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    My recent five most played bands / artists, in no particular order:

    Steve Hackett


    The Musical Box (via youtube)

    Strange Kind Of Women (via youtube)

    Chris Rea

    Recently my most played five are (again, in no particular order):


    Steve Hackett




    (All rubbish, but I can't find my Britney Spears albums.....:D)

    never really liked this one. Don't know why, I know it's a favorite of many fans.

    My favorites are the title track, Narnia and How Can I?

    Each to their own of course, and it's good that different people like different songs, it just shows how strong the album is, and how diverse. For me, How Can I is not one of my favourites, though I don't mind it. Generally, I've always preferred the funnier and quirkier side of Steve which is why I love Carry On Up The Vicarage. I've always liked Kim as well, though it's not likely he'll be playing that one again!

    Not sure where I'd place the album amongst Steve's work, but it would be in my top ten at least. Difficult to choose a favourite track, but it's probably between Carry On Up The Vicarage and Icarus Ascending, though I also love Narnia and Hoping Love Will Last. Funnily enough, the title track doesn't grab me the way it grabs some people, but it's still a good track. One of my favourite album covers of Steve's too. :)

    I seem to remember that Cherry Red Records are planning some kind of ultimate edition of that album. Ant Phillips said something along those lines in an interview earlier this year (but don't ask me where to find it). So patience might be the key.

    This sounds interesting. I got the vinyl 'rock roots' version back in the seventies but have never bought a cd version of it. Over the years I've toyed with the idea of getting one but never have. Think I'll wait and see what happens regarding this possible release. May be one worth getting.

    Again, interesting to read all the diverse comments here. Regarding Led Zep, I always enjoyed them, though not enough to buy all their stuff. When I was in grammar school in the early seventies, which was boys only, we all used to put our favourite band's name on our briefcases or satchels. The four names that appeared more than any other were Led Zep, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd and Slade. (In those days Slade were highly rated and were my favourite band). I enjoyed all those bands to an extent, though they all produced some stuff I wasn't as keen on.

    Regarding Pearl Jam. I was never into the grunge type of sound, though I could tolerate a bit of Soundgarden. When it came to Pearl Jam, I just didn't like the vocals, not my type of singer at all. Same with Radiohead, I just don't like the vocals.

    A band I always felt I should like, but never did, was Roxy Music. I loved their first single, Virginia Plain, but I was very disappointed in their debut album, though I know many liked it. For me, it was too weird and lacked strong melodies. Later on they turned too bland and radio friendly, to my ears. I also wasn't keen on Ferry's vocals, which came across as quite weak, though admittedly distinctive. Just not for me I'm afraid (I must admit though, in interviews, Ferry comes across as a really nice fellow).