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    On sunday 02/10 it will be an astonishing 40 years since that equally astonishing evening in Milton Keynes.

    I'm sure for everyone there it is something they will never forget, even a terrifying 40 years later.

    I wanted to reach out and see if anyone else was there, and hear their stories. It's hard to not sound like a pub bore, but really, if you weren't there it's hard to explain what the atmosphere was like. However magical you think it was, multiply by 10.

    I'll get us going...

    I was 17 and some of my school mates and older brothers hired a minivan to travel down from St Helens, in Merseyside. It's a fair old way, and we must have set off very early, because we got to Milton Keynes bowl at about 9am. Even by then there were a lot of people queuing to get in.

    Most of the time between getting there and Genesis coming on stage is a blur, other than Talk Talk getting a rather unnecessary bottling from the crowd.

    After a somewhat pointless introduction from Jonathan King, the lights went down and the kick drum intro to Back in NYC started up. I doubt many of us thought they would go into that song to start the show.

    At this point a coffin was carried onto the stage, and Peter, dressed as Rael, gets out and launches in Back in NYC.

    The crowd went BERSERK. I still get goose bumps thinking about the crowd reaction. I'm not going to list the whole setlist, but suffice it to say, it was 2 hours of sheer magic. The atmosphere was something I've very rarely experienced at any gig, with Kate Bush at Hammersmith, being the only other exception.

    And of course, the night was topped off by Steve coming on to play IKWIL and The Knife. Cue crowd going berserk again.

    I still feel very blessed to have been there. It is a magical memory that means so much to me, hence me starting this thread.

    There's loads more to the story, but I'll let someone else take it from here.

    So what about it people? :):!:

    ps I forgot to mention. Rain. Lots of it. I mean, seriously. A lot of rain.

    OK I just looked at it on youtube too. I stomached a few minutes of it before giving up, didn't like it at all. It felt like it was never going to end. It's the very antithesis of what I always liked about his work. I didn't bother with IKWIL or Endos.

    In principle I also don't mind experimentation but it has to end up sounding good, or at least interesting. That widdly-diddlying in the run-out of SR is very dull.

    That's exactly how I felt when I was there!

    It felt like it was flashy for the sake of it, as Steve wanted to expand a section of the song where he is obviously front and centre. The shredding was totally unnecessary IMO and detracted from the rest of what he was doing.

    He's such a tasteful player in my opinion. Some flashiness in the earlier albums maybe, but he was always about melody and atmosphere, more than being showy.

    The solo in Firth of Firth is a classic example of why being a great guitarist is not about notes per minute.

    And I think some of his guitar work is easy to miss, because it doesn't stand out. But it's not meant to, it's there to add to the composition. And he was great at that in Genesis.

    I suppose it hasn't affected me in that way. I never even expected the 2007 shows, so the recent ones were an even bigger bonus.

    My own personal outlook, is that the band may not be active now, but they've hardly been active since CAS, so very little has changed.

    And most of all, the thing that has definitely not changed, is all the wondrous music we have, which is every bit as active in my life now, as it was before the final show.

    Indeed..think saw it on his second solo tour...not sure all the crowd knew the source of the track! ...and some no doubt never heard of Brand X!

    Brilliant. I saw it on the No Jacket Required tour, and I definitely didn't know the song at the time.

    But then, I didn't know the NJR songs either, because the tour was before the album came out!

    Never a big fan of that. I can only imagine what people made of The Lamb tour if they hadn't heard it :D

    Interesting. I've not seen them live and I'd like to.

    But given their singer has a Gabriel thing going on, I wonder whether Seconds Out is the perfect vehicle for them.

    Sure she has been invited to Glastonbury. I was joking the other about her now being the biggest selling Artist in the world so she will be on the bill!

    Can't imagine for a second that she would ever do anything like that. I would be livid if she did . I won't be there.

    A full on Genesis reunion (highly unlikely) and Kate Bush headlining Glastonbury (even unlikelier!) are just about the only things which could persuade me to go to Glasto.!

    I would expect she has been invited to headline at Glastonbury every year. Even guesting with another artist would be great, imagine her duetting with Paul McCartney.

    In some ways I'd love to see that, because I'd love to see her perform pretty much anywhere.

    But I can't see it happening. For the Before the Dawn shows she deliberately chose a pretty intimate venue, instead of the Enormodomes she could easily have sold out.

    It would appear she values the intimacy of a smaller venue. A choice which paid off. Just ask any of the lucky sods (like me) who saw those shows.

    It was, with all respect to Genesis, the greatest live show I've ever seen.

    Sorry, bit of a KB ramble there.

    I hesitate to re-tread the 'classics' debate going on in parallel elsewhere in the Forum but I do cringe at That's All being considered as worthy of the description. More of an average country music pastiche than anything else, in my view.

    Go to concur on That's All. For me, it's ok at best. Apparently it was a big hit in the US, which might explain it's constant appearance in setlists since.

    Haven't been on this thread in awhile. Acadian Driftwood is one of my favourite Band songs and doesn't get the same level of attention as other classics in their catalogue. A great story about the challenges that the Acadians experienced historically, with great playing and singing from all members.

    Yes, what an absolute classic, from a band that produced a good few.

    The level of vocal talent in that band was ridiculous

    Bought it then, still love it.

    I remember carrying it at school and another Genesis fan came over and started having a go at me, saying that 3SL was rubbish, and not even a proper Genesis album, compared to SO.

    Anyway, I still like it a lot. Some great versions on there.

    It was only relatively recently I discovered I'm actually on it, as I was at the NEC on 23/12/81, where much of it was recorded (apparently).

    I agree with a lot of this actually :D

    I was a casual fan of 16 when Abacab came out, but saw that tour at the NEC. And by the time Genesis came out, I had every album and was a full on obsessive.

    I really tried to like the album when it came out. I saw the tour of course, which was great.

    For me, if we ignore FGTR, it is comfortably their weakest album. For me it has 3 excellent tracks, and I'm sure you can guess which I'm referring to.

    The rest, I never have any desire to listen to, which is pretty unprecedented for any other Genesis album.

    Side 2 is so underdeveloped I do wonder what they were thinking at the time. I think I'm right in saying there wasn't a lot (if any) of unused material which went onto B-sides etc, which makes total sense.

    It seems to support the idea they were either feeling uninspired, lazy, complacent, I don't know. It's like they totally abandoned the concept of quality control.

    I appreciate that for a lot of people this was their gateway into the band, and that's great. But it does absolutely nothing for me, other than Mama, HBTS/SHBTS.

    I was so relieved when IT came out, as I felt it was a much better album, and still do.

    I'm really glad they didn't go with it, I think it's a vaguely unpleasant image. Not terrible, but I much prefer the eventual cover.

    And "The Duke"? Sounds like an album about a local pub...