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The song title and the lyrics of Fading Lights are an apt description for the current situation of the band, the more so since it is the last piece on what seems to be the last studio album the Genesis line-up of Banks, Collins and Rutherford recorded.

On March 28, 1996 Hit & Run faxed us the press statement (see below) about Phil Collins’ departure from Genesis. Because of its importance we would like to publish it here. A couple of things are interesting (beyond the actual content). There is the peculiar title that tells us Genesis ended a “20-year experiment” (was that all it was?) and decided to replace Peter Gabriel as the singer (had they not done that in 1975?). Then there is the fact that Tony and Mike are apparently not bothered very much at all about having to work without Phil in the future, and that they are looking for a new singer. The duo are glowing with optimism about the new material. Collins leaves with a friendly nod and also leaves little doubt that he will have lots of other things than Genesis on his mind.

We have not managed to acquire more information than these meagre facts. Though nearly all newspapers devoted a couple of lines to Phil’s departure in the first couple of days after March 28, the major music magazines in Germany and the UK have not reported about it so far. Considering the stir the departures of Gabriel and Hackett caused in their days this is peculiar. Perhaps it is a consequence of the rigorous silence of both band and management that has prompted the music magazines to do the like.

We have, of course, tried to obtain more information about the current state of things. The only reply we received from Hit & Run is a fax that said [re-translated]: “There will be no interviews about the departure of Phil Collins with current or former group members of Genesis. You have received our press statement, and at this point we have no further comment.” We, in turn, would like to not comment that.

The press statement reads as follows: