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    I think if they haven't done it by now, it won't happen.

    I know they wanted to limit instrumental parts because of Phil, so they could have done just the first part, but where would it fit in.

    I think Phil is comfortable now, but let's see what Europe brings.

    Yes you are probably right. It is a shame. Phil doesn't like the lyrics so I doubt they would just do the first part. I was thinking they could just do the instrumental bit, maybe instead of the opening duke suite, but as you say they are perhaps comfortable now with the set. Anyway, you never know, perhaps in March in Europe they will feel like changing the set a bit...

    Anyone think they will bring in Abacab- maybe for just one or two shows? They have rehearsed it and there is video for it. They did do a couple of performances of Misunderstanding after all. It will be a shame if they don't as it is one of the truly great Genesis tracks and was always great live. I still have some hope...

    I wonder is it the case of 'Jesus' simply not working out vocally and its been scrapped entirely from the setlists

    Shame it's such a great song

    The lyrics come pretty fast in that song and Phil perhaps felt he wasn't up to it. He has stumbled over lyrics a few times on the tour and I guess they want it to be as near-perfect as they can on this their last tour. Personally, I'd rather hear an imperfect version of one of their other tracks than just the same setlist every night. Jesus he knows me would be good, or Abacab, or even Squonk. However, I'm not holding my breath.

    Even though they don't want to tour any more, maybe they could go into the studio after the tour and record some new versions of old tracks. Phil would then have the time to get the vocals right. I would so love to hear them do songs like Heat-haze, Man of our times, etc - stuff they've never done live or haven't done for ages.

    It will be good to hear Misunderstanding again. Like others though I hope they don't kick out Duchess to make way for it. For me they can take out any of TIAA, IKWIL, Fading Light, The Lamb. I too don't get why they haven't played Abacab for so long, it is a great track. I had hoped Squonk would be played but I think that's unlikely now - probably too hard for Phil to sing. I never understood why on the last tour and on this one so far they haven't changed the set list: it must get a bit boring for them to be playing the same stuff every night. Anyway, whatever they play it is just great they are back together again.

    Spike seems to be something of a favourite around here, often the way with the longer of the later trio tracks but I agree, it goes on just a bit too long and for me is a tad overwrought. But it nicely showcases the pleasingly angular guitar and drum sound that occurs on parts of that album.

    I suppose Jesus can be seen as a humorous song although in its way it's got a serious point to make about the blatant shystering of TV evangelists. Obviously the video is a bit more overtly comedic.

    I can't remember when I last listened to WCD straight through, I should do that soon. I have an impression of it not being very well sequenced.

    Yes, the sequencing on this album feels a little random: there's not really a sense of progression, to me. I wish they'd taken off tracks like SILY, WOTW and TMW, which though they have good tunes don't connect with me really. There are a lot of good melodies and riffs on the album but as a whole it just doesn't quite cohere for me; the arrangements of the longer songs don't have the variety and the changes in mood of great tracks like Cinema Show or Firth of Fifth etc - they feel like short songs which have been stretched too far. However, I haven't listened to it all the way through for a while either, I need to do that I think.

    I don't know how you could call my three favourites (above) 'lyrically banal' but there you go.

    I guess I was a little uncharitable about DTLS and JHKM, they aren't bad tracks. I feel DTLS has some good lyrics and a great driving guitar riff in the middle. I would say it is too long though. And JHKM is a good pop song with some amusing lyrics.

    My previous post stands. I do like Never A Time and also the somewhat maligned Way Of The World.

    I'm so pleased someone else likes Never a time. It is, for me, one of the few stand out tracks on an otherwise rather bland album. I love the harmonies of that song, and there are some great guitar and keyboard bits too; also the lyric is simple and direct. The only other tracks I rate are Dreaming while you sleep and Living forever. And On the shoreline. The rest just seem too long, lyrically banal, and the arrangements uninteresting. Disappointing compared to other Genesis albums.