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    The programme lists Anthony Drennan as a member of the band - I think I read that unfortunately Daryl's wife isn't very well so is AD on standby in case he's not available for any of the shows

    Daryl's wife has been battling breast cancer.

    Daryl went with Michaela to her treatments at Aurora Cancer Care in Grafton. But about five weeks into her therapy, he had to leave for a world tour. Knowing she was in such incredible hands made it easier for Daryl to leave, “I almost didn’t go, but everyone there was so comforting and so personable. It helped to keep you out of the dark places.”…a-cancer-care-in-grafton/

    Hey Guys, just curious having never seen Steve in concert, what songs are considered fan favorites from his solo work that he plays at his concerts?

    In addition to the songs already mentioned I'd add Serpentine Song from To Watch The Storms (2004) and Shadow of the Hierophant (1975), both of which were played as recently as the 2018 tour. Hierophant usually consists of only the instrumental second half unless Amanda Lehman is on stage. Then it's played in its entirety with Amanda's beautiful vocals.

    I hope you enjoy Banks Vaults as much as I have. I didn't immediately click with Tony's solo albums but now I love them all. I'm listening to Bankstatement as I write this.

    I'm looking forward to Steve's next release with a great deal of anticipation. I love his recent work (as well as all his early work) and think it's some of his best. I'm amazed at the quality he continues to put out after all these years and at an age where others' releases become few and far between (or non-existent ... Hello, Peter!). September will be a bit of an early Christmas. Can't wait!

    I couldn't find where anyone else has mentioned this. The Brazilian was used in a very significant scene in the recent Netflix movie (2020) "Palm Springs" starring Andy Samberg. You can watch the scene in the clip below (although just watching the scene is a little bit of a spoiler).

    Which edition is that? I'm guessing the original UK one.

    Phil Morris

    Yes, it's the original UK edition from 1989.

    The only other CD I have had turn bronze like this is Tony's Soundtracks which is inscribed on the disc's center with "Made in UK by PDO." Through online research, I found that it's common for discs manufactured in the UK by PDO between 1988 - 1993 to have this problem. Smallcreep's Day, though, does not say made in UK by PDO.

    The funny thing is, Soundtracks turned bronze more than 10 years ago but still plays fine. Even though I have all of Tony's releases, I rationalized buying the recent "Banks Vaults" box set partly as an excuse to have a better copy of Soundtracks.

    This thread inspired me to give Smallcreep's Day a long overdue listen. I love the album.

    When I pulled out my CD, I was disappointed to find that the 30 year old silver disc is starting to turn light brown/rust colored. I know this probably means it is in the early stages of CD Rot and will eventually stop playing. For now, fortunately, it plays fine. As a back-up --- since a replacement CD isn't available --- I was able to successfully rip the tracks from the CD onto my hard drive as both WAV and FLAC files.

    Yet another good reason for Mike to follow Ant's lead and give this album a well deserved re-release with all the frills of Ant's recent Esoteric clamshell releases. Ant seems to be in favor of re-releasing it ...

    Looking Back At Mike Rutherford's Smallcreeps Day With Anthony Phillips

    Trick Tour, 1976, Starlight Bowl, Burbank, California

    W&W Tour, 1977, Los Angeles Forum

    And Then There Were 3 Tour, 1978, Los Angeles Forum

    Duke Tour, 1980, Long Beach Arena

    Three Sides Live Encore Tour, 1982, Los Angeles Forum

    Invisible Touch Tour, 1987, Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles

    We Can't Dance Tour, 1992, Tacoma Dome, Tacoma Washington

    Turn It On Again Tour, 2007, Hollywood Bowl (Final show of the tour)

    It's hard to pick a favorite show. Every time they surprised me, thrilled me, left me wanting more.

    Hello Collfillins. Your first post is being answered by another first timer.

    You are correct. On page 80 of Chapter & Verse Mike says:

    "It was Richmond Rugby Club, some kind of bash. Richard Macphail took the three of us into the middle of the rugby pitch and said, 'Ant wants a word', and he told me."