afoot

A complete new mix of the first album?

Of course, there have already been several reissues of the first Genesis album From Genesis To Revelation, most recently even a digital album with alternative versions. Nevertheless, the information is interesting because the rights to the first album are no longer held by Jonathan King, but by Cherry Red. Apparently, this reissue is a Genesis project - and it is therefore very likely that Tony Banks, Mike Rutherford and even Peter Gabriel were also involved alongside Anthony Phillips. The interview also mentions a long version of the song A Place To Call My Own. In this respect, it is to be expected that we will not simply be presented with the next reissue, but with a completely newly compiled work in which a new mix is used. It doesn't take much imagination to realize that state-of-the-art studio technology has certainly been used here.
There has not yet been an announcement from the band, but this will probably follow in due course. You can find the interview at this link (you can also change the translation to other languages).
Anthony Phillips himself has recently released a new album - Private Parts & Pieces XII: The Golden Hour. You can find a detailed review of this album at this link.

published on 26.06.24 06:43 by Christian @ Genesis

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