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25.02.24: Peter Gabriel: More rarity releases on Bandcamp
Peter Gabriel has released further exclusive material around the time of the most recent February full moon. » read more...

10.02.24: Through The Wire have released their 9th EP
The ninth EP of the Peter Gabriel tribute project Through The Wire is now available on Bandcamp. » read more...

08.02.24: Mike Rutherford is part of Mark Knopfler's charity single
Mike Rutherford is part of Mark Knopfler's Guitar Heroes and their rerecording of Going Home (Theme From Local Hero), which comes out in March. » read more...

07.02.24: Phil Collins: "Tarzan" Soundtrack in Dolby Atmos
Last year already, the Disney soundtrack for Tarzan, featuring songs by Phil Collins, has been released in Dolby Atmos on AppleMusic. » read more...

04.02.24: Peter Gabriel: "Back To Front" in 4K ultra on the way?
Several online stores have started listening a 4k Ultra HD version of the Back To Front concert film. » read more...

03.02.24: Anthony Phillips: "Strings Of Light" rerelease on 2CD
His latest solo album, Strings Of Light, will be rereleased on 2CD in April. » read more...

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