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The Music Of Genesis - live! 2024 / 2025

It was one of these tribute projects that left its mark in 2009: the band The Farm (named after the Genesis recording studio) was formed in Germany so that the five musicians involved could play their graduation concerts at the Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media. These shows were also filmed and found their way to YouTube, where they went viral and the band remained interesting over the years - even though its members had long since moved on to other tasks and further concerts were simply not realistic.

We have selected a video of the track Down And Out as an example:

The Farm were:

Elmar Ferner: Vocals
Niklas Turmann: Guitar
Jochen Pietsch: Keyboards
Michael Schugardt: Bass
Momme Boe: Drums & Percussion

About five years ago, a New Zealand promoter had the idea of putting together a high-quality Genesis tribute project and came across The Farm during his research and was impressed by the quality. He contacted the band and was eventually able to persuade the five of them to meet up to see if the old chemistry was still there. So the band finally met up for rehearsals in 2020 and they were surprised at how easily the old vibe returned. "It feels a bit like a school trip. It's as if we had our last rehearsals yesterday and not 11 years ago!" said singer Elmar Ferner.

After that, the plans were slowed down somewhat by Covid, but the band continued to work on their comeback, especially on the stage show, which has always been an important part of Genesis' shows.

They will now go on tour under the name THE MUSIC OF GENESIS, performing songs from the albums A Trick Of The Tail, Wind & Wuthering, And Then There Were Three and Duke.

The first shows have been announced and more can be expected soon:


City/ Venue


20/09/24 Bargteheide - Kleines Theater

21/09/24 Bargteheide - Kleines Theater

22/09/24 Husum - Messe & Congress

12/10/24 Brake - Centraltheater

21/11/24 Hengelo - Shouwburg

22/11/24 Verviers - Spirit of 66

23/11/24 Vlissingen - CCXL Theater

24/11/24 Hoorn - Het Park Theater



22/03/25 Augsburg - Parktheater

23/03/25 Stuttgart - Theaterhaus

28/03/25 Bamberg - Kulturboden Hallstadt



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The Music Of Genesis - Facebook
The Music Of Genesis - YouTube Channel

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