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23.01.20: Genesis: Meeting in New York City?
Yesterday, Tony, Mike and Phil were spotted at Madison Square Garden, watching a sports game. » read more...

22.01.20: Steve Hackett: Shows in Spain, France and Belgium added
Steve Hackett continues to add shows to his Seconds Out & More Tour. This time fans in Spain, France and Belgium can look forward to shows in their countries. » read more...

13.01.20: Steve Hackett: Shows in Scandinavia announced
Steve Hackett has announced seven Scandinavian dates for his Genesis Revisited: Seconds Out & More world tour. » read more...

10.01.20: Brand X: UK dates 2020 now on sale
The band line-up, venues, ticket links and support act for the upcoming UK shows have now been revealed. » read more...

29.12.19: Steve Hackett: Three shows in Japan next May
Steve Hackett and his band will play tree shows in Japan next May as part of their Genesis Revisited Tour. » read more...

23.12.19: Steve Hackett: Two shows for Poland announced
Steve Hackett and his band will play two shows in Poland next year as part of the Seconds Out & More Tour. » read more...

10.12.19: Roachford: "Twice In A Lifetime" comes in April 2020
The new solo album by Andrew Roachford will be called Twice In A Lifetime and will be out next April. In the meantime, the first single is already available. » read more...

06.12.19: Steve Hackett headlines 2020 Cropredy Festival!
Steve Hackett will be the headliner of next year's Fairport's Cropredy Convention Festival in the UK, performing a Genesis Revisited show. » read more...

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