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    Thanks for this. Really interesting stuff.

    I have to go a long way down that list to find the first song that I wouldn't put so high (Land of Confusion).

    I also rated this a 15. I love the intricacy of the acoustic 12-string parts, the acoustic grand piano, Steve's hypnotic solo, the poignant lyrics, and Phil's soaring, seemingly effortless vocal.

    Although the live versions are good, they are a little more rough and ready than sublime, so I mainly prefer the studio version. The 2007 live version, even with the key change, actually comes closer in feel to the studio version than the late 70s and early 80s versions.

    I might start a thread/poll about which tracks the community feels were better live, and which were worse, just for fun.

    I agree with you about this one. And I think the studio version of Squonk is better, but I prefer the live DOAV and Los Endos (Seconds Out era at least).

    Nope, just many audience bootlegs. Probably the best quality one is the TM Productions version, which you should be able to find on Genesis Movement’s torrent site. It’s not brilliant, none of them are, but he polished up the best sources pretty well.

    The band performance was rough round the edges that day. You could tell they didn’t have much rehearsal time. Some good moments though and it must have been a real nostalgia-fest for those who were there.

    It was!

    The crazy thing is, at the time, it felt like AGES since Peter had left the band (7 years).

    These days, that seems like nothing to me!

    This is one of their finest, without a doubt. I was so happy when they played this in 2007


    I don't know whether I'm making this up, but I seem to remember rumours at the time saying they had considered replacing it with Jesus He Knows Me.

    Wow. What a change to the feeling of the setlist that would have been.

    I’m going to be on Putney for that as well. If you want to say hello to a fellow Genesis fan let me know!! Flaunt the Imperfection is one of the great 80s synth pop albums.

    Yes, a great album. I still play it a lot.

    I'm pretty sure I only bought it at the time because it was produced by half of Steely Dan, but I'm glad I did.

    Bollocks to anyone giving you flak for that. And her pop/electropop material is not to be sniffed at. I look forward to a post-gig report. She's one I'd like to catch if only the one time preferably in an arena setting or smaller if she ever did that.

    Yeah, I swore I'd never do another stadium gig. My last was the TIOA tour in Manchester.

    But this was too good to turn down. I was incredibly lucky to get a ticket.

    Well, I might catch some flak for this but...

    My next gig is Taylor Swift in June.

    (edit) - if anyone understandably just associates TS with her pop/electro pop output, they are missing out on a very interesting artist.

    That is true, and nothing personal taken. There is so much to love about the band, and this forum would be boring if we all had the same opinion! But I disagree that the back half of the album is among the worse songs the band ever released. That is a strong statement, but rightly your opinion. There are worse songs on We Can’t Dance and Calling All Stations. And I would say One For the Vine off of W and W is a meandering piece of crap. And do not forget their debut album. I’ll stick up for the back half of the self titled album though.

    Ah yes, I should clarify that I didn't include FGTR in that comment. I don't really regard it as the first proper album.

    I like this one a lot. I can't say why exactly. I think it's something to do with the calm after the storm - going from that intense, frantic end section of Watcher, into something so much calmer. Lovely piano opening.

    Ok, the lyrics are a bit nothingy, but that never stopped anyone. I like the vocals a lot, and the chord changes.

    I prefer WOTS, SR and CU but, for me, it's a long way ahead of Get Em Out, which I've never liked all that much.

    I didn’t realize the self titled album was viewed as mediocre, I think the back half of Shapes with Silver Rainbow, Just a Job to Do and It’s Gonna Get Better only serves to bolster up the rest of the album. Actually I would include Taking It All Too Hard in with that group of songs as well.

    To be honest, I'm not sure it IS viewed as mediocre on the whole. I don't rate it at all, but I think a lot of people like it a lot. I'm in the minority it seems.

    And to illustrate my point, I'd say those 4 songs you mentioned are among the worst songs the band ever released! (and I don't mean that as a personal comment).

    But I like the fact this is a band that people can love for all sorts of reasons.

    Probably my favourite on the album. I especially loved the live version from the NJR tour, which is impressive considering I'm pretty certain the album actually hadn't been released at that point, so I'd never heard it.

    (The Manchester Apollo. Imagine trying to see Phil (or Genesis) at a medium sized theatre these days.)

    There's been an outpouring of love for Karl Wallinger. I suppose I never realised he was so loved.

    I love every WP album and always thought it a shame he/they weren't a bit more popular.

    But he was obviously a very talented guy. I always hoped we'd be getting some new material from him one day...