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Steve Hackett Blog Mai 2019

Touring - The Wider Picture

by Steve Hackett (May 2019)

As I write this piece, I’m about half way through the 2019 European tour, which is a great success with band on great form and fantastic audiences!

People often ask how tours are put together and what my involvement is. The arrangements are made via agents and promotors along with tour managers Brian Coles and Adrian Holmes, who also talk to my wife Jo and me.

Jo & Steve Hackett, Adrian Holmes, Brian Coles

I do a lot of rehearsing, but I promote to help spread the tour news to everyone too! Jo works hard alongside the publicists to organise interviews for me to do. Jo, Brian and Adrian sort out with the agents all the publicity for social media, and Amanda Lehmann regularly posts updates on the website.

There’s a hive of industry going on every day. Jo and the publicists keep a careful eye over the weeks on progress, and organise extra publicity for any gigs which are not selling as well as others. Everywhere from Europe to the States and beyond has been going like a dream in recent years. I was thrilled when we did the recent South American tours, now playing to thousands instead of hundreds!

Jo and my team have worked incredibly hard over the last ten years, reaching out to people. Jo and I listen very closely to fans to understand what they particularly enjoy.

We’ll always keep you all up to date with developments!

A big thank you to everyone...

Very best wishes to all,

Steve Hackett


Photo: Jaqueline Reberschak