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    Calling All Stations :

    1 Calling All Stations Banks, Rutherford 00:05:43
    2 Congo Banks, Rutherford 00:04:51
    3 There Must Be Some Other Way Banks, Rutherford, Wilson 00:07:54
    4 Alien Afternoon Banks, Rutherford 00:07:51
    5 Sign Your Life Away Banks, Rutherford 00:04:45
    6 Not About Us Banks, Rutherford, Wilson 00:04:38
    7 The Dividing Line Banks, Rutherford 00:07:45
    8 Uncertain Weather Banks, Rutherford 00:05:29
    9 Run Out of Time Banks, Rutherford 00:06:31
    10 One Man's Fool Banks, Rutherford 00:08:58
    11 Anything Now Banks, Rutherford 00:07:00

    TOTAL 01:11:25

    I think the album would have been better that way... Less uniformity, I think. Recently, I came across "Sign Your Life Away", I think this is one of their best songs from that period, very punchy. I like "Anything Now", especially the surprising piano solo. And "Run Out Of Time" is a hidden treasure.

    Don't forget it's recorded with a mobile phone. Everything sounds a bit muffled here. Tim got a lot of criticism on his singing, based on that video. But those who were there claimed they sounded great.

    For the solo part, I tend to favor his "more relaxed" approach he has compared to Daryl (and I like Daryl too - but the same goes with Firth of Fifth back in 1998, also because of the improvisation that was different every night).

    I've read on Facebook that Anto apparently played a bit of Firth of Fifth (possibly during the Word of Mouth extended ending at the end of the concert). Nice ! I would like to see that.


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    Difficult to say which one is my favourite. The "Bright" one is... brighter, at least in the first part : more clarity, a bit more top end, each instrument apart from the orchestra seems to be more discernible (e.g. the damper noises of the piano), and the voice cuts more through the overall mix (less reverb). Perfect for today's standard (radio promo and so on).

    The "Dark" one is more about the overall balance between everyone, even if the strings and the horns are more present. Also in the final part, the drums are a lot more present in this mix (especially in the low end), and there's few details in the string part there, that I can barely hear in the "Bright" one (listen at 5:13, there are some high notes in the Dark mix).

    Wait, he has never heard The Knife but he has a Spot The Pigeon poster ?

    That's funny.

    Of course everyone has some albums and songs, considered as "classic ones" that we have not heard yet (personally I know Yes, and their Tormato and 90125 albums, and a few other well-known songs, but I know I still have to listen to Tales From Topographic Ocean, Close To The Edge, etc, because I don't know them. Same for the Beatles or the Stones, I still don't know all of their songs.)

    I saw this thread yesterday and since, I've kept trying to find a Genesis song that I really don't like... but I can't find any.

    Everything between 1970 and 1980 is top notch for me.

    Of course, there are songs that I like less than others : for example between Alone Tonight and Who Dunnit, I would choose the first. Even then, I still kind of like Who Dunnit... and if I didn't like it, I don't think it would be one of those songs you would be afraid to admit you don't like.

    I think the album that contains most of the songs I would skip is CAS. Something like Small Talk for example.

    But I think the main reason would be the sounds used in it, not the song itself if it makes any sense. Small Talk with different sounds and arrangement would be better than it actually is.

    I found this on Youtube. Quite funny to me, but I think it's only because the synthetic voice-over adds something quirky. ^^

    This guy is a fan. He also posted some time ago another video based on the same concept, pointing out "the" Rutherford riff...

    Very sad news...

    I am also a Neil Young fan, so Crosby Stills and Nash (and Young) is also something important in my musical life.

    CSN's first album and CSNY's Deja Vu are milestones in rock n' roll history.

    A documentary was shot a few years ago about his life. He knew he would die soon...

    After a minute of joy and excitement ("God ! Something new !), I have to admit my enthusiasm fell quite down ("what a mess this is !").

    I mean, compared to what someone like Neil Young or the Prince (the Artist) Estate have done (and are still doing) with their respective archives, this is a bit deceiving.

    Why on earth did they cut the complete concerts (1978...) down to only a few songs ?