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    As I have (probably) said elsewhere, I was there, memories are beginning to fade a bit now, 22 then, 61 now. I agree with Mozo that it probably was a bit shambolic but it definitely was magical (rose tinted hindsight?).

    No, it really WAS magical. In 1982 it seemed like Peter had been out of the group forever. In fact it was about 7 years! But even in 1982 we knew it was special, and as history shows us, it was pretty much a one off.

    As I mentioned already the atmosphere was borderline hysterical! I have no recollection what we expected as a setlist beforehand, but what they played was Fantasy Island stuff.

    I have already bored people rigid with my recollections of that day. But I'm quite happy (and likely) to do it again. :)

    Suffice it to say, shambolic it might have been, but it was also magical and something that makes me smile when I think of it even after all these years.

    It still ranks as the best atmosphere I've ever experienced at a gig, tied with Kate Bush Before The Dawn.

    Happy to drone on about this, if anyone is interested in hearing about it.

    Where does the time go? In the blink of an eye, 63 years have gone by. Thanks for that bit of history. In 63 years from now, it will be 2084. I actually hate to think what the world will be like.

    We'll still be waiting to hear about the rearranged Last Domino shows I expect.

    I see your point, they might have been dried up and we already discussed the possible reasons for that. Personally I feel that way about WCD which has imo 3-4 good songs and nothing more but it is a much longer album. I guess the difference for me is that on Shapes there is at least a classic and there is some energy to it. WCD sounds like they were on autopilot.

    That's interesting, because that's exactly how I feel about Genesis! But it is what it is.

    I appreciate loads of people love this album. And I'm glad, it just reminds me that everyone's opinion, including my own, is just that.

    This was the first album I bought as a proper Genesis nut. I had seen them on the Abacab tour but I was really looking forward to this album, especially after hearing Mama.

    I tried to convince myself it was great. The MAMA show was great of course.

    But for me, other than FGTR, this is comfortably their worst album. And I mean by a long way.

    IMO it has 3 good tracks (Mama, HBTS, 2HBTS) and thats it.

    Listening to side 2 these days makes me think they didn't have a lot of ideas going round, and the ones they did, they didn't work on sufficiently. It feels about 60% completed to me.

    I never ever listen to it, other than the obvious ones. I appreciate it was a lot of people's gateway album, but I would take CAS over this one any day.

    It's one of the reasons I was so relieved when IT came out, as it felt like a proper album again.

    My 2 cents.

    Not a huge fan of DTDV or WFTBO, but I don't dislike them. Other than those, this is Prime Grade A Gabriel.

    I went for SH, Modern Love and HCTF.

    HCTF because well, how could it not be?

    I've been listening to this album for about 40 years and my favourites have probably varied over that time. Solsbury Hill would not have been in my top 3 for much of that time. But in the end, it still sounds fresh as a daisy. When I hear that intro, it's still amazing, and gets me excited about what's to come. I love the lyrics too.

    I was lucky enough (with 60,000 others) to see Genesis and Peter perform this at Milton Keynes in 1982.

    How every Steely Dan song is built:

    natural blend of every style of American 20th century popular music - chord changes no human being can comprehend that still sound easy-peasy as anything - obscure sarcastic lyrics about historical figures playing losers of today's American society - pile of nervous wrecks of world-class session musicians

    I use an app which lists the chords for songs. It has an enormous database and I use it for convenience, and for the harder songs.

    At the beginning of each song tab it lists all the chords that will appear in the song.

    Typically for the songs on Aja for instance, there are about 3 pages of chords. Obscure variations of Eflat maj7 add9 sus4 etc. There are more chords in an Aja song that most artists use in a whole album. :)

    Not meaning to change the subject but I just realized that you’re on record as an audience member for some of the performances on 3 Sides Live! How must that have felt?

    Haha, yes it feels good actually! I didn't know Genesis stuff all that well on that day. I went in a casual fan and came out a Genesis nut.

    That evening was a life changing event for me, so having some of it on 3SL is amazing.

    I wonder if anyone on the board is on Seconds Out? :)

    Wow. Classics one and all I'd say.

    A decent showing from Rush on there! I'm not sure what my top 10 would have been then. But on 13/11/81 I was about 5 weeks away from seeing Genesis for the first time, (NEC 23/12/81) and my listening habits were never the same afterwards!

    Now we're talking. Finally some love for a shockingly overlooked album, definitely one of my favourite PG albums.

    I vaguely remember being somewhat bemused by it when I first starting listening to it (83ish probably). It doesn't seem to fit anywhere, and is LIGHT YEARS from the album that came after.

    Practically a whole album of quirky, somewhat noncommercial songs, with sometimes bizarre lyrics.

    I went for OTA, DIY and White Shadow, but to be honest, it could have been any of them.

    I play this album much more than 4, So and UP.

    Now this was tough. To the point where I voted and instantly regretted not voting for No Self Control!

    In album order,


    Family Snapshot


    Intruder because it is PG at his creepy, unconventional best, whilst sounding magnificent. Holy cow, those drums.

    Family Snapshot - great narrative (we can still argue about what it means), different sections, wonderful ending. Perhaps a bit of a forgotten gem

    Biko - because you have to. I know it has been heard and played a million times at this point but I can still remember the first time I ever heard it. It would be a shame to let the over familiarity obscure the fact that it is magnificent, daring, fairly groundbreaking at the time, important, anthemic. You name it.

    I’m right there with you. Can’t get into Say It’s Alright Joe. If I’m listening to the album all the way through I won’t skip it, but it does nothing for me.

    I can see why people aren't that fond of it, but it has grown on me significantly over the years. To the point it's quite possibly my 3rd favourite on the album after Burning Rope and DITM.

    Not sure I can say why exactly. I think it has a nice melody, and I love the section at the end of the verses "Ooh, Build myself a tower" etc. And I think the faster sections are excellent.

    I think it's quite a soulful song (for Genesis!). Though I can absolutely see why it wasn't a great choice for playing live.

    No doubt! I’m going to say something that might be a bit contentious among the fan base—-but CAS has on it probably one of the top ten Genesis songs ever, The Dividing Line. It’s almost impossible to pick a uniform top ten list of songs by the band, (their cup runneth over) but arguably you WOULD have to consider The Dividing Line on there.

    Funnily enough, I'd agree. But it's a different song!

    In my case, it's One Man's Fool.