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Peter Gabriel The Court

PETER GABRIEL - The Court (Dark Side Mix)

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04.02.23: Peter Gabriel: "The Court" (Dark-Side Mix) is next
From midnight, Peter Gabriel's second new track from his forthcoming album i/o will be available: The Court (Dark-Side Mix). » read more...

03.02.23: Genesis: "Lamb" book now available in English!
The highly acclaimed German book by Mark Bell about The Lamb has now been published in English language worldwide. » read more...

30.01.23: Steve Hackett: Headliner at Summer Fog Festival 2023
Steve Hackett will be one of the headliners during the Summer Fog Festival in Poland this July. » read more...

30.01.23: Phil Collins receives Drumeo "Buddy Rich Award"
Drummer platform Drumeo has honored Phil Collins for his lifetime achievement with a Legacy Award. » read more...

29.01.23: New Djabe & Steve Hackett live 2CD/Blu-ray
Djabe and Steve Hackett will release another live-set this spring: Live In Györ. » read more...

28.01.23: Peter Gabriel releases Dolby Atmos mix of "Panopticom"
A lot of confusion caused the sudden appearance of an In-Side Mix of Panopticom. We explain the details. » read more...

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