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    a setlist in which much of the set has to be comprised of songs that the fans expect to hear (the hits).

    I only speak for myself, but as a *fan*, I precisely want to hear "non hits" (or "deep cuts"). :D

    It rather may be the "general/average audience", who knows songs because of radio airplay since the 80's, "Phil Collins connection"...

    play songs they’d like to play that aren’t “fan favorites.”

    I really wonder what songs it would be...

    The tinny sugary top-end tweeness that dogged some of the 76-78 phase

    I should probably feel ashamed about having some bad taste, but that's precisely something I like in those records...

    I know the majority (including the band itself, that's why I think something is wrong with me...) favours any Genesis producer over Hentschel, but still, I like the sound he gave to these records.

    But I can't explain why, only that I listened to these 76-78 albums countless times, as I was a child. It's probably why I'm attached to them...

    with a sideways nod lyrically and somewhat musically to “Everything Little Thing She Does Is Magic.”

    So apparently I'm not the only one who have noticed it... ;)

    What, as worst song? Really - "many"? I can't be alone in liking it a lot and thinking how brilliantly it showed their range. I love that a band that produced superb complex rock music like Apocalypse, DWTMK and FoF could also serve up a delicate metrically irregular 3-minute acoustic ballad and give it to the drummer to sing. For me it's one of the things that makes them such a great band.


    More fool me is great. To me, it sounds a bit like a Roger Hodgson song (and I love Supertramp...).

    What I love about Genesis is that it goes from Supper's Ready to Who Dunnit, from Slippermen to Hold On My Heart, etc...

    But I like Scenes From A Night's Dream. Probably because I'm French so I don't pay much attention to the lyrics and how they are written (I understand English quite well I think, but still it's not my native tongue, so there's always some kind of "distance", and words don't hit me as hard as in French - it's probably why I can't listen to modern French pop music - I tend to always consider it quite bad, lyrically speaking...

    Worst song ? I'll go for Small Talk. The synth used by Banks is awful.

    Do you want something out of nowhere ? I've just had a revelation.

    A Trick Of The Tail and I'd Rather Be You are linked together.

    ... I told you it was out of nowhere.

    How ? Same key. Pretty easy, eh ? But there's more.

    Tony plays exactly - I mean exactly, shapes and all - the same chords in the chorus of A trick of the Tail and on the beginning of the main riff of I'd Rather be You.


    I like the instrumental bridge. Maybe not as much as other Genesis instrumental stuff, but for me it's part of what makes the good a good one, along with Phil's vocals.

    On the "Rearrange the albums" thread, I had included it on IT...

    1A) Feeding The Fire

    2A) Tonight, Tonight, tonight

    3A) Invisible Touch

    4A) The Brazilian

    1B) Land Of Confusion

    2B) Domino

    3B) Do The Neurotic

    Approximately the same length as the one we got 36 years ago...

    Speaking of Neil Young, Tonight's the Night, recorded in 1973, released in 1975.

    Between 1972 and 1973, Neil Young lost two of his friends :

    - Danny Whitten, guitarist of Crazy Horse (you know, Neil Young and Crazy Horse) in 1972.

    - Bruce Berry, a roadie for Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young in 1973.

    Both died from heroin overdose. Neil felt guilty, especially for Danny, because he had just invited him to record stuff. But Danny was in a complete mess, completely junkie. He could not follow the music. Neil Young told him to go back home and rest. He gave him 50 dollars to pay his trip back. And Danny paid his fatal dose with these 50 dollars.

    Neil Young then entered in a depression/alcohol phase. He managed to organise a recording session with friends in Ken Berry's studios (Ken is the brother of Bruce Berry). There, they would drink alcohol, play games... And start recording past midnight, completely drunk, in a kind of pagan-rock 'n' roll-celebration atmosphere.

    The result is Tonight's the Night.

    On the tour for the previous album Mellon Collie, their drummer Jimmy and their touring keyboard player (something Melvoin) overdosed in a hotel leading to the death of Melvoin and Jimmy (Billy's closest friend and ally in the group) being fired.

    Jonathan Melvoin, brother of Wendy and Susannah Melvoin.

    Wendy was (and is still !) the guitarist of Prince and The Revolution (a.k.a "Purple Rain Era", from 1983 to 1986). The opening chord sequence of Purple Rain ? That's her.

    Susannah is a singer and was briefly engaged with Prince in 1985-1986, but they broke up.

    Jonathan was a multi-instrumentalist, he played drums and percussion on a few Prince's tracks. For example, this one :

    His death led to the recording of a very sad album by Wendy & Lisa (Lisa Coleman was one of the two Prince's keyboardists between 1980 and 1986, the two girls were in a relationship and they formed a duo, "Wendy & Lisa", after the Revolution disbanded). The album is Girl Bros, released in 1998.

    And, since we are here on a Genesis related forum, there is actually a thin connection. Wendy Melvoin played bass on this 1991 Peter Gabriel track :

    EDIT : Besides Genesis, I'm also a Neil Young and Prince fan. Now you know...


    I guess it's also for technical reasons that they never performed Blood on the Rooftops live. Steve would never have been able to perform the intro properly on a nylon acoustic guitar (remember they had to install custom-designed electric pickups for their 12-string acoustic guitars). Magnetic pickups don't work with nylon-string guitar because, well, it's nylon, not steel (i.e. metal).

    Nowadays we have piezo pickups, but I don't knowif they were available at the time, and as efficient as today...

    And putting a regular microphone in front of the guitar, with the high volume they were used to playing, would have caused feedback.

    Playing the intro on an electric would have been necessary. Was Steve ready to do that ?

    - Mad Man Moon

    - Blood on the rooftops (well, if possible)

    - Snowbound (I love this song)

    - Man of our times

    - Cul-de-sac

    - Living forever

    Rutherford's bass playing is superb on NR, also on You Might Recall.

    Yes it is, that's why I tend to like it over the years. Collins' groove is great too, and surprisingly, Chester never seemed to capture it on the live versions.

    If you take a song like Duchess, Phil's and Chester's grooves are quite different, but Chester adds his own thing that I really like (Duchess live is probably in my top 5 Genesis song list).

    I'm happy with No Reply [...] of course the horns cause a certain amount of automatic door-slamming from some fans regardless of what else is going on in the song.

    I remember well how I felt when listening to it for the first time. I had found the LP in a vinyl record store. Until then, speaking of studio recordings, I only knew the 1970-1980 period... And Face Value.

    It was a bit of a shock. First, I already knew the live version of Abacab because my Mum had Three Sides Lives, and I was kind of disappointed by the early fade-out of the song in the album, compared to the "rocking out" final of the live version...

    And then, this. "Horns !? WTF ? What are they doing ? Mhh, not their best..."

    Of course, I hadn't listened to the second side...

    When "Who Dunnit" came, I was like "No.. No No No... NOOOO !" :D

    It took me a few years to accept it...

    Now I'm fine with it, haha !

    For me the medleys work best when there's contrast in moods between the sections. I actually thought the idea of Fading Lights into Cinema Show was a good one, its just that the join was a bit clunky. They probably should of done a small part of the Fading Lights instrumental before transitioning into Cinema Show.

    Or they could have played Unquiet Slumbers For The Sleepers... With Fading LIghts in E Major, it works actually...

    I keep having ideas... Even if it is pointless.

    - They could have done the first 2 verses and choruses of Ripples during the acoustic medley;

    - They could have played A trick of the Tail, in a similar way to That's All. They never played it ? That's the point ! That would have been a great surprise...

    - Same for Lovers's Leap.

    -Instead of going straight into Cinema Show, they could have played Unquiet Slumbers (same key of E Major !), to make a smoother transition. They never played it ? Again, that's the point !


    The link to the page offering the old forum files is above in this thread. If you go there, it tells you which file to open to navigate through them, and why. The zip file will contain hundreds of html files, because that's what the forum is made of. Sorry, I couldn't make it any simpler!

    But you did what you could ! Thank you for that. ;)

    I don't remember how but some time ago I came across an archive of the old TIOA forum. It was here I got it, but I don't remember in what section it was. I've registered here for nearly a year now, and wasn't involved in any Genesis forum before.

    Still, I was interested because some people said that Nick Davis answered a few technical question on this old forum.

    The file consists of hundreds of html pages. It's nearly impossible to locate anything precise, because the pages' names consist of random numbers and letters.

    I thought is was very odd Mike used a lot of Squier Strats but I noticed they all had stickers on the top and realised they were all for the different tunings for the downtuned versions of the songs. Why they were Squiers and not Fenders I don't know, I figured between them they'd have enough real Strats or wealthy enough to buy a few! I'd have lent him mine ;)

    I think Mike said he was in vacation in South Africa when lock-down occurred in 2020. So he was stuck there, and he hadn't brought his equipment. He had to stay trained for the forthcoming rehearsals and tour, and so he bought a cheap Squier at a local store. It turned out it was surprisingly good, and he became quite attached to it, finding the neck of the instrument comfortable for his hands.

    They changed the pickups and the tuners for the tour.

    Guitar Player article here

    EDIT : nice rendition of HBTS at the end of the video. The guy is a fan... ;)

    the DA-DA-DA-DAAAAAAAAAH-brrrmmm-tsssh


    I like the ending, but it's true it's quite common to finish a song this way. Besides, I love Guide Vocal, and I think that, for me, it would have been even better to include it with Duchess...

    My regret is that they didn't choose to play both Duchess and Misunderstanding. I prefer Duchess, but I like the other one too, and I think it worked when they played it in Chicago.