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    While I admire Pawciob1 enthusiasm I have to agree with the majority there just isn't a big enough market for this stuff to see a return on your investment. When you have people on a Genesis fan board saying they wouldn't pay for this stuff and I include myself there, that should tell you everything you need to know. I would also say it's possibly you that's been naive if you think somebody like Tony Smith doesn't have an understanding of these things.

    I doubt they will be very well known on here certainly by the non UK members but off to see Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbott in Sheffield in a couple of weeks time. Like most gigs I attend these days hoping for the older stuff from the Beautiful South/Housemartins days rather than the newer duo stuff. Though I would defend Heaton's song writing credentials to anybody his back catalogue is unreal.

    Orianne takes the blame for a lot of things and I sometimes think this album should be right up there with the worst of her sins! Phil loved up is nowhere near as good as angry bitter Phil. There's some cracking songs on it but it plays like songs just thrown together rather than an album. Come with me, It's not too late and Don't get me started is what i went for. I also don't think Wake up call is a bad opener to an album.

    On another note 20 years old!! What happened there? Doesn't seem nowhere near that long.

    I agree certainly Taylor Swifts first 3 albums are really good and there was still a country influence at that point. After that i personally loose a bit of interest in what she has been doing apart from the odd song here and there but no denying she certainly has talent.

    I like Bono, I agree i think he is good intentioned mostly. It's a shame in the end that he'll probably be remembered as a political bore. Rather than a fantastic front man and one of the greatest lyricist's of his generation. I know people love the Joshua Tree but peak U2 for me will always be Achtung Baby, the singles are great but the album tracks are possibly even better on it.

    I can't bear Steinman's work. I'd agree a lot of it sits on the cheese spectrum, it often has that overwrought quality fermented dairy songs often have. Total Eclipse Of The Heart is a stinking warehouse of low-grade cheddar.

    I think Steinman's work is very marmite. I personally like most of it but totally get why people wouldn't, and I'm afraid if you were unlucky enough like me to see Meat Loaf live anytime after 98 it's an even tougher listen the poor guys voice was completely shot.

    Probably the same people who praise Automatic like the tracks you mention and don't regard them as drag factors, same as how you don't consider Radio or Shiny that way.

    I'm very much a Green and New Adventures person.

    Just shows everybody's different and I am more pop/soft rock orientated, i know pop's a dirty word to some but you like what you like. Sometimes it's amazing how one leads to another, I was only born in 84 and my Dad had a VHS of serious hits live. I loved it as a kid and it got me in to Phil Collins which got me in to Genesis and all though i still prefer later Genesis 's later stuff i do enjoy Musical Box, Dance on a volcano and Lamb lies down on Broadway.

    Just to finish on REM they brought an album out in the early 2000's 'around the sun' which i thought was terrible apart from one song the first single 'leaving New York' The lyrics are so straight forward by Stipe standards but they don't half hit the spot when you're in the mood and depending on what's happening in your life.

    Automatic for the people is a fantastic album. They never really got anywhere near that again for me. I know Stipe's been quoted as saying New adventures in HI-FI was their peak and his favourite album. Automatic for the people is their only album that i don't skip a single track.

    I've got the DVD for the We can't dance tour and when they do a commentary all 3 of them acknowledge they were maybe a bit too desperate to get new songs from the album on the set list. I think they felt Dreaming while you sleep especially (a song i like) didn't work very well live.

    Booked in for Sheffield 27th April. I like some of the mechanics stuff though i wish Paul Carrack was still with them his voice is like silk but really just think we got to make the most of any of the guys going on the road at this point and fair play like you say that's one hell of schedule for a bloke in to his 70's.