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Djabe Hackett
Steve Hackett Acoustic From Home

Steve Hackett - videos from home

Like other musicians, Steve Hackett also recorded some stuff at home during the 2020 Corona pandemic. Steve offers a little acoustic performance (or something else) on video every day and we have compiled them here.

Last update: 15th April 2020

01 (23rd March 2020)

02 (24th March 2020)

03 Horizons (25th March 2020)

04 (26th March 2020)

05 (27th March 2020)

06 Backstage Harmonica (29th March 2020)

07 Backstage Guitar (30th March 2020)

08 Firth Of Fifth on North Tonawanda Wurlitzer (31st March 2020)

09 Blood On The Rooftops Intro (2nd April 2020)

10 Steve talks about Shadow Of The Hierophant (6th April 2020)

11 Steve talks about Please Don't Touch (7th April 2020)

12 Steve talks about Camino Royale (8th April 2020)

13 Steve talks about Nomads (9th April 2020)

14 Steve talks about Shadow And Flame (10th April 2020)

15 Steve talks about Those Golden Wings (11th April 2020)

16 Steve talks about The Hungry Years (12th April 2020)

17 Nylon Noodles 1 (13th April 2020)

18 Nylon Noodles 2 (14th April 2020)