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i/o Peter Gabriel new album
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i/o Peter Gabriel

Peter Gabriel - i/o (new album 2023)

In November 2022, Peter Gabriel not only revived his Full Moon updates, but also finally announced the release of i/o.

Amazingly, however, the pre-sale of the tour that goes with the album starts first.

The amazement continues as Gabriel announces over the course of January 2023 that there will now be a new track released as a download every full moon, with the album coming together like "in a LEGO construction kit". Several more versions of the track will follow over the course of every month, with additional material offered in a subscription on the Bandcamp portal. And there will again be artwork accompanying each track release.

There will be the following releases each month:

- a new track on every full moon in 2023 (in the "Bright-Side Mix" by Mark 'Spike' Stent or in the "Dark-Side Mix" by Tchad Blake).

- a different mix of the same trackat each new moon 2023

- a Dolby Atmos "In-Side Mix" by Hans Martin Buff as a Stream (also released at the new moon)

- Background videos on the artists

- and exclusively for Bandcamp subscribers: an explanatory "Deep Dive" video about the making of the track, an additional variant of the monthly track (demo version, alternative mix etc.), bonus material like rare tracks

Here in this special we gather all the information about i/o. We will continuously add to the articles and partly also to their contents.

Panopticom (Bright Side Mix)Song 01: "Panopticom"

In January 2023 Gabriel has released Panopticom, the first song from the new album. Everything you need to know about the mixes of the track is compiled here.

Peter Gabriel The CourtSong 02: "The Court"

The second song for Gabriel's album i/o is called The Court and was released on 5 February 2023. Again, find all the details and background info here in this article.

Peter Gabriel Playing For TimeSong 03: "Playing For Time"

The third song for Gabriel's album i/o is called Playing For Time and was released on 7 March 2023. It sounds a bit familiar and the reason for that plus much more is available here in this article.

Peter Gabriel i/oSong 04: "i/o"

In April 2023, the track was released, which is called exactly the same as the upcoming album, namely i/o. First in the Bright Side Mix. Everything you need to know here again.
i/o - Info and background

Peter Gabriel i/oSong 05: "Four Kinds Of Horses"

From the i/o May track, the title was already in circulation because it was mentioned in the Uncut article in March. Then in April it did not appear - but now finally.
Four Kinds Of Horses - Info and background

Road To JoySong 06: "Road To Joy"

In June, we get the first song that visitors of the concerts already know: Road To Joy. Gabriel had mentioned it before, so it was already known that it would be part of i/o.
Road To Joy - Infos und background

i/o The Artwork

Peter Gabriel is also providing a piece of art to accompany each new track on the upcoming album. We take a closer look at them and the respective artists behind them here.

Peter Gabriel Makiung of i/oThe Making of i/o

Learn more about the making of the album in this website-special - from the first mention of the album and the numerous delays, from possible songs to the actual announcement at the end of 2022.

i/o The Tour 2023

Peter Gabriel is also going on tour with the new album. In spring and summer 2023, first through Europe, then in autumn the American continent will follow. You can find all informations about the tour here.

Full Moon Club on Bandcamp: The Exclusives

Peter has reinstalled his Full Moon Club on Bandcamp, also sharing exclusive tracks and other material. We give an overview about the exclusive content here.

Exchange of views in our Forum

We have created a separate forum section for everything about i/o. Thematically sorted, there is the possibility to get into conversation about all aspects of the new album..

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