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i/o - The Music Videos

Music videos have also been released for some of the songs of i/o. Several of them are winners of Gabriel's #DiffuseTogether Competition, in which AI-generated clips could be submitted. This is also the reason why there are two clips for some songs.

We present all videos briefly here and gather some background information for each. We list them in the publication chronology.

The Court [Version Oranguerillatan] | Panopticom [Version Vnderworld]
Love Can Heal [Aardman Studios] | The Court [Version Junie Lau]
Panopticom [Version Lamson] | i/o [Sagans]

8 August 2023 The Court (Dark-Side Mix) [Version Oranguerillatan]

This video made the third place in Gabriel's #DiffuseTogether Competition, where AI generated clips could be submitted.
It was designed by
Oranguerillatan, CG Supervisor and Animator.

About the Video he says:

"Drawing visual inspiration from Tim (Shaws)profound sculptural work, I sought to capture its essence without directly emulating it. [...] The resulting video aims to capture the duality of the human experience, at once gritty and hopeful, conveying the daily struggles of humanity while also highlighting our collective hope for a brighter future. At the same time, I sought to capture Peter’s vision of a just and peaceful world, where embattled people can rise together towards a better future."

22 August 2023 Panopticom (Dark-Side Mix) [Version Vnderworld]

This video made the second place in Gabriel's #DiffuseTogether Competition, where AI-generated clips could be submitted.

It was designed by Stephen Grzanowski AKA Vnderworld, who describes himself as a purist of the text-to-image generator Stable Diffusion.
About the video he says:

"It presents a profound allegory of modern existence, skillfully embodied by the imagery of sunflowers—unyielding in their devotion to the Sun, analogous to our own subservient connection to a higher power, or perhaps a technological regime. [...] The juxtaposition of historical and futuristic scenes deepens the thematic currents, as the dismantling of Berlin’s wall evokes a liberation of the mind, tearing down the confinements of conventional thought. [...] In a crescendo of imagery, the video navigates a spectrum of symbolic transformations."

31 August 2023 Love Can Heal (Bright-Side Mix)

Love Can Heal is the first song of i/o for which the video clip was originally made. Larger parts of it were also on display at the i/o Tour. The painting accompanying the song by Antony Micallef was taken as the central motif and brought to life by Aardman Studios. Micallef was involved in the whole process.

About the video he says:

"Working with Aardman was amazing. I love processes, especially in other mediums and so I found the mechanics of how this stuff comes together really interesting."

Gabriel adds: "Obviously I worked quite a lot with Aardman Animation in the past and Antony loved their work. So we talked to them, not sure if this was something that they might want to do or not, and they did a beautiful job. Very simple, but very strong and I'm very pleased with it."

Interestingly, the video was released twice - each with the audio of one of the two main mixes.

Paint drips onto an empty surface. Black and white layers move and shift in pulsating animation. Out of this forms the two figures holding each other. Later, the black expands as if diving into a deeper layer. There, the couple appears in a closer view, appearing more three-dimensional. The control elements of the digital 3D models show themselves, the grid structures. The effort required to keep the two figures embraced becomes visible.
To the bridge with the visionary lyrics, the a beating heart appears.
Then it goes back to the figures. From the deeper, black level, it exits again until it ends with the empty initial surface.
The video radiates calm and thoughtfulness - and works with few pictorial motifs. But it is only seemingly simple.
Incidentally, it is reminiscent of the clip for Zaar, which also plays with painting in motion.


6 September 2023 The Court (Dark-Side Mix) [Version Junie Lau]

The video made the first place in Gabriel's #DiffuseTogether Competition, where AI-generated clips could be submitted.
It was
designed by Junie Lau, production designer, video director, who works in Shanghai and London. Her work has been exhibited at the prestigious Royal Academy of Arts (RA) in the UK and published in prestigious publications such as British Vogue.
About the video she says:

"This music video serves as an exploratory journey into what life would be like if we were to alter a seemingly insignificant choice. It presents a critical reflection on the importance of truth and fairness, while also suggesting that the line between demons and angels in this world is not clearly defined.
The power of AI and stable diffusion lies in its ability to invite and transport Peter to any location, dressed in any fashion, and enable him to experience alternate realities that extend beyond the confines of the real world. This remarkable technology transcends the limitations of age, time, and space, offering an infinite realm of creative possibilities."

Gabriel adds: "The video is made with so much style and energy, it's totally original and done with a good dose of humour. I hadn't seen anything like it before, fun, energetic and beautifully executed. She nailed me, absolutely. Amazing work."

What is remarkable about this clip is that the song is shortened by almost two minutes and breaks off abruptly. Almost like an unfinished project. No explanation was given for this.

12 September 2023 Panopticom (Dark-Side Mix) [Version Lamson]

The video made - together with the one for The Court by Junie Lau - the first place in Gabriel's #DiffuseTogether Competition, where AI-generated clips could be submitted.

It was designed by Lam Son Do AKA Lamson, who considers himself as AI Artist, always learning and growing.

About the video he says:

"In the center of the world's largest city lies Panopticon Prison. Its design, sin, and corruption fused with new technology and flesh created a monstrous cyborg that hungered for information. As its tentacles reach farther and farther, the monster turns the entire city into its parts, transforming all living creatures into heartless "surveillance cyborgs".
One day, the monster's reach extends to a peaceful man. (...) Through the monster's network, he sees a beautiful cyborg. He begins to regain his heart and emotions, slowly turning into a human again."
"With Panopticom the song struck a deep cord with me. It resonated with my constant sense of being watched and watching others while navigating the world of social media."

Gabriel adds: "What I loved about this: I think it was the most sort of filmic journey for me. From the way the shot were moved and the way the story was constructed."

20 October 2023 i/o (Bright-Side Mix)

Unobtrusively and rather incidentally, the second originally created video clip was released - this time for the song i/o. Sagans is named for the authorship, about which nothing can really be researched.

It is obviously not a single person, but a "collective" of some kind, apparently international and interdisciplinary, founded in 2022. Sagans' graphic style is related to manga, and they also have a connection to the music scene, as there are also collaborations with Linkin Park and Lorn. Also they produce music in the electro genre themselves. They work with AI, which they see as the key to new creative possibilities.

Excerpts of the video could be seen on the stage screens during the tour, which means that the collaboration with Gabriel started at least in spring.

We see single-celled and other small organisms in mostly distorted colours, scientific images that show life and movement.
In a way, however, we only see the appearance of it, because this microscopic confusion actually forms impressions of human life: A couple kissing, hands holding each other, a dog in the grass, an eye - and does everyone get the quick gag in the chorus?
So here the big world is reflected in the small - or the small forms the big, who knows. We're just a part of everything.
The video is colourful and lively without being hectic. In a charming manner it conveys the track's message about the flow of life, development and transience in a relaxed, almost subversive way.


Author: Thomas Schrage

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