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    Unbelievably, today is the 39th anniversary of that amazing night. I was 16! It seems impossible, but there you go.

    Thankfully we have the bootlegs to remind us what it sounded like.

    Finally, I can check the forums again! I have been avoiding spoilers for the past 2 weeks.

    The show was exactly what I expected, other than a somewhat safer set list than I had hoped for, but that's a small point for me.

    In terms of the band, we all know about Phil and his capabilities at this point. I couldn't care less that he can't sing like he used to and can't drum at all.

    Seeing those guys on stage again was just such a thrill for me. They've been hugely important a part of my life since 1980 and in the end, I didn't greatly care what they played.

    In all honesty, a bit more old stuff would have been nice, but I'm not going to complain. For me, Duchess was the highlight, along with Mama, IKWIL, and the acoustic set.

    It was a great atmosphere on the saturday, there was a lot of love in the room, and I thought that Phil looked like he was enjoying it.

    Anyway. Hope you all enjoyed it. To paraphrase, we'll never see the likes of them again

    I rarely like that instrument except in a few rare cases. This sounds like a ridiculous idea. I'm reminded of his W&W tour in which Inside & Out, to which I'd been most looking forward, was ruined by a stupid tootling flute solo during the instrumental passage. It was one of a number of things about that show that made me resolve to not bother with any more of his Genesis tours.

    Mozo having opened your spoiler, I don't think I've ever seen the word "spoiler" used so appropriately. I mean... WHAT?????

    Haha, I know. I wish I was joking. It really wasn't what I expected (or wanted). He omitted the middle keyboard section, and his own lovely solo parts. No idea what he was thinking.

    If there was a single person watching who thought "the seconds out version is all very well, but THIS is what it should sound like", I'd be very surprised.

    It's amazing how many different answers we've had to this question!

    I haven't checked but most openers have had a mention one way or another. I suspect there aren't many bands with so many releases that would create such different opinions amongst fans. (Based on pure speculation, not empirical research).

    As I have (probably) said elsewhere, I was there, memories are beginning to fade a bit now, 22 then, 61 now. I agree with Mozo that it probably was a bit shambolic but it definitely was magical (rose tinted hindsight?).

    No, it really WAS magical. In 1982 it seemed like Peter had been out of the group forever. In fact it was about 7 years! But even in 1982 we knew it was special, and as history shows us, it was pretty much a one off.

    As I mentioned already the atmosphere was borderline hysterical! I have no recollection what we expected as a setlist beforehand, but what they played was Fantasy Island stuff.

    I have already bored people rigid with my recollections of that day. But I'm quite happy (and likely) to do it again. :)

    Suffice it to say, shambolic it might have been, but it was also magical and something that makes me smile when I think of it even after all these years.

    It still ranks as the best atmosphere I've ever experienced at a gig, tied with Kate Bush Before The Dawn.

    Happy to drone on about this, if anyone is interested in hearing about it.

    Where does the time go? In the blink of an eye, 63 years have gone by. Thanks for that bit of history. In 63 years from now, it will be 2084. I actually hate to think what the world will be like.

    We'll still be waiting to hear about the rearranged Last Domino shows I expect.

    I see your point, they might have been dried up and we already discussed the possible reasons for that. Personally I feel that way about WCD which has imo 3-4 good songs and nothing more but it is a much longer album. I guess the difference for me is that on Shapes there is at least a classic and there is some energy to it. WCD sounds like they were on autopilot.

    That's interesting, because that's exactly how I feel about Genesis! But it is what it is.

    I appreciate loads of people love this album. And I'm glad, it just reminds me that everyone's opinion, including my own, is just that.

    This was the first album I bought as a proper Genesis nut. I had seen them on the Abacab tour but I was really looking forward to this album, especially after hearing Mama.

    I tried to convince myself it was great. The MAMA show was great of course.

    But for me, other than FGTR, this is comfortably their worst album. And I mean by a long way.

    IMO it has 3 good tracks (Mama, HBTS, 2HBTS) and thats it.

    Listening to side 2 these days makes me think they didn't have a lot of ideas going round, and the ones they did, they didn't work on sufficiently. It feels about 60% completed to me.

    I never ever listen to it, other than the obvious ones. I appreciate it was a lot of people's gateway album, but I would take CAS over this one any day.

    It's one of the reasons I was so relieved when IT came out, as it felt like a proper album again.

    My 2 cents.

    Not a huge fan of DTDV or WFTBO, but I don't dislike them. Other than those, this is Prime Grade A Gabriel.

    I went for SH, Modern Love and HCTF.

    HCTF because well, how could it not be?

    I've been listening to this album for about 40 years and my favourites have probably varied over that time. Solsbury Hill would not have been in my top 3 for much of that time. But in the end, it still sounds fresh as a daisy. When I hear that intro, it's still amazing, and gets me excited about what's to come. I love the lyrics too.

    I was lucky enough (with 60,000 others) to see Genesis and Peter perform this at Milton Keynes in 1982.