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    It's remarkable how many candidates there are for best album opener. Practically every album in fact...

    For me it has always been Watcher. Even after all these years I still get goose bumps hearing that intro.

    It's atmospheric, dramatic, mysterious, even catchy in its own weird kind of way.

    In some ways it even serves as a good introduction to the band for a new listener. It's got everything.

    I like this track, certainly more than some other people seem to. I especially the the ending section, with Tony and Steve's interplay. Love Steve's guitar work here.

    I don't mind the lyrics at all, but I can certainly understand why they are somewhat impenetrable for some people.

    Is it a bit long? Probably.

    I think one of its major issues is that it's on an album with FOF, CS, DWTMK and IKWIL. Most tracks are going struggle in that context.

    Very hard for me, this one.

    My favourite PG album, although it took a long time to get there...

    It has the lushness/production of So, with the more emotional side of PG's later work. I think US hits the sweet spot.

    Blood of Eden is possibly my favourite track on any album. With the passing of Sinead O'Connor it's now even more poignant.

    A few years after this album came out I was going through a tough time, and this album and the live album really helped me through.

    I love sides 2-4 with a passion. I think it captures them live at one of many peaks.

    However, I must admit I don't care for side 1 much. In my opinion, they never captured the magic of Squonk, Carpet Crawlers and Afterglow live, compared to what I like about the studio versions.

    But that's a minor complaint. This still gets played regularly by me. Especially FOF, IKWIL, and all of sides 3 and 4.

    For me, it's an instant 15. A fantastic track, and an amazing way to start the album. They certainly knew how to start an album, and it leads into what is probably my favourite song on Duke (Duchess, of course).

    Also, its the first song I ever heard them play live, as it is the song they opened my first gig with - in 1981.

    Imo comfortably, and I mean COMFORTABLY their worst album. (Im not counting FGTR).

    A couple (or three depending on how you look at it) of good tracks, and no surprises for guessing which those are. I bought this and spent ages trying to convince myself it was good at the time.

    I'm still slightly shocked at the quality control on side 2. I get the feeling they weren't feeling that invested at the time or something.

    And I hate the production too! :D

    Great - having said that I have given it a 13/15 - 15 is reserved for the absolute masterpieces, so 13 is relative to that.

    Great heavy track, with the guitar (obviously) and drums always standing out for me. One of the highlights of the recent Musical Box shows.

    Plus a superb transition into Broadway Melody.

    I suppose it's one of Steve's obvious absolute standout moments on the album, although his guitar playing is great on the whole thing.

    I don't think it was played on subsequent tours. But it was played at the reunion in 1982 with Peter on vocals - as part the The Lamb/Fly/Broadway Melody/In The Cage sequence.

    I didn't see the W&W tour, but I knew someone who did. They said the thing they remembered most was how loud Steve's guitar was.

    So I think it's safe to say he's been mixed down. I don't think they were joking at all when they said that's what they did.

    Though of course it does mean we'll never know the truth about the Birmingham Travelodge or the car that turned into a bowl of dog food. Or whatever it was he said.

    I'm sorry I missed these. They would have been a perfect spoken introduction to Supper's Ready in 1972.

    I'm sure many people reading this were around at the time.

    Before Sledgehammer PG had been a popular and respected musician. After this, he was pretty much a household name with a huge hit single.

    It (and the album) changed his profile completely. I remember I bought the 12inch and being knocked out by it.

    My only issue with So is that the production is very 80s. Nobody's fault, and not the end of the world, but for me it locks the album in a specific time and place.

    Well Phil wrote a hell of a lot of good songs for someone who was pretending. And contributed to countless Genesis tracks.

    But there we have it folks, Phil was pretending all along. In real life he actually mends radiators and listens to nothing but James Last.

    Their finest moment? I wouldn't argue with anyone who said so. I've not heard a better live version, but then I don't chase live versions of anything. That said, nothing on SO is better than studio, for it's a very poor attempt at a live album, the band were good, but someone in the recording process sucked all the life out of it.


    Well I think that's a bit harsh on SO, but I certainly agree with it about Side 1, and the version of The Lamb.

    I think all of side 1 is inferior to the studio versions.

    Great track, and a 14.

    I seem to be in a minority who think it doesn't work so well live. Admittedly, I never witnessed in the flesh, only SO and other recordings.

    The studio version is a bit slower and as a result has a nicer groove to it IMO. I also think the jangly guitars are more prominent on the TOTT version, and that's probably my favourite aspect of the song

    It fits perfectly on the album too.

    I bought the 12 inch at the time. I was very excited by it, and very optimistic about the future release.

    I thought it sounded amazing, and of course it still does. Perhaps I've just heard it too many times.

    I had a friend at the time who liked alternative music and hated Genesis. Even he thought this was a great track.

    Unfortunately as far as I'm concerned, it was a false dawn, as the album is comfortably the band's worst ever release (apart from FGTR). It felt (feels) like a missed opportunity to me.

    They did alright out of it though, so maybe I'm talking nonsense!

    I listened to Arcadian Driftwood last night. It's one of my favourites, and I got quite emotional.

    If there is a list of "hugely influential bands who influence extends way beyond their fame", The Band are in that conversation for sure.

    ps I also listened to Dont Do It in the same session. It's immense.

    I've always like this album, but as I get older I find myself listening to ATTW3 more and more, so I'm slightly sad that it is not particularly popular with fans.

    Having said that...

    Undertow is probably one of my least favourite songs on the album. Only because it feels slightly less memorable than many of the others. I'm not overly fond of Tony's Curious Feeling era, so it's probably why I'm less attracted to this song.

    I think I gave it 10, but this is all relative of course. A Genesis 10/15 is a 14/15 for most other artists.

    Of all the recent losses (and there have been way too many) this is one that hurt me the most.

    I've loved The Band for 40 years. And Robbie's first solo album from the 80s is a classic.

    He seemed to be like one of the giant sandstone buttes in Monument Valley. He seemed to have been here forever, and I assumed he always would be.

    Genuinely sad and upset today.