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i/o Peter Gabriel new album
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i/o Peter Gabriel

Peter Gabriel - i/o

everything else around the new album

In December 2023, Peter Gabriel finally released his new album i/o.

In addition to the two reviews and the track-by-track analyses, we have compiled further information on various aspects of it, which are listed below.

i/o Dolby Atmos In-Side Mix: Interview with Hans-Martin Buff

In late February 2024, we had the chance to discuss a few things about the Peter Gabriel i/o In-Side Mix and Dolby Atmos in general in our interview with Hans-Martin Buff!
i/o: Interview with Hans-Martin Buff

i/o Dolby Atmos presentation with Hans-Martin Buff

In January 2024, a GNC delegation was invited to Hans Martin Buff's studio in Berlin to listen to i/o in its full Dolby Atmos Glory - including an interesting discussion with Hans-Martin Buff
i/o: Dolby Atmos listening session

i/o The Artwork

Peter Gabriel has provided a piece of art to accompany each new track on the i/o album. We take a closer look at them and the respective artists behind them here.
i/o: The Artwork

i/o The Music Videos

Music videos have also been made for some of i/o's songs and were officially released one after the other. Here we present them briefly and gather some background information.

i/o The Tour 2023

In 2023 Peter Gabriel was on tour to play highlights of his career - and the whole new album. You can find all informations about the tour through Europe and North America here.
i/o: The Tour 2023 - all dates

Full Moon Club on Bandcamp: The Exclusives

Peter has reinstalled his Full Moon Club on Bandcamp, also sharing exclusive tracks and other material. We give an overview about the exclusive content and some details here.

Peter Gabriel Makiung of i/oThe Making of i/o

Learn more about the making of the album in this website-special - from the first mention of the album and the numerous delays, from possible songs to the actual release at the end of 2023.

Exchange of views in our Forum

We have created a separate forum section for everything about i/o. Thematically sorted, there is the possibility to get into conversation about all aspects of the new album..

Peter Gabriel

Peter Gabriel
...And I'll Scratch Yours (CD)

Peter Gabriel<br>...And I'll Scratch Yours (CD) Peter Gabriel...And I'll Scratch Yours (CD) Verse kaufen bei

The return favour album: Peter Gabriel's songs are covered by other artists.

Peter Gabriel
Scratch My Back And I'll Scratch Yours (2CD)

Peter Gabriel<br>Scratch My Back And I'll Scratch Yours (2CD) Peter GabrielScratch My Back And I'll Scratch Yours (2CD) Verse kaufen bei

Double-CD with both, Scratch My Back and ... And I'll Scratch Yours in digipak format

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