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GENESIS: The Last Domino? Tour 2021 and 2022

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19.11.21: Genesis: Glasgow show cancelled
As expected, the second Glasgow show won't be rescheduled and has now been cancelled. » read more...

18.11.21: Genesis: Anthrax drummer with emotional statement
Charlie Benante, drummer of the metal band Anthrax, strongly recommends to see Genesis now. » read more...

16.11.21: Genesis: "The Last Domino? Tour" ends in March
Yesterday Genesis started their US tour in Chicago. Rutherford also confirmed in an interview that in March 2022 the tour will end. » read more...

12.11.21: Brand X: John Goodsall has died
Brand X guitarist and founding member John Goodsall passed away yesterday. » read more...

09.11.21: Steve Hackett: 3 additional shows for the USA announced
More shows have been announced for the USA today: Steve will also play in New ork City, Carmel and Phoenix. » read more...

09.11.21: Nicholas Collins nominated for Prog Awards
Nicholas Collins has been nominated by Musicradar in two drummer categories for this year's awards. » read more...

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