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Peter Gabriel Bandcamp Exclusives

Peter Gabriel - Bandcamp Exclusives

An overview of the extra tracks for Full Moon Club subscribers

For three pounds a month, you can join Peter Gabriel's Full Moon Club on Bandcamp. In return, you get the songs that are released as part of the i/o campaign in digital (also high-resolution) formats (these are the bright-side and dark-side mixes respectively) as well as an extended "Deep Dive" video for each song, which is basically a kind of "extended version" of the video that Gabriel makes available on YouTube with each new song - the Deep Dive video is one of the exclusive releases that only Full Moon Club subscribers get.

But there's more here. When you subscribe, you get three Encore shows and Peter's contribution to Earth Day (an alternative version of Shock The Monkey). Then, for each new song, there's an alternative version that won't be available elsewhere. These are made available at irregular intervals (and sometimes late). Every now and then, something surprising is thrown in that is not directly related to i/o. Below, we list all exclusive Bandcamp contributions apart from the bright-side and dark-side mixes of new songs here, and we continuously add to the list with new releases.

You can subscribe to Peter's Bandcamp Full Moon Club at this link abschließen. A credit card is required for payment. As a new customer, you currently have access to earlier Bandcamp Exclusives by Peter Gabriel. However, we don't know how long this will be possible. Subscribers to his Full Moon Club will then have all the songs automatically in the library. We recommend downloading the tracks, although you can of course also play them directly on Bandcamp or in the Bandcamp app (available in the corresponding app stores). The Deep Dive videos, however, cannot be downloaded (without tools).

Last update: 10 May 2023

09 May 2023: Four Kinds Of Horses (Deep Dive Video)

A few days after the release of the Bright Side Mix of the new track, Gabriel now also provides the Deep Dive Video for Four Kinds Of Horses. We learn details about the lyrics, especially what the horses are about, and he gives insights into his various attempts to find a melody. He also explains Brian Eno's work on this song and recommends the Atmos mix that will be released later.

You can find the video (as well as all other Deep Dive videos) on Bandcamp in the news section (app) or in the community section (desktop computers).


13 April 2023: i/o Deep Dive Video

After a slight delay, the Deep Dive video for the new song i/o was released on 13 April. In it, Peter explains the creation of the song in a little more detail and you can hear versions that might also follow later as an audio contribution. There is more information about the accompanying art for this song, which will apparently also play a role in the live shows.

You can find the video (as well as all other Deep Dive videos) on Bandcamp in the news section (app) or in the community section (desktop computers).

29 March 2023: Playing For Time (Up-tempo Time)

Peter Gabriel had already announced this version in the Deep Dive video. It is the band version of the song Playing For Time, which he then discarded. It is a good example of the variations Gabriel goes through in the studio before he finds the right way for himself. There's a long history with this particular song anyway, as he played the unfinished track live back in 2012-2014 under the title O But and later Daddy Long Legs. The up-tempo Time version is the proverbial feast for fans and is one of the highlights of the Exclusives so far.

24 March 2023: Back To Front London Show

In a little surprise, but quite understandable in the light of the preparations for the tour, a complete concert was added to the media libraries of subscribers. It is the digital soundtrack of the concert film Back To Front: Live in London, which Gabriel released in 2014 and contained recordings of the 2013 London shows. Again, the show is available for download and, in accordance with Bandcamp's usual rules, can also be downloaded in high-resolution formats. At the time of the boxset's release, it was also made available as an additional download and is now offered to Full Moon Club subscribers.

16 March 2023: The Court (Pre-Band Demo)

This bonus will come a little late, in March (while the next track is already being presented). With this contribution, Peter gives us another insight into the creation of his songs. Here, however, we have a relatively well-developed demo that was the basis for the band sessions, so there is comparatively little to discover, as Peter obviously already had a very clear idea of how the song should sound.

08 March 2023: Playing For Time (Deep-Dive Video)

The Deep Dive video for Playing For Time is, as usual, a very detailed analysis and description of the song, especially the evolution the track has taken over the last 12+ years. In addition, as always, there is information about the lyrics of the song, the instrumentation and, of course, the accompanying artwork that eventually became the cover of the single.

27 February 2023: Undercurrents

This piece is a bit of a sensation. Out of nowhere, Gabriel made available his quasi-first soundtrack contribution, which is called Undercurrents. It was effectively unavailable before, but was released last year as part of the artist Graham Dean's box set Strange Beauty after all. The fact that it is now also being made available to Full Moon Club subscribers is of course a round thing.

5 February 2023: The Court (Deep Dive Video)

To accompany the release of the second track, The Court, a deep dive video is also provided. Peter talks in detail about the making of the song, including the contribution of his daughter Melanie, and then goes into equal detail about the accompanying artwork by Tim Shaw, which you can see on the cover of the single.

1 February 2023: Panopticom

(Band Tracking Session)

The first song from the i/o promotion/release campaign also gets the first extra, in this case a band tracking version of Panopticom. In the end, it is more or less a live recording in the studio that was made during the sessions to record the final version. In this case, it is a recording from 24 September 2021 and, besides Peter, the basic band (David Rhodes, Manu Katché and Tony Levin) play on it.

9 January 2023: Starter-Set

For the start of the new Full Moon Club there is a kind of starter set. Everyone who subscribes will get this, even if it is later. You get the Earth Day version of Shock The Monkey, which was released in April 2022, as well as three Encore Series - these are the complete concerts in Paris (15.10.2013), London (03.12.2013) and Munich (30.04.2014).

Info compiled by Christian Gerhardts

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