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Nic Collins: Better Strangers release new single

Nic's new band release debut single "Lies"

Better Strangers

Nicholas Collins is not only busy touring with his father Phil Collins or the preparation for the upcoming Genesis tour, he is also working on his own career. His last band, Fifty Eight Hundred, is no longer active but the remaining members have founded a new band, called Better Strangers. Based in Miami, Florida, Better Strangers is a rock band that features singer deCasa, guitarist Joey Rodriguez, bassist Yang Waingarten and drummer Nic Collins. The band blends a heavy rock style with contemporary layers and melodies. They have now released their debut single Lies, available on all streaming platforms and digital online music shops.

published on 27.11.20 06:39 by Christian @ Nicholas Collins

Nic Collins: Better Strangers release new single Comments:

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