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Through The Wire: 8th EP out today!

New EP of the Peter Gabriel Tribute Project

After a longer break, the eighth EP of the Peter Gabriel tribute project Through The Wire is now available. The project involves the musicians Jeremy Nesse and Deane Arnold from the USA and reimagines Gabriel songs, most of which are also fan favorites and often unknown to the wider public. In the process, they have also received repeated support from musicians who have worked with Gabriel in the past.

Through The Wire 8

EP number eight contains these tracks:

The Family and the Fishing Net

Deane Arnold: vox
Jacob Leibeck: Touch Guitar
Matthew Cha: baritone sax
Jordon Perlson: drums
Jeremy Nesse: bass, synthesizers, arrangement

Whole Thing

Samantha Aneson: vox
Dan Nachimson: Wurlitzer
John O'Reilly Jr.: drums, percussion
Pete Wilhoit: drums, percussion
Jeremy Nesse: bass, guitars, Wurlitzer, synthesizers, arrangement

Modern Love

Deane Arnold: vox, guitars
Todd Tucker: drums
Jeremy Nesse: Funk Fingers (bass), synthesizers, guitars, arrangement

We Do What We're Told (Milgram's 37)

Dutch Rall: vox, synthesizers, arrangement
Todd Harrington: drums
Troy Jones: drums
Deane Arnold: guitars, beats, bvox
Jeremy Nesse: bass, synthesizers

In Doubt / A Different Drum

Jon Durant: guitars
Beth Duffield: hammered dulcimer
Tobias Reber: synthesizers
Deane Arnold: synthesizers, percussion
Pat Mastelotto: drums, percussion
Jeremy Nesse: synthesizers, percussion, arrangement

The EP can only be purchased in digital format via Bandcamp.

You may discuss this with other fans in our forum here.

published on 06.10.23 08:34 by Christian @ Coverbands

Through The Wire: 8th EP out today! Comments:

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