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    Genesis, the "shapes" album.

    I regard this one as one of my favorites, but I only listen to it once in a great while. But every time I put it on, I'm reminded how much I enjoy it. It's just so different sounding from any of Genesis' other material-perhaps their most raw and "edgiest" sounding record.

    I believe the problem with The Mama Tour is they don't have access to the original camera film, only the videotape master, which would impossible to get an actual HD product from.

    The Invisible Touch Tour was filmed on HD video tape, which allowed (once they found a vintage machine to read the tape) an HD video source to work with. If they made a new digital master when they transferred the tape for the white box set a BluRay would be possible.

    As far as I know the problem with The Way We Walk and Serious Hits Live is they were filmed on standard definition video tape, so there is no way to get a true HD video from the original footage. In these days of AI upscaling I suppose anything might be possible, but someone would have to be monetarily interested in taking on the work.

    Admittedly I don't know much about HD conversion...but if standard def tape can't be converted to HD, then how were so many other media able to be given a digitized (and subsequent 1080p) treatment? Surely the Genesis and Phil Collins concert footage isn't the only video footage out there that used this difficult format-yet there have been lots of other productions-both concerts and other media-that were able to be upscaled or digitized, coming from all kinds of different sources?

    What was the Three Sides Live film originally filmed with? Also: What was the original format of that Genesis Bataclan 4K remaster that has been floating around lately? I can't imagine that having been filmed with something other than standard def video (as it was in 1973), and that release looks amazing! IMO if such a thing could be done with THAT release, I don't see why ones that are decades newer couldn't also...?

    That's it! And I doubt anyone is wiling to pay the bills to do the job. Which is a shame really. Wembly, No Ticket, Way we walk... plenty of stuff worth rereleasing in HD. Even First final farewell tour. Let alone When in Rome, which IS available in HD.

    As I recall, they DID release the Three Sides Live concert (with all the interviews) as a blu ray...I wonder why did they stop there? I know PG released his concerts in blu-ray, at least the older ones (before Up)...if they thought that was worth it, I'd imagine there'd be just as big a market for Genesis' concert releases-if not bigger. I would LOVE to see Lyceum, Wembley, TWWW and even Phil's Seriously Live in Berlin in 1080P!!

    I sometimes have dreams of being on errands or whatever, and finding rare single/b-side releases in music stores I stop in. In one particular type of dream I often have, there are several additional songs from the Duke releases that I don't have, and I find the singles that have those songs - but DON'T have enough money to buy them!!!!

    And the format of these singles all look kind of like the 7" single for Duchess-front and back LOL!

    Thanks Discogs.

    CONCORD is a music publishing company, not a record company as such.

    About Phil's concert films: I do agree - I see no point why they never did new versions of Perkin's Palace. Mo Ticket or even Seriously in Berlin. And of course Trip into the Light.

    Regarding Both Sides live - I believe there was an issue. They either only filmed some shows for TV purposes, which is not sufficient enough, or it was recorded on that typical early / mid nineties standard and won't allow transfers for HD releases in an easy way. I think Peter Gabriel releases Secret world live on Blu-ray, but it was an awful lot of work to get that in HD. Not sure, maybe someone remembers more details.

    I do remember hearing that "difficult transfer based on the original filming format" was an issue for Genesis' Wembley '87 concert-but they ended up still managing to convert that one to Digital. I might be understanding tech incorrectly here, but IIRC now that there's an existing digital transfer for that concert, doing a 1080p conversion should be doable. I also believe the Star Trek TNG series had this same formatting issue-and they were able to do 1080p versions that are frankly breathtaking! Granted, the Star Trek HD releases involved a painstaking restoration process.

    I never noticed there was a difference between those two releases... =O

    You are right about the fade-outs, the album could have been better, had they recorded and produced the tracks better.

    I realized the other day that Gabriel's new album is more or less without fade outs...

    Agreed, I did think that interesting about PG's album...although, IIRC; Up didn't have many fade outs either-most of the songs on that album kind of had this...dwindling process where different sounds would stop, and just a couple percussion or keyboard sounds would be left just...lingering for several seconds.

    Honestly, I kind of felt that fade-outs in general are considered somewhat "out of style," for lack of a better phrase. They were on almost ALL the pop songs in the 80's and even the 90's, but in the last couple decades, songs tend to end more abruptly. Certain pop songs even sound like the artist didn't realize the song was ending and they keep singing for a split second LOL!!!

    YES! There's no denying, there's still a treasure trove of material out there that fans would surely eat up...Everything you mentioned IWishItWouldRainDown. In particular I'd like the Unedited Lyceum 1980, Wembley '87 and Live and Loose in Paris (with a proper surround sound mix!), but what I'd really like to see is an official release of Phil's No Ticket Required concert, as well as a Both Sides Tour release. Not to mention ALL the ones they HAVE released can/should be released on Blu-Ray! I'm also sure there's several b-sides and demos Phil still hasn't released that could see the light of day (Deep Water Town anyone?)

    This might require lots of work, and would be unrealistic-but I also wouldn't mind Dolby Atmos surround mixes of the Genesis and especially Phil's albums-not unlike PG's recent i/o release. Heck, I'd settle for Atlantic 75 LP releases of ALL Genesis and Phil's albums, rather than just a few-or at LEAST remastered versions of the original mixes.

    Now that the band and Phil has sold their catalogues, I'm shocked that the record company they sold them to (can't remember which) hasn't jumped on this! It's been what, almost two years now? Maybe more-and not even an announcement of anything, other than a release of BBC Broadcasts, which was already almost a year ago now IIRC.

    I will say that I like the new instrumental fade out that is on the Red Box bonus disc. The previous version gives the song kind of an "incomplete" feel-like they didn't know what else to do so they just faded it. With the instrumental, the fade sounds more intentional. Calling All Stations suffers from this too, IMO

    Admittedly, there's different ways to consider this "top 3"... I could look at it like my favorites in each era, which would be:

    PG: SEBTP (not only the best IMO but also the first PG era album I got for myself)

    PC 70's: ATOTT (probably just cos it has the most 70's era songs I like-Dance on a Volcano, Squonk, Robbery, Assault & Battery, Los Endos)

    3 Piece: WCD (it was the first Genesis album I got after first becoming a fan-my mom gave me her copy, and I remember listening to nothing else that whole summer of 1994. Plus it sounds so different from anything else they had done)

    If we're talking about which ones I'm "into right now" which as with many of you changes over time, I'd say:

    1. ATOTT

    2. The Lamb

    3. ATTWT

    But ultimately my "staples" are what I had mentioned before, which seem to always be towards the top:

    1. WCD

    2. ATOTT

    3. Shapes

    Tetchy! - my comment was obviously not about asking the question per se.

    Anyway, Wayne has all the expensive equipment to give you an opinion on what a remix would sound like; unfortunately not a remaster where you wouldn't hear any of those differences, especially if your ears are over 25 years old :rolleyes:

    I wouldn't go as far as to say I was being irritable, as I was simply reacting naturally to your response-which it can't be denied was somewhat curt. However; in the spirit of not making a bigger deal out of this for a single moment longer...moving on.

    Much thanks indeed to Wayne for those thought out notes on the sound!

    Do you think anybody who has spent that kind of money is going to say they're poor?

    ...Do you think it could be okay that I ask for details about the quality of an item on a discussion forum (made for such discussion ABOUT said item) without being subject to snide responses?

    Also, if you take a second to glance thru posts on this thread, it sounds like I'm not the only one who'd like to hear fellow posters' analyses about quality. Are you planning saying the same to them?

    I do recall him saying he wanted a break, but I thought in that statement he was referring to touring. I could be wrong, but I was under the impression that's what he was talking about.

    To be fair PG did also mention that he may just continue to release songs each full moon as a way of allowing his remaining songs from these sessions to see the light of day (which is what I was drawing from in my post).

    I acknowledge all that is really just Peter more or less talking over possibilities so I'm not holding anybody to anything-just wondering what we're going to see next. If that DOES mean a new album, then that would be fantastic! But as Ben mentioned, he said the same thing once Up came I guess what's coming next is anyone's guess-but I agree he's definitely earned some time away and with his fam, that's for sure!

    Now that it's been a few weeks into January, and i/o has been out for more than a month...I feel it's reasonable now to start wondering, will there be anything further to come during 2024 full moons? We didn't see anything in December's full moon, which was right after Christmas (so, understandable). January's full moon is only about a week away.

    Just wondering if PG will decide to follow thru on what he speculated on regarding continuing to release songs that didn't make it on the album...I'd love to see a release of What Lies Ahead!

    If he IS going to do the full moon thing, it would really only make sense to do it from the start of the year. Seems kind that he would just pick random full moons across the year to announce/release things. But I can speculate till the cows come the end of the day they can do what they like I guess LOL!

    Nothing wrong with your post or the replies, that’s what a forum is for. I’ve always liked Another Record but I don’t know why, maybe that little drum fill, but it’s no classic and some of the b sides would certainly give it a good run. But the slightly off-centre choice is partly what makes Abacab a great album, where they were wilfully doing what they wouldn’t usually do.

    Fair enough: If they put Another Record at the end in order for it to intentionally feel abrupt, then...mission accomplished I guess LOL! And yes, I suppose in fitting with the feel of the rest of the album.

    I've been thinking lately, and I'm personally not too confident he'll do anymore legs specifically in support of i/o, at least not where he plays the whole album as half the setlist.

    I DO however have a feeling that it wasn't his last tour. PG seems to be the kind of guy that would say so if it were his "final farewell," rather than just quietly fading away. So I wouldn't be surprised if in a couple years - after i/o has had its time to shine - he does one last go around in order to say a proper goodbye, health allowing of course-but focusing more on his entire catalogue. Phil Collins did it, Genesis did it, I think it's realistic he might as well. I do admit that with each passing year it becomes more and more unlikely-as he's already 74 this year. But if he DOES, I will be there for sure!

    Interesting! I love Dreaming While You Sleep. And I have a soft spot for the last two tracks on Abacab, feels like they are tucked away deep in the discography for some reason, more than the average 'deep cut'.

    I personally am baffled as to why they favored Another Record over songs like Paperlate, You Might Recall...even Naminanu for that matter. IMO Another Record has b-side written all over it! And also IMO it was a super weak way to end an album! It just feels like "Oh, hey guys-we forgot about this one!" "Ok just throw it in there real quick, we have some space left."