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Through The Wire have released their 9th EP

Five new interpretations of Gabriel tracks

Last October, Through The Wire released EP #8. The ninth EP of the Peter Gabriel tribute project was released yesterday and is available on Bandcamp. The project involves the musicians Jeremy Nesse and Deane Arnold from the USA and reimagines Gabriel songs, most of which are also fan favorites and often unknown to the wider public. In the process, they have also received repeated support from musicians who have worked with Gabriel in the past.

The ninth EP contains five tracks and one of them is a fresh cover version of an i/o track!

Not One Of Us

Emily MacMahon: vox
John Ferrari: drums, percussion
Patrick Grant: Co-Producer, vox & drum wrangler
Jeremy Nesse: electric guitars, synthesizers, synth bass, arrangement

Love Can Heal

Donna Lewis: vox
John O'Reilly Jr.: drums, percussion
Jeremy Nesse: electric guitars, synthesizers, bass, arrangement

John Has A Headache

Glenn Knickerbocker: vox
Jeremy Nesse: synthesizers, electric guitars, Linn Samples, arrangement

I Grieve

Wolfgang Gruner: vox
Christian Costantini: piano, synthesizers, arrangement
Charlotte Pelgen: bvox
Pat Mastelotto: drums, percussion
Bill Munyon: additional engineering
Jeremy Nesse: NS Upright, guitars

(Fantasia on) The Drop

Thomas Blomster: percussion - gongs, chimes, marimba, Tibet bells, marimbula, vibes, glockenspiel, Taos drums, arrangement

Once again, this EP is available exclusively on Bandcamp. You can also get all other EPs there. You can discuss this EP and this project with other fans in this thread in the forum.

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published on 10.02.24 09:04 by Christian @ Coverbands

Through The Wire have released their 9th EP Comments:

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