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    Bought Foxtrot June of 1973 when I was 16. I knew nothing about the music or the band the first time I listened to it. I randomly played side 2 first and was pulled into the music almost immediately. I was completely blown away by the end of Supper's Ready and quickly flipped it over to hear side 1, which sounded equally as good.

    Thanks for starting the thread Mozo! I love reading the stories from that day and look forward to more. I wasn't there but here's my sorta story.

    In October 1982 I was living in Pasadena California and had already been a Genesis fan for a little over 9 years but had heard nothing about a reunion about to take place in Milton Keynes. A few days after the gig, though, I was in my car driving to the supermarket one evening at sunset listening to KROQ, the radio station that had started the "rock of the 80s" format of ditching most 70s arena rock in favor of playing new wave artists such as Thompson Twins, Flock of Seagulls, and Duran Duran. The DJ on that evening was Jed The Fish, and after playing something like Thomas Dolby's Europa & The Pirate Twins, Jed came back on and expressed how bummed he was that he had missed a Genesis reunion show in England with Peter Gabriel. My jaw dropped! I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Then he proceeded to play "Supper's Ready" in its entirety. My destination was only about 10 minutes from home but instead of driving straight there, I took a detour and extended the drive so I could listen to all of Supper's Ready while enjoying the sunset.

    It also would have been easy to miss Nick's post with the links to the downloads. I seem to remember not many people were interested.

    Pardon? the extra songs from the Rainbow concert, appear on the DVD that was included in the boxset. Its the first we have heard that they offered a download option. Even the CD/DVD USA boxsets would have had the extra tracks on the DVD portion of the boxset.


    The download was offered through the old Genesis Forum. Nick Davis was a regular contributor on the forum during the remixing process, frequently giving forum members updates on his work. When the Live box was released, Nick said he had done the stereo remixes for Watcher of the Skies and The Musical Box from the Rainbow show even though they weren't going to be included on the Live Box Extra Tracks CD. He provided a link in a forum post to download the 2 tracks.

    Er, I think not. The Santa Monica recordings are at the transition between Narnia and Carry On...., the organ is credited as "The Robert Morton Pipe Organ", which implies there has only been one, there have been several, apparently. As the album notes state, it was destroyed weeks later in a studio fire, which also destroyed the early recordings of "Octave" by the Moody Blues who were using the studio at the time. They decamped to Mike Pinder's studio in Malibu as a result.

    Sampling wasn't available in 1977 when the album was made. The Santa Monica fairground features in the album inner-sleeve photos, and the recording are of automata, eg/ the "Bimbo the Clown" and other associated bits

    Yep, that's all correct. Since this thread is all about trivia (and at the risk of coming off as an annoying pedantic) here's a little more info:

    1) The burned recording studio housing the Robert Morton Pipe Organ heard at the end of the title track 'Please Don't Touch' was The Record Plant in Los Angeles.

    2) The amusement park with the fairground arcade noises heard at the beginning of 'Carry On Up The Vicarage' was on the Santa Monica Pier. While there is a merry-go-round on the pier, it's sounds were not used on the album Please Don't Touch.

    The following is directly from the Hackett's mouth ...

    A Genesis in My Bed (pgs 105 - 106)

    "Santa Monica Pier also held a fascination. Its malevolent merry-go-round with those horse heads coming at you was featured in The Sting, and I was to use sounds from its arcade on my Please Don't Touch Album."

    A Genesis in My Bed (pgs 115)
    Exploring potential Californian studios, I found a fantastic pipe organ in the Record Plant, which I used on 'Icarus Ascending' and the flagship tune 'Please Don't Touch."

    And finally, a video of Steve on the Santa Monica pier in 2014 reminiscing about the recording of Please Don't Touch with comments specifically about the arcade sounds at the beginning of 'Carry On Up The Vicarage" being recorded there. What may cause some confusion is that in the scene in this video with Steve riding the merry-go-round, the pipe organ section from his album is playing as background music. But that is not the actual sound of the merry-go-round.

    This news made me sad. Watching him sing Spectral Mornings made me cry. ;(

    The programme lists Anthony Drennan as a member of the band - I think I read that unfortunately Daryl's wife isn't very well so is AD on standby in case he's not available for any of the shows

    Daryl's wife has been battling breast cancer.

    Daryl went with Michaela to her treatments at Aurora Cancer Care in Grafton. But about five weeks into her therapy, he had to leave for a world tour. Knowing she was in such incredible hands made it easier for Daryl to leave, “I almost didn’t go, but everyone there was so comforting and so personable. It helped to keep you out of the dark places.”…a-cancer-care-in-grafton/

    Hey Guys, just curious having never seen Steve in concert, what songs are considered fan favorites from his solo work that he plays at his concerts?

    In addition to the songs already mentioned I'd add Serpentine Song from To Watch The Storms (2004) and Shadow of the Hierophant (1975), both of which were played as recently as the 2018 tour. Hierophant usually consists of only the instrumental second half unless Amanda Lehman is on stage. Then it's played in its entirety with Amanda's beautiful vocals.

    I hope you enjoy Banks Vaults as much as I have. I didn't immediately click with Tony's solo albums but now I love them all. I'm listening to Bankstatement as I write this.

    I'm looking forward to Steve's next release with a great deal of anticipation. I love his recent work (as well as all his early work) and think it's some of his best. I'm amazed at the quality he continues to put out after all these years and at an age where others' releases become few and far between (or non-existent ... Hello, Peter!). September will be a bit of an early Christmas. Can't wait!

    I couldn't find where anyone else has mentioned this. The Brazilian was used in a very significant scene in the recent Netflix movie (2020) "Palm Springs" starring Andy Samberg. You can watch the scene in the clip below (although just watching the scene is a little bit of a spoiler).