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PETER GABRIEL - i/o The Tour

PETER GABRIEL - i/o The Tour

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16.05.23: John Giblin has died
Bassist John Giblin passed away the day before yesterday. He played with Brand X, Phil Collins and Peter Gabriel, among others. » read more...

04.05.23: Peter Gabriel: "Four Kinds Of Horses" comes 5 May
The fifth track from i/o will be released this Friday - and it is the Bright-Side Mix of Four Kinds Of Horses. » read more...

27.04.23: Peter Gabriel: Tony Levin introduces Live-band
Bassist Tony Levin gives a little insight into the Peter Gabriel tour rehearsals on his website and introduces the complete band. » read more...

04.04.23: Peter Gabriel: The next song is the title track
The fourth song Peter Gabriel will release from his new album is the title track, i/o, on 6 April. » read more...

01.04.23: Tony Banks: "Selling England" re-recording in September
To mark the 50th anniversary, Tony Banks has announced the re-recording of the Genesis classic Selling England with orchestra. » read more...

31.03.23: Steve Hackett: "Guitar Noir" and "Darktown" on vinyl
Two Steve Hackett albums are released on vinyl for the first time - and for collectors also in different colors. » read more...

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