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    Not sure if "So Much" was rehearsed in Verona. I heard the soundcheck and didn't hear anything familiar.

    Show in Paris had a great vibe. WLA wasn't played - which is a bit sad, I like it. But the show is quite long anyway and Peter is 73. So this really is high level!

    Did they replace it with anything? If I'm reading your post right, it sounds like no-rather just a straight omission...?

    Peter has mentioned having some 20 or so songs from his work on this album. Really, if he releases the 12 already heard on the concert, he could easily have enough for a whole nother album if he chose to release it maybe a year later-there could easily be some 10 songs for that one.

    Unlikely, but he could do it.

    I'm surprised as well at the amount of new material. Don't get me wrong-it's great! But I don't recall him (or several others) previously having literally more than half of the setlist be all new songs. The other thing is, four or five of them are ones he hasn't even released yet! I could understand a couple "as-yet-unreleased" songs, but literally a quarter of the whole setlist is songs we've never heard before! The inclusion of so many new songs also makes me wonder if he will release the album sometime over the next few months...? It seems odd that he would include so much material in the concert, and then not have them available to fans who want to go out and buy them after seeing him play them.

    There are five more months before I see him live here in Denver. I think it's realistic to assume that each of those songs WOULD be released by the time I see the honestly, it gives me something to look forward to-it'll be an interesting next five months for sure!

    As for the older songs, I'm perfectly happy with what he's doing. I'd personally have preferred to see San Jacinto and Games w/o Frontiers on there too (as they are some of my favorites)...but I still love what I'm seeing! I know my daughter will be happy! Now I just got to get her familiar with the new songs. ;)

    That said though, I wouldn't be surprised if he changes up the setlist just slightly when coming to the who knows really?!

    …as do I - they make up a great ending to one of my favorite albums of theirs as a trio.

    I’m always a bit surprised that side 2 of the 1983 eponymous album always gets it in the neck when it’s only the first two songs on that side that haven’t really held up well over time. The last two songs and “Just A Job To Do”, IMHO, are quite good! (JAJTD even got picked up as a theme song to a TV show in the mid-80s here in the States. That caught me by surprise when I first heard it on TV!) Side 1 is obviously the more cohesive and better side, but side 2 is far from being a disaster. To each their own. 🤷‍♂️

    I remember hearing Just a Job to Do all the time on the classic rock radio station when I was a kid in the 90s, out in the Chicago area. I grew to love it! It has a very "Genesis in the 80's" sound if you know what I mean.

    If this is indeed his last tour (who knows, but after all he's in his 70's now), I would actually hope he does the usual ratio of new songs (historically five or six) vs past favorites. On a setlist that will likely have between 16-19 songs (which seems the norm for older musicians these days), five or six new songs is around a third of the setlist. If it may be the last chance to see him live, I'd hope we can see a good selection favorites one last time.

    It was apparently 07 when he suggested it and his band shot it down. I do feel it's more likely he might do a Genesis track this tour, but it won't be any part of SR. I hope not anyway. It's really not what I'm going to a 2023 PG show to see.

    100% agree with the highlighted! I'll be going to see him live for the first time since 2002-and I want to see him do as many of his own songs as possible (and probably so will my 11 year old daughter, who will be with me-as she's not a huge PG era Genesis fan). Any Genesis song would take up valuable setlist real estate. Any song other than short ones like Carpet Crawlers (which I doubt he'll do cos that was Genesis' show closer for their last ever show) or Lamb Lies Down on Broadway would take up two or three songs worth of time! If he does do a Genesis song, I wouldn't be disappointed per se-but it would feel odd, like when Phil played Misunderstanding on his FFF tour-it just felt kind of jarring to NOT see Genesis playing it, and having a horn section added to it.

    I guess we'll see soon enough!

    To avoid fans reading stuff they don't want to prior to the gig, we will have individual show threads where you can post photos and we will als add setlists there.

    That's great-thanks for organizing it that way!

    I'm big on avoiding movie spoilers, but I personally don't mind spoilers for concerts. In fact I like knowing what they're going to play, cos then I won't spend the whole concert hoping for a certain song-just to find out that they don't play it! That happened to me in 2007 with Genesis' TIOA tour. I didn't look at the setlist before I went-and I spent the whole time hoping they'd play Abacab, and they never did. I remember being disappointed as I was telling my mom about it.

    I gotta say I'm surprised that more people don't like Silver Rainbow on here. I'm personally not a huge fan of it myself, but in other past forums (that have long since closed down sadly), I would hear fans gush over how great of a song it is-and I was the one thinking it was overrated LOL!

    At the end of the day, it's all personal preference I suppose. For example-It's Gonna Get Better (though seemingly forgotten by many fans) is actually one of my favorite Genesis songs!

    WCD is an odd one for me, it has a special connotation because it was the album really got me into Genesis, and one of the earliest albums I listened to obsessively, age 10-11. I think it has good depth and range, but there's also a maturity about it that makes it a little boring or something. The sound is unadventurous, which may be a production issue. I return to it infrequently but when I do, I enjoy the heights very much - NSOM, Jesus, driving the last spike and dreaming while you sleep are all great but countered by very mechanicsy MOR fare like Never a Time, and I was never a big fan of Fading Lights.

    I am glad to see it top of someone's pile though!

    WCD is similar for me as well. I had been hearing Genesis on the radio all throughout my childhood in the 80's, but it was when my mom gave me her copy of WCD when I was about 12 that really kicked it all off for me. I remember listening to that album back to front over and over again all that summer, and after that I embarked on a multiple years journey into their back catalogue. It was wonderful-but it all started for me with WCD, so I guess that's why it has a special place for me.

    I do acknowledge the album doesn't really take any risks from a stylistic POV-it just kind of trudges along and I agree has a certain 'maturity' to it that the others don't have as much of, but IMO it sounds so different from anything else they've done-and that I think is part of why I like it so much.

    I wonder if the album may have looked more appealing to fans if the songs on side one were spread out a bit:

    Side A:


    Taking it All Too Hard

    That's All

    Illegal Alien

    Silver Rainbow

    Side B:

    Just a Job to Do

    Home By The Sea

    2nd Home By The Sea

    It's Gonna Get Better

    Personally I would've actually enjoyed that track listing better myself. No album is without a lesser song or two, but that order spreads out the 'good ones-' and would make for a better listening experience IMO. Then again, whether or not that's a better order would depend on whether or not you like certain ones-like for example, I think Just a Job to Do is great, and I know generally Silver Rainbow seems to be a 'fan favorite' as well.

    I'm not surprised to see SEBTP is #1.

    I AM however, surprised to see Genesis is 2nd from the bottom!! That one is my #3:

    1. WCD

    2. ATOTT

    3. Genesis

    To me, Genesis is one of their most defining albums, in terms of their sound post-70's era. If someone wanted to know what post-prog Genesis was like, I'd probably play them Mama.

    If this were a top 5, then I'd put Duke at #4 and either Invisible Touch or SEBTP at #5-I can't decide (ever the struggle of an all eras fan!).

    But still I was surprised to see some of this ranking, like seeing ...ATTWT in the upper half. Whenever I hear fans talk about it, it gives the impression of an "album of filler, with a couple great songs."

    A couple things I didn't notice were:

    1. The background percussion in the opening of Behind the Lines and Duke's End. I first noticed it in the remixed versions. Perhaps the percussion tracks were either way softer or even muted in the original mix? Anyway I like it-it especially adds a nice sonic layer in 5.1 surround sound!

    2. Background vocals in Taking it All Too Hard. Again, noticed with the remixes-not sure if they were muted before or just clearer now-but I like them. It adds texture IMO.

    3. Mike has a prominent lead guitar melody in the refrain sections of Evidence of Autumn, which again are in the remixes but muted in the original.

    4. Background vocals in You Might Recall. Again, noticed with the remixes, and I KNOW they were muted before, cos I have the 7" single of this song on vinyl-but I like it, It adds texture to the song IMO.

    I suppose these are probably just noticeable differences due to the remixes. But They are differences that IMO enhance the songs. If they were there in the original mixes, I definitely didn't notice them before.

    I was kind of assuming Peter would release two different versions of i/o: One, with the Bright Side mixes, and the other with Dark Side. I know it's been done before-the one that immediately comes to my mind was Shania Twain's album (ironically also called) Up!, which had a red version and a blue version-one where the songs had a strong country-sounding influence, and the other which was mixed to be more "poppy" and "crossover."

    I also thought PG might just release the album with whichever versions he released first each full moon.

    Personally I feel the mixes sound too close together to put both versions on the same release. The differences are very subtle. If they were literal remixes, similar to the very different sounding mixes PG released of I don't Remember, I Have the Touch, Games w/o Frontiers, or Growing Up, to me it would make sense. As was mentioned on here earlier, Joe and Jane casual listener will probably not be able to discern much if any of a difference between the two and see it as redundant. Therefore the cost to put both on there-and charge more for the copy-wouldn't be worth it IMO.

    Regarding a surround mix, that would be awesome-but I personally think I'll be getting it on vinyl. I suppose there'd be nothing wrong with getting both! ;)

    I do have to say that-after seeing the Full Moon video for May-I love the stage design and setup for this tour! It's a bit reminiscient of his Back to Front tour in general, but seemingly on a larger scale with the vertical screen columns in the center-but there seem to be more of them, creating a wider stage this time-and also curved. Also, they'll be able to capture lots of great footage on those super wide side projection panels! And the huge circular panel up above doesn't just look like lighting-it's an actual screen as far as I can tell!

    His new band gives him a lot of options for new live arrangements. Looking forward to hearing old classics in new sounds and of course many new tracks as well

    Agreed some new versions will be intriguing, but IMO we've been hearing "reworked versions" of his hits for years, what with New Blood and Back to Front etc. I wouldn't mind some of his songs showing somewhat of a return to form, to relive some classic moments.

    For example, not every song has to have a new string arrangement IMO.