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    Some of these statements by various band members don’t seem to add up. Nic says 25 songs made the set which would suggest a longish concert in terms of length, while Mike says he wants the show kept to 2 hours. Meanwhile Tony says given that fans want to hear certain songs (“the hits”) some “old dogs won’t be running.” To me this suggests a setlist that is heavy on shorter “new” songs and light on the classic stuff. Hope I’m wrong.

    I was just thinking about that... And at the same time, I would consider it a missed opportunity not to have any surprise (some long/older/never played songs), since it's probably their very last tour.

    But maybe it's a matter of age (I mean Nic is very young and probably super enthusiastic, Mike may not want to try too much anymore, and Tony is maybe "over-realistic" ("There is no alternative, we have to play it, anyway it's my song"), and Phil natural positive attitude and energy is probably gone a little with all the troubles he has been through).

    I hope they surprise us, the best they can !

    As I said before, I discovered Genesis at 7, in January/February 2000. I'm now 28...

    Actually, my mum was a fan herself, as she had bought every album from Trespass to Duke on vinyl, during her teenage/young adult years in the 70's. Funnily, she stopped buying new Genesis albums just before Abacab came out. Interesting, because this album was a drastic change for the band (a lot more than ATTWT to my ears). She saw them live in 1998, because the CAS tour went through our town in Normandy (Caen). She also collected the same albums on EMI cassette tapes, which I listened to on my own.

    I think the first three albums I discovered were W&W, Nursery Crime, and ATTWT. At first, I think I didn't notice the singer was different, but I felt something weird about the voice ;). My mum gave me the explanation ! From then, I listened to each album my mum had, but not necessarly in the right order. So, for me, when I think about Genesis, it's about the 1970-1980 period. That's why I consider myself as an "old" fan. The only exception was that she also had Three Sides Lives on tape. That tape was brand new, I remember unboxing it and being quite surprised by the beginning of it, as I expected something mellow/romantic... and hearing a quite edgy "rock'n roll" sound, withTurn It On Again, and then Dodo, and finally Abacab.

    I discovered the later albums (Abacab > CAS) when we finally suscribed to an Internet access, 10-12 years ago...

    Hard question to answer...

    I discovered Genesis 21 years ago, as a 7-year-old child.

    We had just moved, and a lot of things were still packed in boxes, including our stereo Hifi system, that had to be all set up again.

    To allow me to listen to music by myself, my mum quickly took out her old portable cassette player, and chose a tape to test if it was working correctly.

    It was Wind and Wuthering. Eleventh Earl of Mar began... and I was like "Wow ! What is that ?", becoming a fan instantly. This tape became one of my favourite to listen to, while reading and getting to sleep, alongside Tales of Mystery and Imagination by Alan Parsons Project, and La Mer by Debussy, played by the Toulouse Capitole Orchestra.

    So, Wind and Wuthering would be first.

    My favourite period is the "David Hentschel producing" one (so, from Trick to Duke). I love the overall sound of these albums. But Selling England is one of my favourite too.

    And as a fan, I learned to appreciate each album, even the ones I didn't like at first (Abacab...).

    Today, I think it would something like :

    1) Wind and Wuthering

    2) Trick of the Tail

    3) Selling England

    EDIT : actually, a Top 5 would be a lot easier for me.

    1) Wind and Wuthering

    2) Trick of the Tail

    3) Selling England

    4) Duke

    5) And Then They Were Three

    I think the "Land of Confusion" extract comes from the rehearsal, because it is in B minor, and I hear that Phil's voice is kind of dubbed by the backing singers. But "Mama" comes from the album version (it's in E minor, it should have been way lower, if it had come from the rehearsals). I have serious doubts about that song, since the vocals are very demanding, but who knows...

    Hello everyone,

    New French member and first post here...

    I tried to stay "reasonable" for this proposition, and to have each album illustrated by at least one part of a song, except for CAS (sadly, because I think we should all reconsider the songs on this album).

    Here is what I came up with :

    Eleventh Earl of Mar (very unlikely, but it's a great opener, a little bit forgotten I think, so why not ?)

    Land of Confusion (in these current times, it would be highly relevant, and since I saw the giant screen visuals on the Youtube rehearsal teaser, I think it applies to this song)

    Duchess (New Duchess ?)

    Home By The Sea (we heard the rehearsal on the BBC podcast, so...)

    Follow You Follow Me

    The Musical Box (again, very unlikely, but since it's probably their last tour and because it is a classic masterpiece...)

    Keep It Dark (I had to find a song for the Abacab album, I chose that one, I couldn't think of anything else, apart from maybe Man on the Corner)

    Many Too Many (They did have the project of finally playing it, so...)

    Domino (of course)

    Dance On A Volcano (with live ending in A Major) > The Cinema Show solo (same key of A Major, it should work) > Robbery, Assault and Battery (last part of the solo) or Duke's Travels ending > Afterglow

    The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway > Supper’s ready (Apocalypse solo -beginning in E Major just like The Lamb ! - and Supper's Ready ending)

    I Can’t Dance (it would be a great pun intended since Phil really can't dance anymore, anyway...)

    Invisible Touch

    **** (applause & encore 1)

    I Know What I Like

    **** (applause & encore 2)

    The Knife (short 1980 version)

    What do you think of it ?