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    I find this release pretty interesting, though I'm not sure if I'll get it yet, partially cos I expect it will be kind of expensive. I am very glad to hear the material is remixed/remastered though-IIRC a lot of the previous soundboard material and bootlegs of all this stuff sound quite subpar. The improved sound quality is pretty much my main selling point, as it would be great to have these with clean audio-clear highs and powerful lows and all that, so I hope that is indeed true!

    I originally debated whether to get the vinyl or CDs. I don't really buy CDs anymore, as I've started collecting vinyl these days (I face the same choice with PG's new album I guess). I'm leaning towards the CDs only cos they include all of what's being released.

    Personally I'm happy with the Boxset releases as they are. There are a few compression issues-but really only noticeable on a select few songs across the 1976-1982 box. Other than that, all the albums sound incredible to me-especially in 5.1 surround! I also enjoyed all the bonus material. I'm not a big collector of unofficial releases, so for me that was the first time seeing about 80% of all that. IMO there would be no need to re-release remasters of all the albums. In fact, IIRC Nick Davis even said himself their intent was for these to be the final "definitive versions" of the band's material. (Odd, considering the '94 remasters were also called "definitive" LOL!)

    Anyway, for those that don't have them yet-I must say I've seen them offered still on sites like and such. The stores may not be stocking them anymore, but they're still out there to be found!

    Honestly I go back and forth all the time with this one-I go in phases, based on the one I'm "feeling" at the time. I had just gotten over a multiple month kick on Both Sides...but I'd say I'm currently into NJR right now!

    If I had to look at the overall picture over time though, I'd say NJR or But Seriously seem to always remain most strongly in my rotation...

    I've always said CAS was underrated. I also strongly feel Ray Wilson (whose voice I loved) should've been given another go with a follow up album. Although nowhere near my favorite, CAS IMO is far from the worst. There are certainly IMO some songs on there that I don't enjoy. But there are also a few gems on there, that stand up against the band's whole catalog.

    Besides, "worst album" is such a subjective term anyway. Someone on here mentioned above that Genesis is one of their least favorite. Personally, Genesis-or, the Mama album as some call it-is probably my 3rd favorite! One person's trash is another person's treasure, after all.

    That said, FGTR is to me their worst album. Only cos they hadn't really defined themselves as songwriters and performers yet, and also cos the recording quality is so poor-it's difficult for me to enjoy sitting thru it. Those songs could've been released by almost any other band, and at times it sounded like they hadn't really honed their skill or even found their style yet. It basically sounded like a high school band recording in one of their moms' garage. There were foreshadowings in that album of what they would become, but IMO it wasn't till Trespass where they began to define what would become Genesis as we know them.

    You know, I kind of wonder if this release is what they had planned from the beginning-and it's not so much a reaction to fan complaints as it was a premeditated business decision to hold back certain tracks for such a release...

    I don't mind too much that there's no CD version. I mean, I only listen to songs in my car thru iTunes anyways really. If I'm not mistaken, Peter Gabriel only released his Rated PG on vinyl. Not everyone (including myself) has a vinyl player and collection. So I don't get that one at all. Doesn't seem to different than this really.

    Well, here's hoping. I am just curious-where did you hear/read that the b-sides were definitely not remastered (or at the least compressed for digital release)? I've looked all over but I can't find any info with that level of detail...

    I do agree there were some poor audio quality demo/live tracks on the bonus discs. But here I'm specifically only talking about the B-sides, which is really the single main thing I'm interested in these releases for. And there's no denying that whatever they did with the b-sides that were included on the album remasters, they sounded fantastic. I guess I'm just hopeful we can look forward to the same here-specifically for the b-sides.

    At any rate, I'd think it's realistic to imagine the b-sides will at the very least sound better than the versions I have currently-which like I said were copies of copies, that contained more than one level of digital, tape and/or vinyl pop noise.

    Guess we'll find out in just over a week!

    I'm actually quite excited for this. Ever since I learned that some of his b-sides wouldn't be on the album remasters, I was hoping he'd eventually release something just like this. Although I am disappointed they're not being released on CD, I suppose it doesn't matter anyways cos I will really only listen to these songs on my phone or in my car-with my phone plugged in. Like you chema, I plan to divide these up on iTunes and place them each with their respective albums.

    What I REALLY hope is that the b-sides on these are at the very least cleaned-up versions, or even remastered. IMO there's no reason to believe otherwise, since the ones included on the albums very much sounded like they were remastered, but even if not they still sound great. I would LOVE to have high quality versions of both Man with the Horn and I Like the Way for the first time-I've only ever had "copy of a copy" cassette rips, which were subsequently ripped from Vinyl LPs!!

    Re: Remixed sides, I also look forward to these remixes. Although if I had to guess, the extended versions of those 6 No Jacket...songs I would wager are simply the entirety of 12"ers (which I have). But still...

    I tend to like to keep my lists short. That said, this list is my personal "the songs that best represent Genesis' catalogue comprehensively" I guess. Like something I'd show someone who doesn't know the band, what Genesis is all about:

    1. The Knife

    2. The Musical Box

    3. Can Utility and the Coastliners

    4. The Cinema Show

    5. In The Cage

    6. Dance on a Volcano

    7. Afterglow

    8. Follow You Follow Me

    9. Turn It On Again

    10. Me and Sarah Jane

    11. Mama

    12. Land of Confusion

    13. No Son Of Mine

    14. Congo

    But for my personal favorites ranking, it would look very different, like this:

    1. Tonight Tonight Tonight

    2. No Son Of Mine

    3. Dance On A Volcano

    4. Throwing It All Away

    5. Home By The Sea/2nd Home

    6. Me and Sarah Jane

    7. Duke's Travels/End

    8. Dancing With the Moonlit Knight

    9. Supper's Ready

    10. Hold On My Heart

    11. Turn It On Again

    12. It's Gonna Get Better

    13. Robbery, Assault and Battery

    Hello All! This is my first post in this forum. I was sad to see the old turn it on again forum go-but I'm glad this one is still active!

    That said, I happen to be listening to:

    Musical Box. (I have the intro set as my calendar invite notification on my phone!) It inspired me to listen to the rest!