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    I'm really glad they didn't go with it, I think it's a vaguely unpleasant image. Not terrible, but I much prefer the eventual cover.

    And "The Duke"? Sounds like an album about a local pub...

    I don't suppose "Harlequin Harlequin" is exactly a typical hook either, so I think that one counts.

    For some reason I have a fondness for titles which are exactly as you described. Not the obvious hook, but just a passing word or phrase from the song.

    I think "Anyway" is a great example. For me, as it's the title, when the word appears in the lyrics it has extra emphasis.

    Agree with the above - MOOT and Undertow aren't among my favourites though I like them a lot and would've been very interested to hear them played by Genesis on stage. The other two absolutely are top 10 ones for me.

    Non-album tracks were extremely rare on stage but You Might Recall, Naminanu, Submarine and Neurotic would be on my wish list.

    Oh yes, forgot You Might Recall, one of my favourites from that era.

    BOTR is absolutely in this discussion. I don't know whether I'm imagining this, but it feels like it has grown in popularity as the years have gone by. It seems to be regarded as a classic now (quite rightly!). In fact, BOTR would be top of my list.

    I don't think Mad Man Moon was ever played was it? Shame, as nearly everything else on TOTT was.

    I reckon Please Don't Ask could have sounded great too. I've grown to love that song.

    And yes, MTM, of course.

    Finally, I wasn't there but while we can discuss our favourites and their merits for inclusion, I think it's unforgivable (and inexplicable) that they didn't play Ripples.

    To be fair, this isn't a thread about our favourites or merits for inclusion. There's a gazillion of those already.

    This is "what did you enjoy the most".

    Mama has always been a track I've loved since it was released, but I never thought was as good live, for some reason.

    But I really enjoyed it this time around, so I voted for it.

    IKWIL because it's, well, IKWIL.

    But for me, the obvious high point was Duchess. Seeing it again, after seeing it in 1981, was amazing, and I'm so glad I had avoided any spoilers.

    I had been talking to a hardcore fan behind me before the gig. When Duchess started I turned around, and we just smiled at each other, because we both were thinking the same thing. A lovely moment for me.

    I am very happy with the way it is.

    I may be on my own in this, but I don't feel very much has changed.

    Genesis weren't exactly active between 1998 and 2007. Most of us assumed the band wouldn't play live again, but it didn't feel like the band was "over" or had ceased to exist.

    Exactly the same between 2007 and now. The released all those albums between FGTR to CAS. They exist as much now as they did then.

    They may not be playing live any longer officially, but they weren't playing live for many, many of the last 30 years either.

    I bought the vinyl in about 83, and I'm listening to the CD version these days, so I've probably only ever heard the 78 mix.

    You sound like a big Moodies fan. Are you aware that Justin was on the latest episode of the Rockonteurs?

    I guess this all comes down to personal taste but I'm one of the very few who prefers his first two solo albums, especially the 2nd. He was really into Springsteen at that time is it's not too surprising that this influence bleeds through a bit, not to mention Roy Bitan being on the 2nd album. I also love Humdrum quite a bit off of the first one in addition to the other favorites mentioned. I never could get into his "world music" direction even though this was probably the pinnacle of his commercial success.

    I'm with you. As undoubtedly impressive 3, 4 and So are, I don't listen to them as much as 1 or 2.

    It's not too dissimilar to my love for Kate Bush. Again, as impressive as Hounds of Love is, I listen to the early albums more.

    Funnily enough, my favourite PG album is Us, but that's partly because it has very significant emotional significance for me.

    MoTd is quite often played by Ken Bruce or Jeremy Vine...reckon their producer must like it!

    I find this bizarre and hilarious at the same time! Of ALL the tracks to play...!

    Don't get me wrong, I like it. But I assumed it hadn't been played on radio since 1977.

    Haven't got round to listening to any of them yet, (not big on podcasts TBH) but am intending to get round to listening to Steven Wilson and Tim Bowness's "Album Years", The Album Years • A podcast on Anchor

    Good choice. I've listened to all of these. There's nothing groundbreaking on it, it's just 2 music nerds, nerding on about classic albums. Right up my street.

    And I would say it helps to dispel the minor myth that Steven Wilson is a bit humourless.