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    I have been absolutely knocked out by this video.

    The quality is astounding given the source. It really helps to bring alive what it would have been like to see and hear the band at this stage in their career.

    Anyone on here who hasn't seen it needs to now!

    Go on then, while I'm here...

    Suzanne Vega - I never wear white

    Juliana Hatfield - Sneaking around

    Rolling Stones - Rip this joint

    Beatles - Too much monkey business

    Grace Slick - Seasons

    Super Furry Animals - keep the cosmic trigger happy

    Abba - disillusion

    Al Stewart - Broadway Hotel

    David Ruffin - Rainy night in Georgia

    All about Eve - Witches Promise

    I think if we're playing "odd one out" I may have a shot at this one.

    My itunes is obviously a bit obsessed with borders at the moment.

    kate bush - all we ever look for

    elo - across the border

    suzanne vega - honeymoon suite

    temptations - my girl

    randy newman - memo to my son

    china crisis - african and white

    10cc - im mandy fly me

    fotheringay - restless

    eagles - on the border

    al stewart - leave it

    Out of interest, is the second Epping Forest a reprise, or a dramatic reworking? Maybe just an acoustic version? Mike and Phil only?

    That would work well leading into the emotional Please Dont Ask

    I can see they've put a lot of thought into this.

    Wot Gorilla will bring the house down before the encore.

    Thank you for this. It's given me a proper chuckle this morning :D

    Hmmm, maybe I will...

    It's like a game of chess. "Backdrifter has chosen a song from Selling England. Hmmm. Surely it's going to be one of the big hitters, so maybe Cinema Show? But wait that's too obvious, and so I bet they're go for a less obvious choice, to confuse us. Hang on, but surely they know that as Genesis obsessives we'll go for an obscure choice, so they'll end up picking an obvious choice, as a double bluff"

    This is what lockdown does to you

    You've forgotten we did non-album, I gave you that after you guessed the right sources (Spot EP and MTM b-sides) but got the wrong tracks.

    But yay! You've whittled it down. Just Lamb (you got side 4 right) and ATTWT (it's a side 2 track).

    Excellent. You can't buy this sense of satisfaction.

    You'll have to move onto solo albums next!

    Great effort! I feel for you regarding the non-album stuff as you went to the exact sources - but didn't get the right songs. Dammit! So I'm going to give you those and reveal it was Pigeons and Vancouver. Also partly to shorten the tedium for everyone else not as (bafflingly but pleasingly) committed as you.

    Further clues (don't go all Mrs Doyle on me now) - side 1 of Trick, disc 2 of Lamb, stay on side 1 of Abacab.

    This is the most fun I've had in months. That's lockdown for you.

    I'll be back to fill the gaps...


    SEBTP - firth of fifth

    Lamb - back in nyc

    TRICK - ripples

    ATTWT - deep in the motherlode

    abacab - abacab, keep it dark

    WCD no son - we know...

    Non album - inside and out, the day the lights went out

    Ive gone route 1 here - no deep cuts, all killer no filler. Except may TDTLWO

    Im determined to get some of these. Dont ask me why!

    Right. I'm game...

    (it's a quiet day...)

    SEBTP - more fool me

    Lamb - lamia

    TRICK - trick of the tail

    ATTWT - say its alright joe

    abacab - me and sarah jane, dodo

    WCD no son - I know this is right!

    Non album - on the shoreline, evidence of autumn