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    I can't believe XTC haven't had the treatment yet. Much of what XTC did is reasonably unknown unfortunately.

    To be honest, 12 random XTC tracks would do a good job, but here's my take.

    Harvest Festival (Apple Venus)

    Seagulls Screaming Kiss Her Kiss her (Big Express)

    No Language in our Lungs (Black Sea)

    Roads Girdle the Globe (Drums and Wires)

    Pale and Precious (Dukes of Stratosphear)

    Melt the Guns (English Settlement)

    Ladybird (Mummer)

    Bungalow (Nonsuch)

    Chalkhills and Children (Oranges and Lemons)

    Another Satellite (Skylarking)

    This is Pop

    Playground (Wasp Star)

    I Wonder Why The Wonderfalls (Theme Tune to TV series Wonderfalls, Andy Partridge)

    The last one is a cheat because it's a solo Andy Partridge song, which was the theme to the excellent, and short lived tv series Wonderfalls.

    If anyone wants any XTC pointers, just let me know. They are a national treasure, and Andy Partridge is up there with the greatest songwriters of all time, in my opinion

    Seems to be a lot of love for this song. Which is interesting, as I'm not really a fan. I think I gave it a 6.

    It's ok. But there's a reasonable chance I will skip it when it comes on. I'm not entirely sure why. It doesn't seem to go anywhere.

    If I was too sum it up unkindly (and I will!), I'd say it's late era noodling, mixed in with a bit of late era bombast.

    Massive CSN and CSNY lover here. He always felt like he was the soul of the ensembles in some ways.

    Much of his solo work is brilliant too, including the albums with Nash.

    I'm very glad I got a chance to see CSN in Manchester a few years back. The first CSN album is in my top 10 of all time.

    I suppose we should be glad we had him as long as we did.

    in defence, my comment didn't mean to offend. Mark Riley was a one time member of The Fall...who probably at their time were pretty opposites to Genesis, but he is still a fan and was acknowledging that not all his listeners were old prog fans! least he was playing a classic and if you know his show, sarcasm rules

    Absolutely nothing I said was aimed at you, and I apologise if it came across that way. I'm glad you posted your point.

    I was just having a general moan about the way prog is presented in the media. :)

    I never knew that but can understand it. I'm not keen on them. Trespass is good, and of the post-PW ones I only like Lamb and Abacab but SEBTP is nice. Anyway, there's an album covers thread for this.

    I used to be fascinated by album artwork but long since stopped caring much. In buying a cd boxset like this my main concern is whether it 'works' well in terms of opening it and being able to get the discs out easily. Which sounds daft but some packages seem to have been designed by people who haven't actually considered it.

    Interesting. I bought my first Genesis record in 1980, so I didn't experience NC and Foxtrot as they came out. So I don't know what kind of impact the artwork had on fans whey they came out.

    But I've never been a fan of that style. It suggests something slightly amateurish and messy to me, and I much prefer everything that came after until Abacab.

    But that's just me. I appreciate they are very popular.

    Mark Riley on 6radio also a big fan of early Genesis, despite his left field music of the only times have heard Happy the Man on radio,,was on his show.....anyway, last week he played FOF and said how he loved it, although he did give a pre warning for all prog haters to turn away for the next 10 minutes! 🤣

    This sort of thing really annoys me. I don't think there is another type of popular music where fans are almost expected to be apologetic, or at least embarrassed, for liking prog.

    When anyone makes a documentary about prog, there always has to be at least one dissenting voice. "oh yeah, prog's rubbish isn't it? It's just 50 minute songs and capes isn't it? This is why punk happened"

    When it's about prog, why does there have to be someone whose sole purpose is to slag it off?

    Funny, I don't see that with other forms of music. "Tonight on BBC4 we present a profile of Delius, with interviews with some performers, admirers of his career, and with the lead singer from the UK Subs, who will tell us why classical music is rubbish."

    I feel there are SO many typos, typesetting errors and just plain wrong facts on Genesis merchandise, that it MUST be some kind way of communicating with us.

    In the same way that the picture of the Beatles walking across Abbey Road was stone cold proof that Paul was dead (obviously), I can only assume Genesis are dropping hints here and there.

    My theory is that in 1974 Bill Bruford retired, Phil Collins had reconstructive surgery to look like Bruford so he could replace him in King Crimson, and Phil was replaced in Genesis by the dummer from Showaddywaddy (who had reconstructive surgery, obviously).

    I mean, when you look at the clues, it's all obvious.

    I saw Phil playing this on the NJR tour in Manchester, in early 1985 (I think)

    I had never heard the song before but instantly loved it. I think that is what prompted be to go out and get all the Brand X albums with Phil on.

    Probably a track which sounds particularly good live.

    I love most of it. But then I'm biased, because I'm on a lot of it! Apparently much of it was recorded 23/12/82 at the NEC, which was my first Genesis gig.

    I can live without the slightly annoying vocals on Misunderstanding, but the rest still gets a lot of play here.

    I'm very glad MASJ is on it, as that's probably my favourite Abacab track.

    Whoops. Just noticed a typo in my original post. It was 23/12/81, not 82.

    Other people have mentioned that blurry pink photo, presumably from Afterglow, on the inside of the gatefold. When the album came out I remember telling people how much l loved that picture, and friends telling me "what's to like? It's just a blur...".

    Yeah? Well, wait until you see some varilites!

    I love most of it. But then I'm biased, because I'm on a lot of it! Apparently much of it was recorded 23/12/82 at the NEC, which was my first Genesis gig.

    I can live without the slightly annoying vocals on Misunderstanding, but the rest still gets a lot of play here.

    I'm very glad MASJ is on it, as that's probably my favourite Abacab track.

    In the section about Phil, there is this sentence...

    "Despite the popular, yet apocryphal notion that Brand X would become “Phil’s other band”, Phil Collins was merely a hire and never an actual member of Brand X on paper."

    Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but that feels a bit unnecessarily dismissive to me.

    I like Brand X, by the way.

    Come on, you could at least relearn to play the drums left handed. It's the little things that make all the difference.

    But Seriously (apologies), nice one mate. I have a Roland Kit and I have nothing but respect for anyone who plays drums.

    I have been playing guitar for decades, I have more expensive guitars than is sensible for someone of my talent. But if I could play one instrument REALLY well I would choose the drums.

    I saw the Bootleg Beatles last night for the second time.

    They are astonishing, even down to the accents and personalities. My only complaint was that 'mid period' Beatles was represented only by Help! and there were no songs from Sgt Pepper. But their harmonies on songs like This Boy are spot on and when they do I Am The Walrus & Come Together, they rock. Because they recreated the 'rooftop' show we were treated to an absolute favourite of mine, One After 909.

    They are great. I know "tribute" bands are not everyone's cup of tea, but some are brilliant.

    In fairness to them, they do mix the setlist a bit. In 2017 they did a specifically 1967 show - all of Sgt Pepper, with orchestra. And all the other 1967 tracks.

    And I'm pretty sure that was the show which was introduced by the genius that was Neil Innes. He even did his own set, which was amazing. I never thought I'd get to hear those Rutles songs live.

    Actually I think 1967 was introduced by Roger McGough. NI was a different show.

    But anyway. Yes. They're great. ^^