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Happy Birthday,
German Genesis Fanclub!

by Alexander Pfaff aka thegianthogweed

I found out about the fanclub through a flyer at a concert of the Aschaffenburg band Seconds Out, and joined it aged 25 in July 2001. This means that I also celebrate my ten year anniversary of being an active member of the fanclub.

Genesis and its spin-offs have had a big influence in my life, and I partly blame the club, its members and various activities for that. Without the fanclub I would of course still have gone to those concerts with Phil, Peter, Genesis, Steve and TMB but being able to share and talk about the experience with equally mad people in a club community is something I would not want to miss at all. There are actually certain events I would never have found out about without the club, events I would not have been able attend as a “normal” fan: Take the RayVent, for example, the IT sampler, the club meetings with its exhibitions of rarities or the upcoming event where we are going to see unique Lamb footage in a very special circle.

The club has spawned friendships – not only were there two Genesis songs in our wedding ceremony, but several club members were also present as guests. Later we met every now and again, not only at concerts, but also at home for a cup of coffee or for lunch where we spent a lot of time with bootlegs, had an experts' chat about this and that and fondly reminisced about things we experienced and concerts we went to.

An absolute highlight I would have totally failed to experience without the fanclub was my relationship to The Musical Box. Through the fanclub I heard about TMB before any normal fan out there heard about them; I attended their first show in Europe and saw the show in London and their performance with Steve. I took a lively interest in them which led to almost five years' work as a freelancer with the promoter in the area of event management and promotion as well as some 20 TMBs shows I saw in Germany, the UK and particularly in Geneva at their legendary show with Phil.

The club gave me the opportunity to expand my knowledge about Genesis, discover more of their music, make friends, to laugh and cry, travel and experience things together I would never have experienced in this way on my own. For all this I would like to thank the “big four” with all my heart, and to also extend it to all those who helped in the background, who made the club what it is.

I wish the club all the best for its birthday, and I hope that there will be many happy returns even if our heroes should not be with us anymore. Its spirit and their music will certainly keep the club and its activities alive for a long time to come.

Thanks for being a part of my life!

Thank you, and all the best to you
Alexander Pfaff (thegianthogweed)

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Mike Rutherford - The Living Years

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Mike Rutherford - The Living Years Verse kaufen bei

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