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Pennsylvania Flickhouse CD

'Pennsylvania Flickhouse' by Anon - on CD for the first time!

An important piece of the early period of Genesis now available as an
exclusive CD single to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the German Genesis Fanclub it

For quite some time we have been planning to do a successor to our fanclub CD of 2001. Though it did not turn out to be a full album we are nevertheless proud to release as a CD single a rare song from the Genesis past that has never been released before and may, in fact, be known only to few fans: Pennsylvania Flickhouse.

The song was recorded in the summer of 1966 by Anon, one of the two school bands that would, a year after this, form Genesis. How that happened and everything there is to know about Anon can be found in the comprehensive CD booklet.

There is no mastertape of the recording. Therefore it has been copied of an acetate single owned by Richard Macphail, the singer of Anon, and digitalised. Jon Dann and particularly Tom Morgenstern have used all their technical know-how to remove the dust of decades from the song. Clicks and crackles, static and other noises were, of course, removed, and the sound itself has been cleaned up so that we can hear a first-class version of this song. As an alternative to the original mono version there is also a „pseudo stereo“ version Tom has done to provide a little spacial sound. Genesis fans may remember this principle from the remasters of Genesis' 1969 Jackson Tape, where Nick Davis has treated the original material similarly.

As for the design of the CD we have looked at other releases from that time and used stylistic elements that might have been used on 1966 if the single had come out then: a slightly psychedelic front cover and a loud and colourful interior, a black-and-white back as a contrast and the simple CD label made to look like a 7" single. We have chosen a Digipak with transparent tray for the release, and as a bonus you get a 24-page booklet with lots of information about Anon, the few photos of the band, an image of the original acetate and exclusive statements about the release of Pennsylvania Flickhouse by Richard Macphail, Anthony Phillips and Mike Rutherford.

All this is included in the anniversary CD single, and it comes at a very reasonable price...

We offer you this CD for EUR 6 (+ postage) !

This CD will not be available in regular stores. If you would like to have a copy of this collector's item please order as follows:

1 – Post your order for the CD with your full name and address either by email to anon(a) or by letter/postcard to Deutscher Genesis Fanclub it, Postfach 1240, 36002 Fulda, Germany.

2 – We will send you an order confirmation with payment options and the bank details. Packing + postage depends on shipping destination.

3 – The CD(s) will be shipped once we have received payment. Please note that this may take a couple of days.

We hope that this release will give you a lot of pleasure. If that is so, order now and enjoy the CD!


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