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    I've been wondering and marveling about the fact that I have absolutely no appetite for this and I know I'm the overwhelming minority here. I've been trying to figure out why that is and the next best hypothesis I can come up with, is that I don't think anything they could do would be remotely as good as they actually were. Again, I'm not sure that's the real reason but it might be. Sure, I'm saddened the band is no more but let's face it: it's been a while now and I had time to get used to that but no, it wouldn't thrill me as much as having time, being in the mood and listening to one of their fantastic albums and simply let those memories and feelings come back to me.

    Their music has given a lot and have been very important to me and I guess I still have that.

    No criticism obviously towards those who would like to see band members' sons or cousins playing instruments, or listen to songs being a bit mortified by two-tones lower keys, I can't understand that either though, nor am I able to guess why but no, it simply isn't for me. Does anyone feel the same and why?

    It's quite obvious everybody has different excpectations. Since it is highly unlilely anything will ever happen again, it's also a strante discussion.

    Let's imagine they decide to do something together again. They are older men now - so why do we always compare to times when they were younger? It doesn't make sense and it's also some kind of unfair. If there was a reunion of any form in the foreseeable future, I would surely go. If only to see them on stage together again. I don't expect them to run around on stage like when they were 30.

    Yes, but do you see any of the other Genesis band members doing anything close to preserving the band's history? He's the only one who's cared enough to put the effort into reviving the Genesis catalogue for fans, new and old.

    I will concede the debut was more adventurous but I found I just didn't care for his take on some of those songs, particularly those that strayed well away from the original. It's been a while since I played it, but I recall feeling track by track it was hit or miss.

    GR2, on the other hand, I thoroughly enjoyed.

    Well, to me GR2 it was a bit too straight, i.e. he was sticking too much to the originals. Some tracks made me smile, such as The Lamia, as it lives with Nik's great vocals. But other stuff does somehow sound like a copy of the original, and I still think he could have done better here. Back then I remember he also said he didn't have enough time.

    GR1 was a real suprise for me, not only the wonderful Déja Vu, but especially tracks like FoF and FoS, which sound so different from the original versions.

    Steve Hackett - Genesis Revisited

    the first one, apparently. Besides some wonderful vocals by Paul Carrack, I always thought that Steve's version of Firth Of Fifth could be the definite one.

    It's sad he wasn't as brave on GR2. GR had much more creativity.

    My first post :)

    Gabriel's work offers many highlights and also strange and interesting things. "Secret World" is a true masterpiece of his, but it became even better when he brought that on stage, expecially during the Growing Up Tour and later, when the track gained a lot of power.

    14 points - not 15, because the studio version could have been more powerful.