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Mario Giammetti
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New "Algebra" album features Hackett and Phillips

Mario Giammetti's band releases "Deconstructing Classics"

As most of you know, the Italian Genesis magazine DUSK is run by journalist Mario Giammetti. What you probably didn't know - Mario also sings. Back in the Eighties, he formed a band called Algebra with some friends but it took them more than 10 years to record a proper album. Their debut album was Storia Di Un Iceberg and was released in 1994. Another album followed 15 years later, called JL. Steve and John Hackett guested on that record.

Algebra will now release their third album, Deconstructing Classics. It is a double album. The first CD is more or less the key album and features many cover versions the band did over the years, while the second one contains some odds and sods. You find some stuff from Genesis (Dusk, Ripples, Open Door), Ray Wilson (Goodbye Baby Blue) and Anthony Phillips (God If I Saw Her Now) on the album. Also, Steve Hackett plays lead guitar on the opening track La Cura, and Anthony Phillips plays Harpisichord and 12 String guitar on the same tune (that song is actually the only new song on the CD). In the meantime there is also a video available:

There is also a track on the second disc, called Il Crepuscolo, where Anthony Phillips plays guitar and the track is in fact a variation of the chords of Dusk. The album title Deconstructing Classics refers to the way the band works: desonstructing the tunes and rebuilding them in their own way.

The second CD contains outtakes and alternate versions.

The album will be released on 9th September and can be ordered here.

Band Line-Up

Mario Giammetti: vocals, guitars, bass (1983/2019)
Rino Pastore: keyboards (1983/2019)
Maria Giammetti: alto and soprano sax, flute (1995/2019)
Roberto Polcino: keyboards (1996/2019)
Franco Ciani: drums and percussion (1998/2019)
Salvatore Silvestri: drums and percussion (1983/1997)

Algebra - Deconstructing Classics (2CD)

CD 1 (77’30)
01 La Cura
02 Dusk
03 Song Within A Song
04 Funny Ways
05 Felona e Sorona
06 Take A Pebble
07 Old Rottenhat
08 Up To Me
09 Dear Diary
10 Que? Hacer
11 This Train Is My Life
12 Sleepers

CD 2 (76’00)
01 Strangers In Space
02 Hallelujah Joe
03 Goodbye Baby Blue
04 God If I Saw Her Now
05 The Lobster
06 Straight
07 Ripples (live rehearsal)
08 Up To Me (live rehearsal)
09 Il Crepuscolo
10 Dusk (live)
11 Russian Suite (live)
12 Open Door (live)
13 The Clouds Are Always Present
14 Il Muro


published on 17.07.19 22:06 by Christian @ Coverbands

New "Algebra" album features Hackett and Phillips Comments:

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