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Steve Hackett Selling England Spectral Mornings Hammersmith

STEVE HACKETT - Selling England & Spectral Mornings live at Hammersmith

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06.10.20: Ray Wilson: New single "Mother Earth" this Friday
Ray Wilson will release the first single Mother Earth from his new album The Weight Of Man this Friday. » read more...

05.10.20: Anthony Phillips: "Missing Links" I-IV 5CD-Boxset
Anthony Phillips and Esoteric will re-release all four Missing Links albums in a 5CD set, including so far unreleased material on a bonus CD. » read more...

30.09.20: Genesis: "Invisible Touch" gets orange vinyl release
The Genesis album Invisible Touch will be released on orange vinyl in the UK this October. » read more...

21.09.20: Brand X: Live-Boxset "Livevox" released
The Livevox box set, which contains the individual official Brand X bootlegs, was released in Japan in July this year. » read more...

20.09.20: The Backstage: A Steve Hackett Band project
The Backstage is a project by members of the Steve Hackett Live Band. Their first album Isolation will be out soon. » read more...

17.09.20: Paul Whitehead: The Life and Work of an Artist
Paul Whitehead is responsible for early Genesis album cover artwork and has now announced a book about his work. » read more...

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